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  1. So when are we getting that multiplayer reveal? Oh....let me rephrase that...When are we going to get some more obscure, useless, breadcrumbs of information?
  2. Got stuck in those purple barrels in top green on Dammy. I see that MCC is still working flawlessly.
  3. Great video. I share many of your concerns in this vid (sprint, drop wall, shock grenade lol). Make more content!
  4. I feel like catering to the casual audience is once again a terrible/misguided choice. Casuals don't care if sprint/clamber/armor abilities/etc. are in the game. They'll play it regardless because it has Halo in the title. They'll beat the campaign, marvel at the graphics (well maybe not in this case) play the MP for 10-15 hours, then go play the next new shiny game. While the competitive community is shit out of luck, yet again. What have we done to them to get such repetitive scorn? Did we steak them too many times in their previous games?
  5. Looked like they half committed to the Breath of the Wild approach. Mildly cartoony and open world map.
  6. It looks like Reach and H5 had an accidental love child.
  7. With some Huey Lewis & the News playing in the montage.
  8. It's pretty well known that each subsequent Halo since CE has tried to limit the individual player. Bungie increased kill times to the utility weapon and added RANDOM spread on said utility weapon. Just look at montage clips. You'll have a hard time finding clips of multi kills in H3 that aren't using snipe/rockets because the game pretty much prohibits the individual from outshooting multiple people w/ the BR.
  9. That bullet mag correction is at least 5 pringle cans away from his head
  10. The Kellogg's marketing department didn't share your enthusiasm when I inquired about them paying for my xbl subscription as a form of advertising for them.
  11. That's why I think the next utility weapon for Infinite needs to be a somewhere between the CE pistol and the H2/H3 BR in kill time. Having a high skill, hard to use balanced utility weapon gives you a chance to fight anything off spawn. This can give you a chance to slow the stomp with your individual skill without having to secure a snipe or something off of spawn. Each Halo after 1 made it more difficult to get out of these situations, with the lack of spawn control and slower kill times of the utility weapon.
  12. Do you think we could get some different Maps/Gametypes for the next events? We've seen the same H3 settings since the MLG days. Might be nice to see a sandbox forge map or something different at least.
  13. I think it was most apparent that it wasn't LAN during an Onslaught game, APG's bullets weren't connecting crossmap. Still a great tourney, especially the H1 tourney. Really hope there's H1 at the next grassroots.
  14. I imagine following callouts for specific one shot players would be annoying af.
  15. Would be nice to be on a familiar platform. Plus Puckett's sweet, sweet voice
  16. I don't think we'd get as many viewers with H1 and H2 being played, even with them being superior games. It's unfortunate, but I think graphics and much of the community coming on board during H3's life has a lot to do with it being featured. Still encouraging to see support from 343 for H3. Better than them solely pushing H5 the rest of this year and early 2019.
  17. Eh you had Roy screaming "Better" I don't hate the gamesmanship. It's part of the game, especially on lan.
  18. You cautioned against oddball on an abyss map, played oddball dammy. Lol, good lord they need to remove that. Hopefully they follow your original proposal.
  19. Depends if it is an innate ability or a pickup. It is something you start with out of the gate it could be a little OP.
  20. I'm talking about one jetpack (on a 2-3 min spawn time) as a pickup, with limited fuel, and that spawns at the bottom of the map. I think it should only appear on maps that make sense, maps like dammy, construct, etc. I think it could help break setups.
  21. I also think a jetpack as a pickup on the map, like reach did with dammy, would be a good way to break setups on maps with a vertical component. I also think the stun feature on plasma weapons should return if it fits into the sandbox. It makes them actually useful!
  22. That mountain also looks daunting, would take far too long to sprint up it. They better implement a super thrust jump to fly over the mountain. #lore
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