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  1. I have faith Infinite will have the best armor customization in the series. There's probably going to be at LEAST 500 NEW Seeker helmet variants!
  2. In relaying those complaints, you said this: You yourself said it's a problem because a bunch of mouth-breathers who don't understand the game think it's a problem. And they're wrong. Anyway. 1. Yeah, and the few people who do get their hands on the long range weapons on the map will only have an easier time shitting on the people coming off spawn who only have a gimpy little piece of shit with a shorter zoom, less bullet magnetism, and (for controllers) less aim assist to fight back with. Sick. 2. The DMR has an obvious and clear advantage over the pistol, especially at long range, which is exactly the range where these mouth-breathers are complaining about the DMR the most. 3. Fair enough. I guess you said you'd make it projectile or something? No thanks lol. 4. No, I haven't played GPMA, and I wasn't referring to those settings, I meant the OG Gold Pro settings. From what I've seen in the videos, I wouldn't like it very much. The projectile pistol combined with faster movement speed looks awful. It just exacerbates the issues I have with projectile guns/gunfights.
  3. So, the DMR is overpowered at range, therefore the solution is either to get rid of DMR starts in social in favor of gimping players with AR/Pistol starts so it's harder to aim at long range off spawn (have fun getting fucked by the people who picked up the DMR's and snipes), or make the game Gold Pro settings across the board where the lethality of the DMR is drastically increased from default... That makes absolutely no sense. Now, I'd much rather have Gold Pro settings across the board than what we have now, but how the fuck is that going to fix the issue with the DMR having too much range. It would literally do the exact opposite of what you want. LMFAO. Unless you're just saying you'd like Gold Pro as its own playlist or something. How about, instead of AR/Pistol pee pee poo poo starts, just reduce the zoom and aim assist/bullet mag on the DMR. Doesn't that sound, if not more likely to occur, at least like a much more sensible solution?
  4. It's so sick. You just post up with LOS to the score locations and wait for them to run in and try to score. It's especially funny when they have a bunch of skulls and they get gunned down just barely before touching the hill. Also BTB territories is GOAT. Kreygasm
  5. I don't see the problem with Headhunter. Casual scrubs like running around and collecting the cool flaming skulls and trying to get points and the chads like statting on the casual scrubs collecting the cool flaming skulls trying to get points. It's a clear case of a win/win scenario. We need more gametypes like this.
  6. Does the mere fact that missing "happens" mean that the issue with aim assist is overblown to you? That's a laughably low bar, if so. The issue isn't that controller players never miss, it's that they don't miss nearly enough (PC players don't miss enough either right now due to bullet mag, but controllers are even more problematic because they have bullet mag in combination with other aim assist mechanics). Across many skill levels, including at higher levels of play, missing tends to be the exception, especially in mid-range DMR duels. Not saying shooting someone's ass should give you a headshot but honestly fuck stronsiding lol.
  7. KB/M has the same bullet magnetism as controllers, not any other aim assist mechanics. I was only talking about bullet magnetism because shekkles was replying to arg's post about how removing it would reveal just how awful controller players are when they actually have to HIT their shots. LOL you don't need to gather any more "data" beyond the knowledge of what bullet magnetism actually is. It's a mechanic that lets players get away with missing in a FPS. If removing a mechanic that lets players get hits when they miss kills the competitive community, then how serious is that competitive community? Yeah, I'm sure part of the reason controller players tend to be doing better is game knowledge. That doesn't change the fact that the existence of bullet magnetism in a PC game is a joke.
  8. Why should players be rewarded for being off target, especially in the context of a "competitive" environment that's supposed to be highly skill-based?
  9. Hm... literal uncontrollable randomness on guns in a first-person shooter in which precision weapon jousts are the main appeal of the game... run button that makes you go slightly faster... hmmm...
  10. This is my argument in favor of friendly fire: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mythik-nick/video/73430957 Need I say more
  11. I'm not equating sprint and strongsiding on every single level. There are obviously a lot of differences. But one of the main complaints about sprint on this forum is that it lets people escape from fights they shouldn't have and makes the game more passive. So it seems weird to me that the same people who make that complaint would find strongsiding to be this really cool aspect of past Halo games when all it did was promote passivity.
  12. "Sprint makes it too easy to disengage from fights, it needs be removed from the game. Also, strongsiding was frickin' sick, they should bring it back."
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