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  1. It did. Just for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Usually bot difficulty in mp how quickly they target you and how accurate they are once they do. AI that is too "smart" just feels like its cheating with wall hacks. It just needs to do a few dumb things really well like navigate the map, respond to being shot and maybe strafe a little while firing back.
  3. It could still have loot, but just things that are "you get what you get". Find it, grab it or replace what you have and move on. No dropping, swapping or picking up individual attachments. Shit like that. That's one thing that warzone got right. There are no attachments for map pickups. No monkeying around, what you pick up is what it is. But then they ruined it by having loadout drops, forcing the meta to have a small handful of end-game loadouts. You can also solve the "lets fill dead time with looting" problem by simply collapsing the map faster.
  4. Seriously, what are you talking about? I said that by not saying that? Spawning with no weapon is horseshit because it increases early game RNG but all you need is a short range 1.5s kill sidearm that you'll drop as soon as you find something else. That way if you run into people right off the break its not a race staring at the ground running like a decapitated chicken for who finds a weapon first. But spawning with an end-game capable weapon would be stupid in a BR game. Halo could solve the issue with all the time staring at the ground and endless inventory management by simply keeping the game simpler. Don't have a kajillion weapons, and don't have add ons for every weapon. Armor pickups have shield recharge instead of needing to be repaired. etc etc. Most BRs have waaay too much going on beyond just killing and surviving to the end, a Halo BR could easily solve that problem by simply sticking with gameplay that mimics the rest of the game. In fact, now that i'm thinking about it... I would not be surprised if the change to be able to apply a power up whenever you want came from wanting to have continuity between arena and the eventual BR mode. I hope that wasn't the motivation because thats gross, but it would not be surprising.
  5. Or you're someone like me that hates praying to RNGeezus every game, wants to actually play not scavenge and manage inventory, and loathes one-life gametypes in general. Especially ones where you don't have to just wait for the next round to play, but actually have to start a whole new game. The only BR i have ever really stuck with for any length of time was Blackout, and that's because it was very un-serious and we always played as a To4. All that said... a Halo BR could fix nearly all those problems.
  6. I'd bet money drop pods is how the BR will work. Seems kind of obvious really.
  7. This is just gaslighting at this point.
  8. I never fucking said that man. Even so, you shouldn't just use that button for something if the weapon doesn't need it. ie an AR doesn't need/shouldn't have a scope. That button going unused or having a bino fallback is totally OK. You have this compulsion to use every single button on the controller and often multiple at the same time. Switching base functionality from a shared button to using multiple, different ones? Come on, that's a terrible user experience.
  9. This has nothing to do with anything. If the original controller design is unique per-weapon. When they remap their controls its still going to be unique per weapon, just in a different way.... And if your argument is they can remap controls per weapon well other than being something that is a huge pain in the ass and nobody is going to do, STILL wouldn't solve the control variability problem. If each hair-brained weapon design was capable of being mapped identically, it should be that way as default. A weapon that requires unique controller inputs to even function at a base level is not a good one.
  10. 100% will have a BR. Maybe not at launch, but if they don't have one within a year i would be both shocked and horrified. I would just keep it simple. single tap is waypoint, unless you are aiming at an object then its "Get the flag" or "Sniper over here" or "Enemy spotted" or whatever. Double tap to indicate an enemy was somewhere on the landscape and thats it. Basically, Apex. If you want to get more specific than that, get a mic. Solving the spam problem is really trivially easy if you keep it simple like that. The logic gets harder if you try to make the system too "smart". Only allow a single ping of any type from any player every X. So for example lets say X is 5 seconds. If they spam the flag with ping 10 times in 2 seconds, you would only see one ping, but they cuold ping an enemy since thats new information etc. I would shoot my gun at a wall to draw a dick with bullet impacts and send that. PC players would find a way to mod it and send actual dick pics. Something silly i do hope they have is a spray system. Nothing better than turning around a kill on someone then spraying them real quick as you walk over their body. Hopefully they let you create your own. Mine would be a ****
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