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  1. This is why millions are going to die.
  2. Yeah this is an idea that has been kicked around for a while. Don't have PU/PW spawn for the first couple minutes. I also like having staggered spawn times so that they line up ever 2 or 3 spawn cycles.
  3. He deserves almost no credit.... Same way that Obama deserves no blame for the recession. Trump can take 0 credit for the movement of the market beyond the short term bump from his tax cuts. The market responds to emotions generated by policy changes, that may add or remove some short term volatility, but in the long-term make no difference. The impeachment thing was such a fools errand. Can't believe they even tried. The democratic establishment cannot read the room. Cuz Identity Politics. It doesn't matter what the policy or history of a candidate is or how much of a pure opportunist they have revealed themselves to be, as long as they match my race/gender that's good enough for me!!
  4. Or get cancer, or an autoimmune disease, etc etc or *gasp* choose to go into a field that is under-payed like social work or teaching because you actually like and want to make other people's lives better.
  5. Not a communist. This is such a lazy smear. Democratic socialist. Government provides things people need to live with dignity, sets a fair wage, healthcare, infrastructure. Capitalism handles the rest. This is not that radical and not hard to understand. Imagine thinking 172 k a year is somehow a hardship. we make less than half your income and have all the same shit to going on. But just one kid. she started her career out of college in 2008, me in 2009. same story. And we are still above the median household income, so i can basically only complain about the $800 month outlay for our health insurance. If you can't afford a less than 4% tax hike starting from a historically low tax rate, idk what to tell you. Thinking that im "entitled to more of your earned income than you are" is simply not true on its face either. No matter what, your take home pay will be tens of thousands of dollars higher than mine. No medical system is perfect. Bernie has never said it was a utopia either. Medicine is far too complicated and has too big of an impact on too many lives for that. But the NHS is objectively better than the clusterfuck that is the US medical system. Costs less per person, better average health outcomes and the actual patients like it. The main issues it has had are budget constraints so if you're rich, you can pay more to go to a private hospital. Plus they are increasing the NHS budget over the next few years to make it in line with other european countries, and it will still be far less expensive than America. American's (at least those that have ever actually had to use it) hate our medical system. Including the few doctors that I know. And nobody that is actually part of the Bernie campaign has been told to riot in the streets if he loses. jesus christ. Most of the arguments against universal healthcare are just hyperbole and socialist paranoia. Not objective truths. The only exception is that the US has better survival rates for some rarer cancers. But that's it. But its not. They are inextricably linked. Drug and device companies negotiate with individual hospitals and insurance companies. non-profit hospitals have an incentive to try to get the price down, but they are not in a good negotiating position. For profit's don't care, they'll just pass it along. Insurance companies don't care. They can just do whatever the fuck they want in the name of profit. There is no incentive for the main payors to actually get the price down. Republicans have been claiming that "the market will take care of it" for generations now and clearly its not and can't. The market is great for things that people want, not so much for things that people need. Countries that have universal healthcare use their negotiating and legal power to drive prices down ~60 lower than what the US pays as a conservative average. This report with the ways and means committee is so fucking depressing to read. And this is our own government. https://waysandmeans.house.gov/sites/democrats.waysandmeans.house.gov/files/documents/U.S. vs. International Prescription Drug Prices_0.pdf
  6. EXACTLY. MSM/HRC back in 2016 thought trump would get demolished. Forgive me for not feeling bad for someone who makes more than double what my wife and I make paying ~4% more in taxes. oof. You're saying people that don't make 6 figures are in that situation solely because of shitty financial decisions? You're so disconnected from the reality of most people in this country its kind of sad. Agreed. I don't think Bernie has any delusions that this would ever actually make it through congress. If you're here working legally (ie paying taxes) or a US Citizen you should have good healthcare. Otherwise sorry.
  7. Is all this complaining still based off that one experience from that one game after which you said you weren't going to play again? To be fair, i wouldn't be surprised if it was a constant problem being that this is a PC port of a console port of a PC port of a console port.
  8. I think we have talked about a "Game chat bleed through" option before. Not sure how it would be implemented but it would be nice if i could be in party chat and still hear randoms on our team. Then we can choose to swap to game chat. Toggling bleed through and between party and game chat would need to be seamless though for that to be a good solution.
  9. Yeah Professor Google says the beta went live for public December 29th 2014. The launch for Infinite is the same window as H5 was. The fact that we haven't seen any gameplay yet is troubling. Hopefully this is just a hard line enforcement of Phil Spencer's policy to not show games until they are closer to release after the whole Scalebound fiasco.
  10. I would argue the exact opposite. The sniper was of course a reason (among many of course) for the population decline. It was definitely the most frustrating sniper to play against except maybe descope-less Halo 4. And if the AA is so high it ends up turning into "Who see's who first wins" even with the extended kill times, that sucks too. Pain points like that add up until people reach their breaking point. Played the Mythic playlist in Halo 5 with some old Halo friends a couple weekends ago. We figured we would get our ranks in Team Arena while we were in there and everybody's comments from game one started with "This game is kind fun we should play this again" then by game 8 it was all "holy shit does the sniper EVER miss? This flying around sucks. I remember why i stopped playinng this." We're watching this same kind of thing happen with KBM players on PC now. The Halo-hype glasses have come off.
  11. How i met all of my H2/H3 friends: Start solo game chat with teammates in said game Game is over, "Hey want to party up?" Play with some of those people for years. In regards to people playing solely to progress through baked-in arbitrary progression systems. I honestly don't care if that is why someone likes a game. If all they care about is grinding for armor unlocks, who am I to judge why someone likes or wants to play a game? There should be a way for campaign/co-op/etc players to get the same unlocks that multiplayer focused players do. Not like it hurts anybody. The issue comes in when progression systems are added to a game to make up for a lack of rewarding gameplay or they are shoehorned in at the expense of other parts of the game just to be a cash grab. THAT is a major problem, but its certainly not what plagued Reach. If they didn't create the progression system and armor unlocks, i don't think Reach would be any different of a game than it ended up being. I think Bungie would have simply had a smaller team making it.
  12. Yeah a simple "Enable input based matchmaking" would fix it. If they could add that then, make it cross-play with Xbox, that would be the best solution. Has anybody modded the DMR to be projectile yet?
  13. So apparently i'm the only one that has thought "man i wish there were more options for look settings" in previous Halo games? I have always wished for vertical settings and half sensitivities as far back as i could remember. Halo 3 especially, but Halo 5 was the first one that REALLY needed them. The number of options that MCC has now is perfect frankly. I think Titanfall 2 is a little overboard with the mass of options they give for example, but MCC is perfect. Horizontal and Vertical sense, classic/modern, acceleration and deadzones. My problem with the Mythic playlist is mainly that i feel it would play better with the magnum instead of the H2 BR. That gun is kind of a joke.
  14. In a vacuum of course not but compared to 4 and 5, sure it does. Especially 4 and 5s BR pre-patch jesus. and even post patch, you want to talk about a gun that will give you a headshot regardless of where you aim on the player... That gun is the only reason you need to prove why recoil like that is bad.
  15. Guys, we're talking relative difficulty. Its easier to headshot in H2 than H4 or H5? no its not. but its loads easier than 1/3. Hence the ordering. Then throw in weapons like the sniper where you actually have to be on the head to register a headshot compared to H5 where its basically the entire top 1/3rd of the player model = headshot, or Halo 4 where there is no descope. Since we seem to be so hung on on the "buckets" i put this stuff in here is the full order that i feel, from hardest to easiest. Harder: [ H3 (hitreg and shitty aiming. hard in a bad way) > H1 (hard in a good way) > Reach > H2 > H5 > H4 ] :Easier I split them up in the earlier post by 1/3rd, not sure why this is so hard to understand. Maybe im wrong and I have the MCC feeling in my head not the OG H2, but its not insane lol. The action of the sniper in these games has a lot to do with it as well.
  16. Yes I am. Sticking to 3 buckets of difficulty, it fits in the middle. There is a lot of aim assist in that game for sure but AA is not the only thing that makes guns hard to shoot. The guns shoot straight and if you are off by even a little its a total miss. more aim assist plus hitscan = easier than H1/3. Tight hitboxes/minimal bullet magnetism = Harder than 4/5.
  17. Its so easy to turn it from basically dogshit into a good game. You just... turn off some of the BS and leave it alone and you're good. Ideally turn off bloom and all AAs but if they could get to the point of at least turning off bloom for the social gametypes its really a totally different game. Bloom is such a bad mechanic idk how it wasn't aborted early. I would like to be able to play some social stuff at some point, but with bloom in there its basically unplayable. 90 - Ever since we had that "FoV Debate" i have been trying all my games on 90. Some i have had to turn back up to 100 but mostly its fine. This is spot on. If you think there isn't a significant difference between say Halo 4/5 and 1/3 with 2/Reach somewhere in the middle you're insane.
  18. Try disabling whatever antivirus you have and see if that helps. Obviously don't keep it that way but it will narrow it down. Similar issue happened for me where it hung for a while but I was able to alt-tab out and there was a notification from Avast that it detected a threat and quarantined it (it was detecting the anti-cheat....). I added an exception and it's been fine since.
  19. The classic vs modern aiming in Reach are not that much different. Reach aiming was always pretty good. I use Modern on everything just for consistency's sake, but really the only game i would recommend switching to Modern immediately would be Halo 3. Played some hardcore yesterday and some big team and the difference in playability is night and day. They really should just make zero bloom the standard across the entire game. That single change makes the game so much better and i think it would be palatable to just about everybody.
  20. Mouse aiming is much better. Feels like a proper PC game.
  21. At this stage its more like pop-culture reality TV nonsense, but sure.
  22. Reach was the Joe Biden of Halo. Success purely on name recognition.

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