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  1. Well, did you tell Roy that they had to register ???? Obviously your fking fault then.
  2. Damn that was nice to see the twins back to winning! Maybe a good run through the lb?
  3. This sounds like something I'd be totally down for. I'm 40, self employed with 3 kids and lucky to play a few hours a week. I'll be off the grid for the next couple months working in the mountains, but come November-ish time frame I'm game. Have a 30 year old brother that would play also.
  4. @@publicbussystem You only forgot one small part...It's perfect now
  5. Playing the Reach mp beta, thinking "why can't I jump?", And "what is going on with the reticle"? Quit after a few games and never went back
  6. Overall a really solid ,well thought out list. And thank you, thank you, thank you for including 06 Gandhi, you're right about people not knowing/ forgetting about how good he was then, playing on 6 sens too. I'd add , or just add a note for 2015 H2A Snipedown, he was a major reason EG was so dominant, especially on Sanc/Lockout.
  7. Scouting for new talent???? That was bad, I'll leave now.
  8. Just wait until you are 40...... Humble pie every time you fire up the Xbone. Autos (and DMR) are good for us old guys.
  9. Damn, I promised myself I would never go back down that path, but if that's what it takes to keep the duo together, let it be done!!!
  10. Please God, no. I don't to live in a world where RoyBox is no longer a thing Was so happy when lunch came back early on in H2a.
  11. Bought a one year cuz I hate getting monthly notifications for renewals. Don't want to see what happened to some of the other Halo forums happen to TB.
  12. Yes, I was using his example of someone that can do FFA, and 4v4 at the same time.
  13. Slight OT, but you forgot my own personal FFA GOAT, Ben "Karma" Jackson. His reign of terror in 2006 was unreal. Won every single FFA tourney, and the national championship.
  14. Can someone ELI5 to an old man the difference between the past seasons of HCS vs. the upcoming pro league? Thanks
  15. Not sure if the newest scufs are any better, but my nephew has one for his x360 and it feels cheaper than a normal Xbox controller. The Elite on the other hand, feels like it was made using fine German engineering.
  16. Pretty big deal that EG is now in group C, instead of B where most expected them to be. Much tougher road to get out of C!
  17. Elite, bumper jumper. 2 paddles, thrust left and reload right (made sense in my mind since "b" is reload and on the right, and "X" is thrust and on the left). No claw, I'm too damn old.
  18. Excited to see epsilon take on some of the top NA teams at X games. I'm predicting they cause lots of trouble, and probably win at least one of those series. I know they haven't played against the top NA teams in scrims, but they have great team chemistry and Jimbo is really, really good.
  19. I wish they had hired Gandhi, he's doing great work with the xbone Smite community.
  20. Has anybody done this yet in the finished game? Sword kill from the Grave. This was in the Beta. Curious if it was purposely put in the game or not? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/I%20Allanon%20I/video/142122
  21. Used Jareds tip on this one. Its easy to pull off in game, and if you're quick right off the bat you'll get a kill. Excuse my terrible jumping, its hard for us old guys to learn these fancy moves http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/I%20Allanon%20I/video/12549615

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