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  1. Stop trying to make spammy noob weapons skillful and just let the utility weapon do its job.
  2. You misread my post. I said Beast and Kelly weren't actively claiming that the CE Magnum is less skillful than the H5 Magnum. That doesn't mean they agree that it is more skillful. And yes, you do have a burden of proof when claiming that it is objectively more skillful, you just think you've already met it with "the numbers". What numbers are you even referring to? That people tend to miss more shots on NHE than in Halo 5? So what? That doesn't necessarily mean they are missing because it's more skillful, so it proves nothing in itself. This leads right back into the hitscan vs projectile debate, so unless you wanna start that up again (which I really don't), the conversation has to end here.
  3. So the OG CE pistol is literally more random than the H3 BR lmfao Guess the Halo One Pistol wasn't that far off after all
  4. I'm using the word very loosely here, hence the quotation marks. Honestly anything that's above average I would not want to see the AR used much at all. In ranked/competitive settings I would probably just remove it entirely.
  5. I think a low skill starting weapon should have a low damage output. People should be incentivized to get good with the utility weapon as soon as possible in order to play the game properly. I really don't see a problem with low skill bullet hoses not being favored in "higher" level play where everyone can use the utility weapon effectively. Seems balanced to me.
  6. I mean it's hard to say just by watching a video like that, especially since I have no experience playing Destiny at all. No, an AR user can still shit on a player using a precision weapon pretty easily at close range. It's the same problem as Halo 5 where you basically have to hit all your shots as they hose you down with their gigantic reticle spread machine in order to just barely come out on top and be left without any shields. I'd prefer Reach's AR where the kill time is slow and you have to be pretty bad for using it over the utility weapon to be worth it (though it would probably depend on what the average kill time of the utility weapon is).
  7. Can't really properly comment on that because I've never played Destiny.
  8. I don't only care about competitive. I just personally think a Halo game where CQC weapons dominate the utility weapon is boring trash, casually or competitively. And yes I consider both the H4 and H5 ARs OP. Those things absolutely melt for how easy to use they are, especially compared to the utility weapons of their respective games. All they do is make CQC more predictable and flat.
  9. Because it's role is easy-to-use spray weapon for noobs who can't aim yet and that's really all it needs to be. I don't think it makes sense for it to have damage that's close to on par with the utility weapon when it requires a fraction of the aiming ability even at close range because that ruins what makes CQC interesting and fun.
  10. Hitscan has nothing to do with Halo gun fights being who-sees who first. The main reason that gun fights in Halo games are shit is the insane aim assist and magnetism (plus the strafe could always be tightened up). Try playing with aim assist disabled in a H2A custom game (or try just aiming at your teammates) and tell me that it's too easy and the guy who shoots first always wins.
  11. Gemini may be terrible but Boarding Action is like one of the pieces of poop that forms part of the golden triangle.
  12. Halo CE does not have "ludicrously low aim-assist", even relative to other games in the series. Why do people say this?
  13. There is no way in hell that H3 is on par with H2A with that worthless piece of shit BR.
  14. Gt is same as my name here, I'll be on later promise
  15. No, you can tell there is a huge difference in aim feel when just looking around the map not trying to shoot anything lol.
  16. I did say I thought it was better, just not anywhere near good.
  17. That's what it should be, but it's not. I've tried it a few times in custom games on MCC insider and while the 'modern' aiming kinda smooths things out the aiming still feels mostly like it did before. H3, for instance, feels a little better, but it's still clunky shit and not like H2A or H4 at all. So for anyone expecting a magic H4 aiming switch in H3, you're going to be disappointed.
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