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  1. Maybe we'll be able to get hard party restrictions now instead of a more "intellilgent" solution?
  2. They should handle the main games the same way the Marvel handles the MCU vs Comics. They're obviously inspired from one another and you can pull stuff that makes sense in either direction, but they're not really part of the same lore. They live by different rules because they're different media so you're not pigeon-holed into the stupid shit. Idk. There seem to be a lot of people over there that just don't have enough humility to admit when they're wrong so they perform some mental gymnastics to convince themselves to do it anyway. Just combine the playlists and turn on party restrictions and you end up with the same effective thing in less lists. Makes no sense.
  3. No. Dual wielding is just terrible, lets not even try to bring it back. Both those shotguns were total BS in that game.
  4. What Halo REALLY needs is to borrow more shit from CoD. Add the SPAS-12 and Akimbo 1887's from Modern Warfare 2. That fixes you're entire shotgun problem right there. Any other opinion is invalid. /s
  5. What? You can see in the first shots the bullets hit the player model and not flash the shields. The later shots are leading more and don't do diddly.
  6. ok... can someone explain this "342" thing to me? Been bugging me forever. 043 I get, but 342?
  7. yeah, there are some examples of good projectiles out there that i think people are familiar enough with at this point. Implementing it in Halo shouldn't be a big deal. They really just need to copy/paste the modern aiming from MCC. If they try to get fancy with it again, they're fucking it up. Its funny how they tried to justify the H5 aiming initially. Clearly if you felt the need to try to reinvent the wheel with the aiming your game was broken.
  8. Thats too fucking bad. Do it anyway. If its not a shit-tier implementation like Halo 3 was, it will be fine.
  9. Or microsoft was paying I have said it before and i'll say it again, crowd control mechanics in PvP, universally, suck. Locking down a player for a set time so they literally cannot move or defend themselves is just lazy, cheeseball nonsense. "Put your controller down and wait to die while we take you out of the game for a minute here".
  10. For the love of christ do we have to have this discussion again?? Movement speed =/= Game speed
  11. The praise that Halo 5's multiplayer got boiled down to "Well its not as shit-tier as Halo 4 and the utility shoots straight". That's not exactly glowing. Lack of content IS a gameplay problem. Until 343 runs large-scale surveys of lapsed Halo players to figure out why they stopped playing and release it to the public the best "proof" we have is the changes that have been made to the franchise since Halo 3 and teh continual drop-off of player retention. Halo 5 had a slight bump due to what i said before, but again not exactly enough to affirm its quality. Requiring the level of "data" that is simply unavailable to make certain inferences is a 343-level cop out to make any decision you want.
  12. No proof it was gameplay that killed these games.... Lists multiple aspects of gameplay that killed these games....
  13. long range low damage precision Auto vs bullet-hose RNG short range NO HEADSHOT DAMAGE Auto. Ideally.
  14. Not gonna lie, despite their shit design of the skin acquisition system, some of those armor designs look dope. The weapons still look both shiny and new and weathered at the same time. like they added weathering and didn't knock back the sheen. Would rather have the pickup icons just disappear after 5 seconds of coming up than have them not be seen through geometry That said, the fact that the power-ups do look to all be pickups is good. Does anybody else give 0 shits about the aesthetics of the map and only care about how the geometry actually plays? The fact that they are showing the concept art for the campaign that looks better than the earlier demo and not an actual screenshot from an updated version of the earlier demo, tells me it still looks last-gen lol. Bottom line is there is still a lot of talk about the aesthetics of the game when that's one of the least important issues. They need to show actual multiplayer gameplay, even if its subject to change a year out, before I can make a judgement either way.
  15. I like CoD enough to buy it every other release or so. sue me . the annual release is just too much. Both Jarrard and O'Connor both denied that they are making a Halo BR game. 1) I simply don't believe them 2) if they aren't, thats a big mistake. Why wouldn't some of the base mechanics of a mainline halo game work with BR? Obviously the characteristics of what the pickups give you would need some editing, like having multiple strengths of OS that don't decay over time. But I fail to see an issue with the way they are picked up, managed or intuitive use. A Halo BR should be far simpler than most of them if it wants to differentiate itself. Minimal if any inventory management so you're not wasting potential actual playtime rummaging through your backpack. That would allow for faster hill collapse times, shorter total game lengths, and less viability to camping tactics. You don't need to increase kill times much if at all if they implement proper projectiles into the game. A Halo themed BR could actually be really good and its the biggest gametype going right now with more staying power than i think most people predicted just a few years ago. If they deviate too far from what Halo is actually supposed to be, it will just be a clone of some other game that already exists and like we saw with the CoD-ification of the game, people aren't going to switch from something they are already familiar with just to get the same experience. It would be a huge mistake for them NOT to make one, but it needs to be good and im not convinced their instincts can make it good. Doesn't mean the shouldn't do it though.
  16. Halo 4 is just the new kid in town. Its population domination won't last, assuming those stats are accurate to begin with.
  17. The only thing i would half disagree with is the rank reset. I think resets should happen BUT they should be a factor of your recent play time, not tied directly to seasons. Have rank decay over maybe a 6 month time frame that will slowly lower you by the equivalent of 10%ish of your most recent rank. it could be like this: After 1 month idle - Lose visible rank. Play 1 game to get it back. No rank decay 2 months - Play 3 placement matches. 2% rank decay 3 months - 3 placement matches, 4% decay 4 months - 5 placements, 6% decay 5 months - 5 placements, 8% decay 6 months - 10 placements, 10% decay. Obviously i pulled those numbers out of my ass they could be whatever actually makes sense, like do that over a 3 month period instead of 6 or change the percentages or whatever, but that generic structure is what im thinking conceptually. i think part of the yo-yo effect is the fact that recent halo games haven't had the population to get real proper ranked matches. I never had that problem in halo 2 or 3 but we used to bridge for host in Halo 2 to avoid modders, which improved our matchmaking experience significantly. I think that experience is honestly fine in social but not in ranked. Its a matter of managing expectations. if you're playing social, you're expecting random games (or should be). If you're playing ranked you expect to be challenged consistently. Thats the problem with new Halo's, more often than not the ranked and social experiences feel the same.
  18. Right. Thats what I want, classic numbering UI, modern architecture. Placements, smurf detection, seasons, party matching, the whole shebang. Frankly, the fact that they haven't done this in MCC is a travesty.
  19. That is EXACTLY how those conversations have gone. Literally. In my actual life with friends that pick up Halo these days only occasionally. Most of which gave up on Halo 5 shortly after release because it was simply too cumbersome to play unless you did it all the time or had a controller with paddles (but that's the definition of a dead horse around here...). I think we also tend to overestimate the proportion of people that for any game play ranked and intimately know the systems. Most people simple don't and don't give a shit, and someone who plays and gives a shit about their ranked performance in one game may not for others. All of those system have little differences. Some don't have as many intermediary ranks or "Onyx" or "Champion". There is no reason to do something just because other games do it in this regard at all. Especially with how dead easy the 1-50 representation is to understand. And its decidedly "Halo". Halo players still have much more of a connection to that representation than what Halo 5 did. New players that care about ranked would have literally 0 adjustment period. Plenty of casuals won't give a shit either way. Make Halo 50 Again. Disclaimer: regardless of what they do, this is like a 1/10 level issue. I mostly want 1-50 representation back because there was absolutely no reason to change it in the first place. Its decidedly "Halo" and its the easiest rank system to understand when you have no prior knowledge. List of priorities, its close to the bottom (with black undersuits and playable elites lol). If the game is actually good, people will play regardless. I just think it was a dumbass, unnecessary thing to change in the first place.
  20. Um, yes? it was all pretty straightforward. Humanity's survival, covenant faction split between believers in the great journey and not. it was all well encapsulated. So instead of exploring that in the next game and added to the game canon naturally over time, they created a game that required prior knowledge from a multitude of non-game sources that maybe 5% of the player base actually had. That's shit storytelling. Honestly, 343 should retcon Halo 5, then make like the MCU and create the Halo Game Universe. It can draw from the EU stuff if it makes sense, but is in itself a separate entity. How they pulled from the EU with Halo 4+ didn't really make any sense to the player.
  21. This is an argument I have been making forever. The Halo 2/3 ranking system both from nostalgia and actual modern visual utility is gold with how it represents your skill and how it appears to progress over time. HOWEVER, that doesn't' mean it shouldn't be updated with modern conveniences like placement matches and "50+" designations for upper-echelon players with CSR, master, grandmaster tiers. They should 100% do this with MCC. The simple addition of even 5 placement matches could make finding games in ranked easier for players that didn't get in on the level grinding early. Keep the actual visual ranks exactly the same. win/win. Halo 3 conversation: 1- "Whats your rank?" 2- "45" 1- "Oh nice not bad." Halo 5 conversation: 1- "What's your rank?" 2- "Diamond 2" 1- "How good is that?" 2- "Its like, better than platinum but worse than onyx?" 1- "ok..." 2- "Its equivalent to a 45-48" 1- "OH, not bad" Also realistic. Not that realism matters, but its a good reference if it affects the game in a positive way.
  22. I don't know why its not obvious that whatever story is told in the main storyline is the only thing that you should have to know to understand any further stories. The whole "transmedia" thing is fine as long as you actually understand that each property must stand on its own. Which hopefully they have learned. I remember the exposition dump with the didact and librarian and their history and relationship in the game and being like, "What in the actual fuck is going on?". I had to go online and look at halo wiki's just to try to understand what was up, which is just bad story telling. Edit: didn't finish my thought... apparently like you said you could get all the background they don't explain in that cutscene through the various terminals throughout the game if you care to put in the work to parse the info in them, but that just shouldn't be necessary.
  23. Yeah i guess this is kind of what i was getting at. Bungie clearly had another game in mind and basically said "Fuck it". I don't think they intentionally sabotaged the game per-se meaning they didn't intentionally make it bad. But they most certainly did intentionally experiment with it in ways that really didn't fit Halo. I hope that they have some regrets in retrospect seeing how their asinine changes were the catalyst that started Halo down this whole advanced mobility, gimmicky ability path.
  24. Story wise, Destiny if fucking ridiculous. Most of the story lines don't make any sense and the lore is wackadoo but... its always been that way. Its always been wonky so they have the liberty of keeping it that way and making up whatever shit they want. Halo has always been more grounded and straightforward even though its sci-fi, so 343 decided to take it and make it wonky and now the story sucks real bad. My argument against a Bungie return is they were already experimenting with gameplay that eventually lead to destiny when Reach came out. Its always been purely from a gameplay standpoint, and i like destiny. But clearly they were done with making real halo games given what they did with reach, so meh let them go and do their own thing. But 343 was created solely to carry Halo forward, so as soon as people are getting tired of it internally and want to do their own thing, time to let them go. The fact that there hasn't been a wholesale replacement of leadership at 343 is beyond me.
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