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  1. Warthog gunners have a shield mounted to the front of the turret already. If they are getting shot from the side and dont turn to shoot back/protect themselves, thats on them imo.
  2. I think i would rather just have aiming at an exposed driver actually work. Keep it simple. Its one thing i like about halo, there is nothing like in CoD where you can shoot through walls with reduced damage. You never really know how much damage you are doing. With Halo a hit is a hit and a miss is a miss. You're either exposed or you're not. imo things like damage reduction from object penetration don't add depth or skill, just gray area. What i would like is vehicles with more specifically target-able spots. ie you can blow the doors off to expose a driver more or a wheel off to stop the vehicle or make it harder to steer. Damage directly to the turret makes it shoot more erratically etc.
  3. None of this really discredits my earlier points. Being unable to actually target the driver in any meaningful way doesn't fit the criteria I setup. Having vehicles that are both super easy and super powerful also doesn't fit my own criteria. I already said those things need to be fixed. A driver being "technically" exposed doesn't mean shit if they're still too hard to hit or, as is sometimes the case, the vehicle eats the shots despite aiming at the driver. The only concession i made is that there is a fairly wide range of "good" for vehicles compared to say, utility weapon balance. They don't need to be nerfed into the ground or removed. and i haven't been hand-wavey about shit. Let me ask you this, do you really want a whole playlist that is basically big team with no vehicles all the time, or would you be OK with 1) better vehicles and 2) a small minority (10-15% of games) in the Big Team hopper had only things like mongooses (mongeese??) to get around on. Most people that play big team want vehicles. I'm inferring you want them gone entirely or at least weak as shit. Right. Sprint was "planned" for Halo 2 but they couldn't get it right and were short on time so they dropped it. Then when they had 3 fucking years to get it right they still didn't add it to Halo 3. They didn't actually add it until their pre-destiny swan song experiment. And even though reach was clearly an experimental title for them more than it was a Halo game, they still didn't add sprint as a base characteristic. Just because something is "planned" doesn't mean that plan isn't shit.... When you recognize its shit you change your plans as seems to have happened here.
  4. 1) They were talking about when AI gets triggered to spawn and rushes you while you are already engaged with a real player. Not that it was being ignored before the battle begun. That shit is annoying af in any game. 2) Regardless of scale its still totally unnecessary. Getting players from point a to point b quickly can be handled better than simply giving them a zoomy boi button.
  5. NERD alert... stick to a kewl giant robot like Voltron next time mmmmkaaaay?
  6. The vehicle's suck argument is just hogwash in general. Like, who cares? More than half of the playlists can be played with 0 vehicles. This is also one of those "We can have our cake and eat it too" scenarios. They don't need to be totally fair or equal or have hard counters. Certainly not in a rock/paper/scissor kind of way. As long as there is a way to target the driver specifically, even if its hard to do so, they aren't totally OP and they feel good to maneuver they're fine. There's a lot of design wiggle room in there. Vehicles are like power ups and weapons. You can design a bunch, design them well of course, but still you can have as many as you want. If they suck don't use them. Don't like vehicles at all? Play all the other shit that doesn't have them.
  7. Oh no i don't want people to think that lol. Power ups only drop on death, you can't choose to. I was thinking about this a little more earlier. I think something like a 30 second despawn would be better, regardless of how much time is "left" on the powerup. It should be the teams responsibility to make a decision if its worth it to go for a 5 second power up, not have the game make that decision for them before they can get there. I think i want the time left on the power up to pause for the simple fact that it makes it more enticing to go pick one up that has been dropped. People have to make a decision if its worth it. That player had it for 20 seconds, so there are 20 seconds left. If it takes me 10 seconds to get there safely, and the timer on it doesn't pause then there is only 10 seconds left and its hardly worth it. I think if you don't pause the timer on the power up when its dropped, people will really only pick it up again if they are already right there so whats the point? Custom power ups should be able to do this kind of stuff yeah. I wouldn't want 343 wasting time trying to balance this thing. But give the community the tools to create it. I stil really want a Haste power up in Halo.
  8. I think grenade hitmarkers will be gone. They said they tried to do that for H5, but it was hard coded "too deep" and changing it would have been too risky at that point in the games life. Honestly i think that points to bigger problems with the H5 engine in general. Like they had to take hacky shortcuts to get shit to work. Obviously hitmarkers don't sit in a silo and/or arent tied to each individual weapon or they could just turn them off for each grenade type. If i had to take a wild guess that is probably wrong just for fun so don't quote me but fuck it why not.... Maybe tied hitmarkers to damage and to tick at a certain rate as damage is applied. The only way to remove it from grenades would have been to remove it from everything. Heck, maybe they went a step further and hitmarkers are displayed as collisions are detected, then they used the success/failure of a hitmarker to register the damage instead of the collisions detection directly so removing hitmarkers would require a total re-engineering of how damage is detected in the first place. or MAYBE they have a bunch of apes sitting in a room watching screens with their eyes taped open and they press a button whenever they see a hitmarker and that how they register damage.
  9. I prefer when they activate immediately. There was nothing wrong with the way power ups worked as far as activation was concerned so why they changed it in 5 i'm not sure. I believe it was because they wanted to stop people from just flying in and grabbing it, but players do that shit anyway because its still a better strategy to get a burn and die than let the other team have it. The second half though i am totally behind, and is a better solution to the problem 343 was probably trying to fix in the first place. (not that that issue would exist in the first place if advanced mobility wasn't a thing.... but i digress). If you kill someone before the powerup is used up, it should be available for pickup with whatever time was left on it. OS would follow this same rule if you assassinate the OS user. This would stop burns from being a thing and allow the power up to always play a factor as it should. My question is, if someone has camo and dies after 10 seconds with it, there are still 30 seconds on it. Do you choose to display that on the power up as its laying on the ground, or do you let players take a best guess? Does the time left on it continue to decay as it lays there, or does it "Pause" until its picked up again? If its paused and nobody picks it up, does it stay there through the next round of power ups or does it disappear when the next one comes up?
  10. Nokt: Halo really is a special franchise Ice: No its not, let me explain how your brain works. Not sure what else to call that other than shitting on people's memories.
  11. Stop shitting on other people's warm fuzzies.
  12. You seem to take a lot of inspiration from Hero shooters.... This is basically Doomfist from overwatch.
  13. I just mean knockback against humans. You can already move objects and flip vehicles with what halo currently has. You don't need a special weapon for that kind of stuff, you just need it baked into the physics of the object. Explosions moving me while im in the air is fine i guess. I just don't want an explosion or weapon to knock me around when my feet are planted. This might just be my preference as i have personal hatred for any kind of crowd control mechanics and thats what that sounds like to me.
  14. I will never support anything that includes hero-shooter crowd control bullshit. And we know how shitty flinch is in Halo, so full on knockback i can't get behind either.

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