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  1. There is no way in hell that H3 is on par with H2A with that worthless piece of shit BR.
  2. Gt is same as my name here, I'll be on later promise
  3. No, you can tell there is a huge difference in aim feel when just looking around the map not trying to shoot anything lol.
  4. I did say I thought it was better, just not anywhere near good.
  5. That's what it should be, but it's not. I've tried it a few times in custom games on MCC insider and while the 'modern' aiming kinda smooths things out the aiming still feels mostly like it did before. H3, for instance, feels a little better, but it's still clunky shit and not like H2A or H4 at all. So for anyone expecting a magic H4 aiming switch in H3, you're going to be disappointed.
  6. Smartan IIRC we didn't start removing a ton of weapons from Evolved until after it was already dead and we wanted to make it more fun for our own small group's personal custom games, so I don't think that had any impact on why Evolved died off.
  7. I gotchu my dude, sorry I haven't messaged you sooner. I'm appearing online so if I'm still on I won't be an offline ghost.
  8. I was thinking of playing H2A on MCC rn actually because the modern aiming setting is supposed to be based on that so I figured I would test out settings on that. Either that or DOOM probably. MIGHT be on tommorrow but probably not on Christmas.
  9. RIP in piece my bad. My brain just assumed and ascribed agency on your part.
  10. Man, I really love it when people dodge before the game even starts.
  11. There shouldn't be any bullet magnetism at all in the first place. Or headshot prioritization. Such bad mechanics. A little bit of sticky aim is really all that should be required in a hitscan game.

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