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  1. Me and a group of my old college buddies are addicted to Blackout atm. I don't know the next time i'll play Halo though when i can apply the H2A aiming to every game on retail, i'll probably be drawn back
  2. Yes this is true. If they tried to release this fall.... it would have gotten someone fired lol. I'm hoping for like March 2020
  3. And its still the best imo. No game has done that type of movement better than Titanfall 1. The Halo peeps need to look at titanfall as a cautionary tale and launch Infinite in the spring. Just like Titanfall 2, Halo infinite is not in a place where it can compete with everything else that is going to be coming out in the fall. Its going to need to be complete, really fucking good, and have room to breathe and (re)gather an audience. Initially i thought you just google searched "Neckbeard" If by "Looks like titanfall" you mean in the same way that Titanfall "looks like CoD" then yeah, sure.
  4. I do not believe universal settings are necessary or even desirable per-se, but the next Halo game really needs to be in a place where the only real settings changes that need to be made for the competitive ruleset would be to turn radar off and maybe remove extra weapons from the maps. I think that power weapon/power up placement, timing, starting weapons, starting speed etc should all be the same. If those characteristics can't be shared between the competitive and casual settings, that points to a much larger issue with the core game imo. Network Transfer takes place on your local LAN, not over the internet so either way will really work fine.
  5. H5's engine is undoubtedly a hot ass mess. I have thought this whole time that they started on the Slipspace engine well before H5 released because they knew they couldn't keep nursing this edit of an edit of an edit of an edit of an edit of an engine rolling. Not enough space for SKINS?? Massive, variable input lag on the controls that they couldn't figure out for a year and a half? Plastic looking textures. The only good thing that come out of it was the variable res to keep 60 FPS and it did that well, but i wouldnt be surprised if that system contributed to the control issues and it couldn't keep up with forge maps. I think it has the best aiming of any console shooter ever. H4 and H2A both feel so good to look around in. The only challenge to it might be Destiny if it was played at 60 FPS.
  6. Yeah, i don't know how people don't notice it. You cannot look diagonally with any kind of accuracy. In a game with floaty jumping and every map having multiple levels, i just don't see how Halo 3's aiming system ever saw the light of day in the first place. Anybody else think that Microsoft is in the market for its own TO? Like if UGC does a few of these grassroots events and kills it, does Microsoft contemplate pulling an activision and buying them?
  7. No, i dont mean the acceleration and deadzone stuff. In the last MCC update they said they are looking at integrating the H4/H2A aiming system into every title as a toggleable option in a future update. I think those have some of best aiming feel of any console shooters. If they do that, i might be able to play Halo 3 and actually look around comfortably for the first time ever!
  8. I actually agree with this but the skill gap is purely mechanical, which is the shame of it. How expensive your controller is or how well you can contort your fingers to press 3 buttons at the same time, all the time, shouldn't be the primary skill driver. To add to this, its also better because if a piece of equipment sucks... you can just not use it. It won't break the maps and people don't use them every play of every game so if it sucks and you remove it, nobody really notices and it improves the game. If a core ever-present mechanic sucks, you can't just rip it out without a bunch of other modifications because then you break the maps and since people use those mechanics constantly, the level of bitching about their removal would be insane. I am in the same boat. H3 is the hardest game to go back to for me. Almost entirely because of the aiming, BR, movement speed, and weapon spawn system. Halo 3 design wise does a lot of things better, but the game feels like you are slogging through wet concrete. MLG settings fix the movement speed and weapon spawn issues though, so when they add the H4/H2A aiming system option to every game in MCC which should fix the aiming issue too i bet it will be significantly better. Get rid of the randomness of the BR spread after that and we're good to go (you can keep the average spread values, just make it non-random).
  9. "Shield Management" is honestly an excellent observation. The tick-tock of losing and gaining shields during and between gunfights is an important aspect to the way that Halo "feels" to play and i honestly don't think its discussed enough.
  10. I can vouch for 3 that played for a few weeks and left. Their reason was all the same: It feels like work just to get around. They have all said they won't be buying Infinite just out of loyalty but they will if its good. RNG works baby.
  11. Page 1 hype. This is probably the best move for Halo esports at this point
  12. When the competitive ruleset changes to Fiesta Slayer to 200 kills, you know who to call.
  13. This is true, but i do think for this specific collection keeping the games feeling as OG as possible is the right move. Integrating additional aiming options is one thing. If people feel they want to play with the terrible original H3 aiming, they will still be free to do so. Getting rid of all spread would be forced on players and change the effective range of the BR to a significant enough of a degree it would change the way the game plays, which i don't think is a good thing for Halo 3 specifically (though it would be fantastic for all games going forward). keeping the average spread amounts but making it non-random would keep the game playing the same by and large, but without the occasional frustrating inconsistencies.
  14. I'm surprised nobody brought this up. This is from the last MCC update: idk about you all but aiming like Halo 4 or H2A would make Halo 3 feel soooo much better. I mean, they would still keep it projectile so you would still have to lead. Hell they could keep the average spread values if they want, just make them consistent and not totally random. They could shape the 3 bullets like this ^. If would retain the overall feel of H3 but get rid of the randomness.

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