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  1. This is an excellent starting point. I think the Focus Rifle gets shit because the feedback on it is bad. It doesn't feel good to use imo. i think the recoil is kind of weird. Hard to describe but it just feels.. blah. The damage feedback is bad too, how much damage did it do? Same on the receiving end. Thats why getting killed by the beam in H2 feels so terrible to me as well, but the H2 beam felt better to use so i was ok with it. In H5 it also suffers from the thrust-enabled escapability problem. It kills too fast for anybody to turn and challenge it but slow enough you can thrust out of the way if you're paying attention. Feels like you do a lot of empty damage with it. EDIT after reading TheIcePrincess up there. I used the Focus Rifle primarily against humans. I could see it being much more fun to use against vehicles, but never really experienced that tbh. If thats the appropriate bucket for it thats fine. One niche thing i want are trickier sticky's like you had in H2. Where you could bounce a grenade using the explosion of another grenade to shoot one around the corner. Better physics for that type of thing in general. Overall they need to make sure that the weapons have almost no bullet magnetism. And the tiny but of magnetism they do have needs to NOT prioritize the head. That was my biggest frustration when they fucked the BR with the H5 rebalance. All they had to do was tone down the stickiness and stop bending the bullets 90 degrees around corners and it would have been fine. Hopefully all the weapons in Infinite follow that advice.
  2. Frankly, who cares if its circumstantial? If the other team just "happened" upon them, either 1) someone on your team died with them and they found them on their body or 2) you weren't paying attention to the spawn. To me it sounds like "happening upon" is a sour-grapes argument that really means "Shit i forgot they were spawning". Now the argument could be made that this flow gets ruined by being a decent player on a team full of thumbless idiots, but if that's the case lets blame the right things here. If its Ranked, then the ranking system didn't do its job. If it social, that's just the hand you get dealt sometimes deal with it. "Blaming the right things" also needs to be done when the weapons are basically free kills because they are both powerful AND super easy. Its not the fact that power weapons exist that is the problem, its the fact that they were made with thumbless idiots in mind to make them feel special and they're way too easy to use. Removing the sniper and default rockets from Halo 5 might make that game play better, but its just a bandaid not a real solution.
  3. @basu i think im looking forward to Reach on PC more than i have any other game in a while. And i HATED original Reach. But with them making the TU settings nearly universal, i think it will be loads better in general. I dropped reach almost as fast as i dropped Halo 4, so i never got to experience the TU when there was actually a good population of players or GoldPro settings at all.
  4. Arguing about the relative strength and execution of "power weapons" is one thing. Trying to get them removed entirely from the sandbox is untenable. you're trying to play a different game. They shouldn't be "easy button" weapons, but they should still exist and be an important part of the gameplay. They should nudge a team toward victory, not hand it to them. Its not an easy balance to strike, but it is doable and when its right the game plays so much better.
  5. Depends on your definition of "good". Good =/= everything kills fast Phil Spencer said a couple years ago that they were not going to show extensive looks at games anymore until they were relatively close to release. H6 is a year and a half away. I would expect to get our first real glimpse at the gameplay early next year. Im worried about Infinite just based on Halo's track record since Reach. Though i am very much looking forward to playing Reach on PC since they are putting the TU settings in almost every playlist. They make it a much better game.
  6. In CoD you can only do that when you have the right loadout. As discovered throughout Reach and The 4, loadouts don't work for Halo. In overwatch those are tied to abilities that can only be activated on a set schedule not at will. Unless you're playing Soldier, but in that case sprint takes the place of an ability slot. Totally different gametype, style and intent. You really can't have differential movement speeds in Halo, activated by a button, that both allow you to shoot. The sprint speed would become the only speed anybody would use, so whats the point of even having a slow speed? The irony is, with the way sprint forces maps to be stretched you really don't have a choice but to sprint whenever you're not in combat and it becomes the de facto base movement speed anyway, but makes you vulnerable. They either need to find a way to implement momentum based movement speed that feels good, or ditch button-press sprint entirely otherwise Halo's gameplay will always suffer.
  7. My hands can't take another Halo 5.
  8. Strongsiding was a subtle option you had to stay alive for about 2 more shots. It didn't make you harder to hit, just not headshots. I'm also pretty sure strongsiding never had the side effect of making maps larger, or weapons easier, or kept you alive when you were wide out in the open, or prohibited lateral and backward map movement due to sprint-required jumps.
  9. I like strongsiding in general. H2 and 3 it leads to some especially exciting moments, especially in objective games that would otherwise never happen. It H2 though, you could EAT shots doing it, it was a little much but by H5 it's totally useless. Somewhere in between those 2 extremes would be better. Basically make the headshot hitbox 50-75% smaller when strongsiding and force a perfect shot but don't make it totally impossible to hit a headshot like it was in H2.
  10. Chief looks jacked, which is fine he should be. But everything does look like it has a light coating of silicone spray on it. At least it doesn't look like modeling clay like H5. Im optimistic by launch it should be fine.
  11. Because that's how software development works. The only time you would TRULY start something 100% from scratch without using any kind of pre-existing open source software, libraries, recent past work or even proprietary code you have access to (ie Havok) would be if you were doing something nobody had done before. Creating a game engine is not that. My assumption (and you know what they say about those haha) is that this game engine was being worked on well before H5 was released. Just looking at the H5 launch, being so devoid of content and their inability to take care of some basic technical things that Halo should never have an issue with (aiming, split screen chief among them) I think it would be basically impossible for the studio not to realize that that had a problem that they couldn't patch their way past anymore fairly early in their iteration. Speculatively of course.
  12. Geez the amount of presumptive nonsense in here... You have no idea what types of tools they have built to transfer assets. Especially with the myriad of open source or free, fast-prototyping tech out there now. You also have no idea when they started working on the engine, it could have been well before Halo 5 launched. And its doubtful that they started working on the engine truly from scratch. Abandoning the dynamic resolution and new physics work done for H5 would be silly, as would not taking advantage of open source tools and the Havok engine components for physics, materials and AI that Microsoft already owns for example. Plus the development of the engine would never be done in a total vacuum. Sometimes you don't know what you need until you start using it, then requests come in for enhancements. This short feedback loop between developer and customer has become critical in modern agile software development. In this case the "customers" would be the level designers, testers etc that sit next to the engineers creating the engine. You can't get a shorter feedback loop than that allowing for both faster iteration on the engine and faster mastery by the users. These 2 things would most certainly be getting done at the same time. Edit: The engine will NEVER be "Done". Its going to be an iterative process back and forth forever. The fact that they have advertised the engine as clearly as they have probably means that 343 now has a dedicated (and probably significantly larger) engineering team working on the engine than they have for any previous games. The guys engineering it won't be switching back and forth from working on the engine, to working on the game back and forth for every release. If within the next 2 years we don't see other first party Microsoft games from different studios also using this engine, i would be shocked.
  13. All Microsoft first party games will be on game pass day 1. I think they announced that a while ago. Honestly totally forgot about that.
  14. I can't say I won't buy the game if Sprint is present in some form. I simply won't buy Halo 6 if it still has traditional "press a button and go zoom" across every mode. If they move to momentum based system, or have it be only in 8v8 and larger modes or something like that I'll give it a shot. Something that at the very least allows arena maps to actually be arena sized and let's you navigate the map in any direction without putting your gun down. What im looking for is more nuance in the game design. 5 second Slayer, 10 second objective respawns. Automatic weapons that aren't just mindless bullet hoses. Hitboxes that don't make anything from the sternum up count as a headshot.
  15. I agree. I think my proposed solution is totally unnecessary and not ideal, but if we are being forced to play the game of compromise its certainly better than full-on, "waste-a-button-on-my-controller, escapability-on-demand, put-my-gun-down-and-stretch-out-even-the-smallest-maps" style sprint. Ideally the top base movement speed would just "feel" fast all by itself. In the example you give though, im not sure why you would want to be "not sprinting"? to move down a long hall or open field 10% slower for no reason?

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