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  1. So apparently i'm the only one that has thought "man i wish there were more options for look settings" in previous Halo games? I have always wished for vertical settings and half sensitivities as far back as i could remember. Halo 3 especially, but Halo 5 was the first one that REALLY needed them. The number of options that MCC has now is perfect frankly. I think Titanfall 2 is a little overboard with the mass of options they give for example, but MCC is perfect. Horizontal and Vertical sense, classic/modern, acceleration and deadzones. My problem with the Mythic playlist is mainly that i feel it would play better with the magnum instead of the H2 BR. That gun is kind of a joke.
  2. In a vacuum of course not but compared to 4 and 5, sure it does. Especially 4 and 5s BR pre-patch jesus. and even post patch, you want to talk about a gun that will give you a headshot regardless of where you aim on the player... That gun is the only reason you need to prove why recoil like that is bad.
  3. Guys, we're talking relative difficulty. Its easier to headshot in H2 than H4 or H5? no its not. but its loads easier than 1/3. Hence the ordering. Then throw in weapons like the sniper where you actually have to be on the head to register a headshot compared to H5 where its basically the entire top 1/3rd of the player model = headshot, or Halo 4 where there is no descope. Since we seem to be so hung on on the "buckets" i put this stuff in here is the full order that i feel, from hardest to easiest. Harder: [ H3 (hitreg and shitty aiming. hard in a bad way) > H1 (hard in a good way) > Reach > H2 > H5 > H4 ] :Easier I split them up in the earlier post by 1/3rd, not sure why this is so hard to understand. Maybe im wrong and I have the MCC feeling in my head not the OG H2, but its not insane lol. The action of the sniper in these games has a lot to do with it as well.
  4. Yes I am. Sticking to 3 buckets of difficulty, it fits in the middle. There is a lot of aim assist in that game for sure but AA is not the only thing that makes guns hard to shoot. The guns shoot straight and if you are off by even a little its a total miss. more aim assist plus hitscan = easier than H1/3. Tight hitboxes/minimal bullet magnetism = Harder than 4/5.
  5. Its so easy to turn it from basically dogshit into a good game. You just... turn off some of the BS and leave it alone and you're good. Ideally turn off bloom and all AAs but if they could get to the point of at least turning off bloom for the social gametypes its really a totally different game. Bloom is such a bad mechanic idk how it wasn't aborted early. I would like to be able to play some social stuff at some point, but with bloom in there its basically unplayable. 90 - Ever since we had that "FoV Debate" i have been trying all my games on 90. Some i have had to turn back up to 100 but mostly its fine. This is spot on. If you think there isn't a significant difference between say Halo 4/5 and 1/3 with 2/Reach somewhere in the middle you're insane.
  6. Try disabling whatever antivirus you have and see if that helps. Obviously don't keep it that way but it will narrow it down. Similar issue happened for me where it hung for a while but I was able to alt-tab out and there was a notification from Avast that it detected a threat and quarantined it (it was detecting the anti-cheat....). I added an exception and it's been fine since.
  7. The classic vs modern aiming in Reach are not that much different. Reach aiming was always pretty good. I use Modern on everything just for consistency's sake, but really the only game i would recommend switching to Modern immediately would be Halo 3. Played some hardcore yesterday and some big team and the difference in playability is night and day. They really should just make zero bloom the standard across the entire game. That single change makes the game so much better and i think it would be palatable to just about everybody.
  8. Mouse aiming is much better. Feels like a proper PC game.
  9. At this stage its more like pop-culture reality TV nonsense, but sure.
  10. Nah, that makes Halo 4 the Kamala Harris of Halo
  11. Reach was the Joe Biden of Halo. Success purely on name recognition.
  12. You forgot the smashed window. A general thought i had regarding depth in games reading the last few pages. Does anybody feel that the obsessive focus on "balance" and "polish" is ruining games? Halo sure but also just gaming in general. Having a stable, performant and balanced game is great, but i think it can go too far sometimes. If you polish every single rough edge, things like ghost jumps and BXRs disappear. Weapons become SO BALANCED that they really all just revert to the mean and you end up with a sandbox full of redundancies. Also, things like button glitches and ghost jumps aren't things that were purposefully designed. IIRC (might be wrong, so call me out if I am) bungie was aware of those things before release but decided to just "not fix them" and see what happened. That very well may have simply been an issue of resource constraints but either way, to their credit they allowed the bug to become a feature. Gaming is kind of at the point where little idiosyncrasies like that need to be purposefully designed now, but im not sure you can "recapture the magic" by say programming a double-shot into a weapon.
  13. You sure about that? If the discussion around the glitches was anything more than "What about the BXR?" "Copy a glitch? lol no" i would be shocked. Its a good thing they didn't though because the BR is far too easy in the remaster.
  14. "Historically Halo has been very hardcore, and it's had a very steep learning curve.." Thats a cringy af thing to say my god. No it hasn't. Even if that's an argument you want to make i dare say games like CS, LoL and Dota all have far steeper learning curves and are also orders of magnitude more popular. I think what he meant to say was, "There was this small minority of hardcore players that would shit on us in matchmaking every once in a while, and we wanted to beat them."
  15. Not giving exposition for events and emotions that can be expressed in other ways is simply respecting the intelligence of the audience. Its good storytelling to let the audience figure out for themselves what is made apparent by events, context and visible emotion. Good stories don't need to be complicated nor do they need to hold your hand. I would argue that they are better when they don't hold your hand because they require that you pay attention and use your noodle a bit, making you more invested. Pushing plot via multiple, minutes-long exposition dumps that require extensive ancillary background knowledge to even understand is lazy, hand-wavy story telling that disrespects the audience and doesn't understand the medium through which the audience has/is experiencing it.

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