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  1. Anybody else catch the straight up halo-fied copypasta moment from the BF 2042 trailer? Chief skewers a banshee then grapple jacks another one while dropping from 30k feet. They definitely saw that in Battlefield and were like, "yasssss we gonna do that". I'm honestly not shitting on them, i would do shit like that for what is essentially a long trailer, just funny.
  2. Hopefully they do it through a drip feed of occasional exposition that happens during the core gameplay. If they go the route of the giant, unnatural exposition dumps of the last 2 games i'll be less than impressed. One of the hilarious defenses of the Halo 4 campaign being confusing AF was the lore nerds being like "Well if you accessed all the terminals and read [insert mediocre halo novel and comic here] then it was totally understandable." Like bitch.. i play the games. The games should be like the MCU. its own self-contained thing that can draw on the EU sure, but should NOT require any real knowledge of it to know wtf is going on. Yeah. If i want to choose my own adventure and level my shit up, i'll play any of the RPGs that do it better. You also need a campaign where the main story is 20+ hours to really pull that kind of stuff off anyway. Halo campaigns have generally been like 6-8 hours, so they're tripling the campaign length this time?8 Cortana 2.0 seems pretty.. naive i guess would be the word? Granted its from like 4 lines of dialog but an AI is supposed to know a looooooooot of shit, and decipher it quickly. "maybe its a friendly" really? Again, its only a few lines so maybe the arc is more something like she isn't really a full AI and more of an AI-ish virus or some shit idk. But cortana always knew what was up, or if she ddn't knew how to figure that shit out.
  3. That reminded me of movie trailers where instead of essentially creating a montage of moments from the first act, they have the actors being interviewed talking about how fun it was to make the movie....
  4. The campaign presentation hasn't even started and the video has 15k upvotes, what is wrong with people? They pre-ordered their votes
  5. Remember how this was a thing in Halo 5 then they took it out because people hated it? Its one of the thing that really annoys me about Halo 2 Yes, yes they will.
  6. pretty sure signing your own posts is a bannable offense Infinite is quite possibly the most frustrating post H3 game to date. its really not that far from being very good. A few sandbox tweaks could do it. Doubtful they will make any changes unless they have some "data" centered reason to back it up, so hopefully the data shows that the AR, Sidekick and BR at the very least, have a skill ceiling that tops out like the AR did in Halo 5. I think realistically we know they do, but unless they have data to back it up i don't see them changing anything
  7. The worst part of it is... they have replicated it. Halo 4 was fine. The Halo 5 beta was fine. MCC's "Modern" aiming is actually good. That's what blows my mind. What is the difference? Why are Halo 5 and Infinite different? Every CoD game i have played, from 3 different developers for the last 10 years have all felt the same to aim in. I understand that QA'ing aiming can be hard for the simple reason that for a person to be able to tell there is a problem they have to be fairly skilled and sensitive to that. You can't "learn" that. How many testers at 343 are 50's (or diamond 3's or whatever the fuck lol) and have played 10's of thousands of matches of Halo and other console shooters? I would bet not many. meanwhile what percentage of this forum falls into that category? 90%? There are certain things where "the data" can't tell you what the answer is, and this is one of them. When they're pushing back about the aiming, im sure they are looking at the input processing pipeline and going "total placebo, there is nothing wrong" and just not trusting the experiences of the players. If i had $1 for every time a dev told me "none of my code touched that so it shouldn't be a problem" but it was in fact a problem, i would be able to afford a 24 hour bender at a strip club.
  8. I think one of Bungie's big plusses is they understand the limitations of the hardware and seem to take that into account early. And they don't apologize for it. Destiny looks great, and it runs at 30 FPS on older consoles. Why? because it has to to look good. Seems like they made this decision early and worked with it. On older consoles are there any 30 fps games where the aiming feels so good? I think not. Contrast that to 343 where for damn sure the primary limiting factor for not having split screen in Halo 5 was this 60 fps target. They should have KNOWN from day 1 that was unattainable, made peace with that and worked with it instead of trying to figure it out later. If the had just decided from the get go that split screen was going to be 30 fps it would probably be in the game. Bungies performance targets seems to center around the player feel and experience, 343s performance targets seem to center around cool sounding technology stats. 343: "60 fps, physical based rendering and dynamic resolution scaling! (our aiming will be shit though and everything will look like plastic.)" Bungie: "30 fps sorry we need that to look good. This will be the best 30fps aiming you have ever felt"
  9. Yeah you can still do that. I think its obvious this will be an issue yeah, but think its going to solely depend on the BR's kill time and the shit aim feel. I feel like this won't be any worse than it was in halo 2 and 3 if the aiming is fixed (big 'if' yeah i know). People would strongside all the time and get away. Especially in Halo 3 with the RNG and projectile plus it took an extra body shot to kill (maybe not in MLG settings though, don't remember). I don't think the shield recharge matters since the sprint delta is so low, at arena engagement distances they really don't need to sprint to get into cover and recharge. I just don't see sprinting as being the difference between getting a kill and not in Infinite. Not like Halo 5 where it was fucking insane. "Sprint slide jump aaaaand im across the county sucker lulz."
  10. I liked plaza fine, it was the remix that was straight up dogshit. I called it racetrack because all it seemed good for was testing the handling of mongoose variations. "hey lets put some textures on the mongoose QA track and go home early". What a bad map that was. I always wonder when they get halfway through making a map like that do they not know its bad at all, or is it like they have convinced themselves its good because you can't help but fall in love with your own creations but they still "know" in the back of their minds, or are they fully aware its bad but release it anyway cuz fuck it #DopamineSlaveContentDrop? Bazaar just has this giant dead zone in the middle. Basically 1/3rd of the map is unusable. Sure there are some short shanties down there but its surrounded by 360 degrees of elevated positions. You're either camping a room on either side, or taking potshots with your bullet hose and pea shooter hoping to get a kill across the middle, and there are 0 fully cross map sightlines. Midship also has the "death trap bottom mid" condition but it has multiple routes that are faster than any of the ones on bazaar that allow you to circle back around or get to an adjacent tower. its also a circular map with almost no 90 degree corners and with multiple cross-map sightlines. Firefights tend to play out fully. And the ones that don't, don't provide a way to straight up disappear as you're always close to crossing one of those sightlines. in a one sentence explanation of the map design, Bazaar might sound similar to Midship, but its lacking literally every aspect that makes middy good. I thought the other 2 maps were... fine.
  11. If the leaks about forge end up being true and they work, this iteration of forge will be absolutely bonkers.
  12. yeah i know and agree lol. Im going for psuedo-realistic expectations here. Whats the fastest BR kill time ever? 1.35 seconds? yeah a 4 shot, 3 round burst weapon is never going to be faster than that. It just won't. The real bitch of it is, there was NOTHING wrong with the H5 magnum mechanically other than ADS. They just needed to make it not-hitscan and tone down the Aim assist and bullet magnetism a tad. 1.2 second kill time single-shot projectile weapon with just a comfortable feeling amount of aim assist and no bullet magnetism? yes fucking please.
  13. My ideal BR 1.4s TTK, 4sk 7sk with body shots no recoil no spread no bullet magnetism minimal aim assist h3-ish projectile speed "1.4 SECONDS TTK! thats too slow man..." well yeah... but if the weapon is going to be a 3 shot burst, much faster than that and you might as well make it a single shot.
  14. Sorry double post... forgot to submit that last one before i logged off for the night. anyway... Also good points i guess i would rather take a glass ceiling imposed by a consistent if too easy weapon over a dice roll any day, especially while using a weapon that is less spammy than the commando. And with the commando, if you're firing it in a way to mitigate the RNG factor as you would whenever your shooting someone not shooting back, you're extending far beyond the optimal kill time anyway. And when you and another player commando-ing each other one could tap fire more slowly and the other could spam. while the spammer might lose more often, in each individual engagement its a crapshoot despite the fact the person tap-firing is doing the "right thing". To me, thats simply a non-starter for a spawn weapon. Really any weapon, but especially a spawn weapon. A lot of people are incapable of blaming themselves then improving from that. They just want to shoot mindlessly, which begs the question why do they give 2 shits what the competitive settings are??? If i'm playing a game with no radar, and i get flanked, thats my fault for not recognizing who is where and who just spawned and where that could have happened. If someone takes an unexpected route, or an expected route with unexpected timing or predicts where i am going better than i predict where they will be, good for them. I got beat. Thats fine and thats the mental game you play 100 times a match. If a player doesn't want to play that mental game, dont' ask for ranked to be made easier because you don't want to think. Just play social man.
  15. Im hoping that those are just the gametypes that they have prepared for competitive and teh game will launch with everything else you mentions. Hoping, not expecting. Since we're discussing this: Ranked: Arena - This will be HCS settings but don't for the love of god call it HCS or worse "hardcore". Also give it a bunch more gametypes than will actually be used in tournaments 2v2 FFA Social would be match composer with a bunch of presets. Keep it simple baby The thing with universal settings is they should START with the competitive settings. Then for social just turn things on like radar and give an automatic secondary. Halo has always done the opposite. Designed for social, then square-holed as best as they could for competitive. Im just happy that ALL the ranked playlists will have the same settings I do when the settings are right. We just haven't had that in a couple games. Competitive settings might be fun in Infinite. Though its the one gametype i actually prefer the radar ON.
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