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  1. I greatly prefer static spawns for the dynamic it creates when you stagger spawn times. Sometimes only one PU/PW is up, sometimes 2 occasionally 3. You have to prioritize your resources appropriately. It also gives you tools to cater the games pacing in specific ways by choosing not just what spawns on the map, but when those items spawn in relation to one another. With dynamic spawns, it feels like RNG after the first items are picked up. Static spawns also open up the possibility of having alternate items spawn at the same spot at regular intervals. Trying this with dynamic spawns would be a cluster. Halo could also use some delayed item spawns. How that's not a regular thing already I have no idea.
  2. Classic NavG best NavG. There is no need to get a totally new studio. 90% of employees are just doing what they are told. They need a serious management overhaul which very well may already be under way. If the rumors are true they need to stop relying on contractors so much too. And get better tools. They have a lot of work to do but building a new studio doesn't automatically make those jobs easier. Buuut we said that after Halo 4 and 5 too so who knows.
  3. My primary issue with blade runner was the pretty empty antagonist. He simply wasn't... Interesting. An interesting villain can make or break an otherwise competent movie. Just watched Legend of Korra and the last season was the worst almost entirely because of the soulless villain. 2049 was good, but needed a better villain and maybe 15 - 20 minutes less run time to be truly great imo. Im going with Fall 2020, though if they can swing it summer would be better. Halo can't stand toe to toe with other big fall releases anymore. It's going to need some room to breathe and also needs to be amazing when it comes out.
  4. I think ot is ok there's not a hell of a lot of on-topic to go over lol. No hate here either btw i enjoy discussions with no right answer I really don't think actors sell tickets anymore. At least not nearly to the degree it did in the nineties and before. Movies with uber famous leads flop all the time (think The Mummy and Doolittle). Often people get super famous after being in huge movies like RDJ with Iron Man. Nobody saw that movie because he was in it, he was a personal dumpster fire, they saw it because it was good and he kicked ass in the role. Where i'll sort of agree is with franchises. I dont think people start watching them because of the actors, but the actors become connected with it and if they were to get replaced it would hurt sales. How good the trailer looks and how well the marketing is executed has more to do with it than anything these days. I am not sure LOTR is the best example simply because there were so many friggin characters in those films haha. You're going to have to fill it out with relative unknowns. That reminds me though, my annual LOTR binge session is coming up soon, usually over thanksgiving break. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen were in Wind River as well and i had no problem seeing them as different characters. I wonder if this is an age thing? no idea. It used to be harder for me to separate an actor from a character but idk as i've gotten older its just turned into "oh they're in this too cool beans". I'm always a little aware that its all fake anyway.
  5. Im fine with FOOTSTEPS in close proximity, say 3-5 meters. Not obnoxiously loud. Totally silent when moving slowly, either crouching or 50% stick deflection. Not the crunching, stepping, clinking, squeaking you can hear in Halo 5 from halfway across the map. That shit is obnoxious. Sounds like a 5 year old's attempt at EDM. I'm also fine with them being totally gone.
  6. Well of course you could tell it was physically him haha, we're not comparing Gary Oldman from The Fifth Element to Batman to Darkest Hour here. The point is he played a totally different kind of character than anywhere else and he did it well.
  7. I guess i don't have that issue. They're all people that play pretend for a living after all lol. Momoa only plays one type of character, but he does it well and it fits in this case, so i have no problem with that. Denis is a good director (he would make the best Halo movie... so sad when that fell apart) and worked with Bautista, who was hardly recognizable, on Blade Runner 2042 so i think the guy actually can act. Isaac was good in Ex Machina and Star Wars (can't blame an actor for a movie kind of sucking....) and he has a totally different look from both of those. Josh Brolin and Stellan Skarsgard are both great actors too. To me, there is a reason these people get a lot of work and it aint because actors sell tickets. I don't think that has been true for 20 years now.
  8. What rumors? Some dope on reddit with no corroborating evidence that didn't even pick a date that is a Tuesday or Friday? Watched the trailer a few times. Looks so good. But i thought the trailer for Mulan looked good, so what do i know really.... Too much popcorn? Lots of famous people sure but they're all good. its not like michael bay is directing it lol. The wildcard is Zendaya. No idea if she can play that serious of a role. Never heard of Timothee Chalamet.
  9. They're not making the same mistake they did last time with trying to actually make money on the hardware itself. at $500 they'll be breaking even at best. Possibly taking a fat L if you consider shipping and advertising costs.
  10. I think they also need to not have 60 FPS as their line in the sand. If they need to make it 30 for campaign or huge player count modes, fine. Fucking around trying to cater the game to decade old hardware is not a winner in any scenario. Or have it run at 60 and just be ok with it looking like shit. Trying to make it both look good and run at 60 on the xbox one is a losing strategy. Maybe be honest with your customers for once and see what happens.
  11. Any weapon/ability where the primary purpose is to hinder player movement, stripping the player of any agency in that regard. Overwatch has these in spades, lucio's boop, Reinhardt's slam, Ana's sleep dart etc. A gun that barely does damage but can literally push you out of an area sounds like that.
  12. Agreed if you need to delineate your competitive settings from your standard setting more than removing radar and the auto secondary, your game is broken. Other basic rules. 1. Stop giving the competitive list a scary name. 2. Have more than just the current competition match pool in ranked. Include maybe half a dozen other combos. Use them as test types for future seasons and to give the list more variety.
  13. For a FPS, as long as side quests are optional and you can complete the game while getting a full understanding of the story without them, I think they're fine. If it's a full-blown RPG type thing where you have to complete some portion to level your character enough to even beat later levels.... That's got no place.
  14. I think you're confusing "This forum" with "one dude" lol. I firmly believe that games can be balanced mouse vs. controller, at least enough for most of matchmaking but Halo's AA/Mag is far too generous to the controller player. Also, snipedown needs to learn when to turn it off for a second ffs.
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