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  1. I'd test it out if I had any of the initial titles they're offering up. I think it's a neat idea. I do like the clarification that it works, Wpns, so thanks for that. #ReachOnXbone
  2. I want to know what this new "Super-Scarab" is called, and if we'll be seeing more of that Harvester that was shown in Spartan Ops. Just the mere mention of another miniboss like encounter we used to get from Scarabs gets me extremely hyped. That's what we've been missing for soooo long.
  3. This should apply to the Carbine, and Lightrifle too. There's no loadouts, so we're forced to use 1 precision weapon per playlist. The BR imo is a more all-around good weapon compared to the DMR: which kinda sucks in close-combat (I felt the H5 DMR is a downgrade from the H4 one). If they replaced the BR with the DMR then everyone would complain that there's no BR starts. You can't please everyone. Now if there were loadouts, or those weapon set things from H2A, and Reach, then maybe we could have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately there's no sign of it, so we're stuck with what we've got (unless Josh/343 has anything to say about this). And if you don't like the BR then go hunt for a DMR on the map.
  4. Wait, I thought the new update added gamechat? Well shit. Edit: Ohhhhh I confused it with MCC, my bad. I guess you could always use Party Chat if you're with friends, but I'd love to have gamechat as well.
  5. I'm thinking it's another Promethean weapon like the Lightrifle (which has 2 modes of fire).
  6. Are Skulls in Halo 5? If so, do you have to find them, or are they unlocked from the start?
  7. I could've sworn I saw the Carbine in the Beta build for the Sprint vids, and I KNOW the Shotgun was there (but it's not in the Beta... at least I don't remember seeing it). Can anyone tell me why they left out all the other guns? Don't tell me it's a "UNSC Only" thing because the Lightrifle, and Energy Sword were both in the Beta. Sorry if it's a dumb question. I know that they probably didn't have time (or just didn't want to reveal the weapons) to add in everything, but I would've expected the only Beta of Halo 5 to at least have included most of the things we use to kill each other with (except Vehicles 'n shit).
  8. Yo. Name's Joseph, but most people just call me Self Destruct, or SD. :goat: I've been viewing the home/news section for a while now (goob job btw. TeamBeyond is one of my sources for my articles over on 343industries.org... fan forum if you don't know yet). I saw some post on the forums a while ago, but blew it off like I usually do... until today. Hip-hip hooray I've come to stay yay yay whatever. Anyway. I play Halo allot (obviously), and a bunch of other random games. I like looking at the day & night sky, filling my void of a stomach, catching up on old anime shows, doodling/making graphics, and jammin' to some metal. Send me a friend req. on XBL to SelfDestruct217 if you want to play sometime. I don't have anything else to say, so I'll just close with one of my dumb projects I stopped working on (If you're getting deja-vu, I am the guy from r/halo called I_Make_Big_Boom). Peace B) :
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