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  1. Hm... literal uncontrollable randomness on guns in a first-person shooter in which precision weapon jousts are the main appeal of the game... run button that makes you go slightly faster... hmmm...
  2. This is my argument in favor of friendly fire: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mythik-nick/video/73430957 Need I say more
  3. I'm not equating sprint and strongsiding on every single level. There are obviously a lot of differences. But one of the main complaints about sprint on this forum is that it lets people escape from fights they shouldn't have and makes the game more passive. So it seems weird to me that the same people who make that complaint would find strongsiding to be this really cool aspect of past Halo games when all it did was promote passivity.
  4. "Sprint makes it too easy to disengage from fights, it needs be removed from the game. Also, strongsiding was frickin' sick, they should bring it back."
  5. How I feel after reading every Boyo post
  6. Sorry what I really meant to say was that the AR should only deal damage to the user.
  7. Nerf AR TTK to half what it was in Reach. Perfect.
  8. Depending on the map design and the relative difficulty of the sniper vs the utility, this might not be as big a deal as you think. If it turned out to be a game breaker tho, I'd be fine with a 1.5x zoom on the utility like I said. But there are also other ways to balance things, like nerfing snipe ROF, magazine size, zoom magnification, etc.
  9. Yeah. It's called not adding a scope.
  10. Why? Pretty sure the only reason descope was originally added in the first place was to balance the sniper. All it does is make longer range fights unnecessarily jarring. Often times the first person to ping the other out of scope wins by default simply because of the massive aim assist advantage. It's always been my least favorite aspect of utility weapon duels. Does anyone actually enjoy jank-ass long range descope battles?
  11. I should've avoided the use of the word "purpose". It's too subjective. It would've been better to say, "That's the way it has functioned in past games for the most part and I see no reason to change it." I just want to put a great deal of emphasis on utility vs utility duels because that's my favorite part of the game. Any buff to the AR will detract from that as far as I'm concerned. Just how I prefer things. I also see camo and descope as their own issues. Fighting people who are literally almost completely invisible is annoying enough on it's own, but combine that with the fact that it's console and camo players don't give you aim assist and that shit is just dumb as fuck. I'd argue that descope really only needs to exist on snipe and it's debatable whether any other weapons need a scope at all in the first place aside from maybe a slight zoom on the utility.
  12. Honestly, the sniper would probably be completely fine with a single 5x or even 3x zoom at the max. Keep the 1.5x zoom on the crispy hitscan magnum and get rid of all other weapon zoom functions and redundant utility weapons. Descope on sniper only. Kreygasm
  13. Terrible idea. This would make it much harder to sit back in the far corners of the map in BTB and warzone and dump all over people who can't even see you LMAO no thanks
  14. But the AR already has a purpose. It's meant for people who are new to the game and can't aim properly and only know how to walk in straight lines while holding down the trigger at other people who are just as bad. And it's pretty clear that reducing the bloom while tap firing to extend the effective range is adding some skill element. But the AR doesn't really need to take more skill nor does it need to have any effectiveness past close range. Just use the utility weapon lol.

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