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  1. It's either a good time or a good story bro.
  2. It's the same.... That's how most rec leagues work. Pickup sports. You read about it, think "sure why not" show up and see what happens. It's the exact same thing. Even if they are weirdos who cares? You're on a Halo forum arguing about a game that is basically dead in the popular gaming culture while we wait 5 years and pray the next one gets it right. Fighting to keep the dream alive. We're all weirdos in here and it's fine.
  3. They're just different experiences. Neither one is objectively better than the other. Matchmaking trades getting the "perfect" gametypes for faster games that are easier to fill. Ideally, any Halo game should have both. I would love to be able to setup a custom server with my own playlist that just auto-starts each game after the last one finishes. Private matchmaking.
  4. I still have my 20" tv in my parents house. We're at the starting stages of building a house right now so when we're done and have more space, i'll have to grab it and my old xbox and set it up it the man dungeon. LAN parties at my place guys, 2021
  5. That's funny because i remember preferring the way Halo 3 "felt" when playing split screen and never really put 2 and 2 together. I had a similar experience at a Halo 3 tournament at my college back in the day. I was used to playing on a large 4:3 tube TV and the tournament was on whatever TVs people brought. We got stuck on some widescreen LCD with wicked ghosting and input lag. it was awful. I lugged my 60 pound tube TV to the next one and bought one of those Sony Trinitron TVs that MLG used shortly after that.
  6. This is the hottest of hot takes. Halo's weapon sandbox hasn't actually been its strong point in a very long time. Every weapon being strong is not a good sandbox. And the weapons in Halo 4 were strong for the wrong reasons. They were strong AND easy. The lack of descope exacerbated the problem. The AR was probably the best thing about the Halo 4 sandbox. the Redundant Rock/Paper/Scissors sandbox in H5 is no better. "But the pistol SHOULD lose to the AR at close range." fucking why? Weapon A is objectively harder to use, especially in close range. Weapon B is objectively easier especially at close range. Why "should" the person using the more difficult weapon lose that encounter if they land all their shots?
  7. I want less abilities so this isn't comforting lol. Yes. Aim better next time.
  8. Why would we want to enable the use of MORE armor abilities? Those 2 examples are already possible with just one button. Source/Destination = First Click/Last Click. Halo needs to be less complicated, not more. Sniper doesn't need an alt fire and the second zoom level isn't one... so i don't see why putting a non-alt-fire option on a non-alt-fire button doesn't make sense? Also, any weapon that makes sense to have an alt fire doesn't need to use the same button as long as the implementation is intuitive. Example. Reach grenade launcher. Tap the trigger and it explodes after a bounce. Hold the trigger and it explodes when you release. It was fine until they decided to give it a 40x scope and let it home clear across the map. You don't need to take the homing away, just make it reasonable.
  9. 1) Why remove reload just to replace it with another mechanic that accomplishes the same exact thing? Either have it or don't. I'm fine with reloading frankly. 3) But why? 4) See above 5) Are you saying limit the control options to that or make that default? It should be an option but not default. RS zoom is fine for default. What they need to change is to stop putting secondary functions on the bumpers for the default setting.
  10. @Hard Wayand i have had this conversation before. Halo 2 has the best movement in the series bar none and if you were to take the H2 movement and slap it into H1, a lot more people might play that game. While the spawn system in that game can be daunting and frustrating at times, especially at higher player counts, but when team skill is even its really not that big of a deal. A big turnoff for people just starting in that game is how muddy, delayed and slippery the movement can be. It "feels" bad until you get used to it, which is a task a lot of people won't take the time to complete. Its even worse for people that started with later Halo games then try to go back.
  11. Im in the pro-FoV slider camp for sure and mainly from a comfort/feel point of view, but i dont think you need something that goes from like 60 - 150. I hate playing on low fields of view because it feels so claustrophobic and slow. I also don't like playing on really high FoV because targets get too small and the world gets distorted. The problem is the comfort "sweet spot" (for visuals and 'feel') is not the same for everybody or necessarily every game. But i would bet you would be able to hit the sweet spot for 99% of people if you gave them the option between something like 75 - 100 FoV. Set 90 as the default.
  12. I play from 90 - 105 depending on the game. Some games seem to handle higher FoV better than others in terms of warping but really there is no reason to go below 90 unless you have some serious visual impairment and need to make things huge. 90 should be the default and on console options to change it should be available within certain performance metrics. 90% of people will never touch it, so artists can design shit with a non-claustrophobic-but-still-not-huge 90. The people that are going to change it to something higher are not the same people that care about the looks. Its a pretty simple calculus imo. Reach was clearly some sort of experiment. "Lets take this beloved franchise with a killer gameplay formula that is getting more popular and fuck with it in very core ways just for funsies." Fuck you bungie. Its not hard to fix though. Playing the MLG v7 settings back to back with the 85% TU settings is a real wake up call. Bloom and abilities fucks that game over so badly.
  13. The entire game needs to be NBNS. AT LEAST no bloom. its basically unplayable otherwise.

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