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  1. Maybe balance the 2 then. It's so frustrating when nobody's online to play H2A for instance, if you don't have a team chances are you're going to lose. Also, if you think that what I'm suggesting will increase the number of betrayals for power weapons, you clearly haven't played H2A. Happens constantly.
  2. So I know you've heard this many times before but I want to ask you about Halo 5's ranking system and give you people on Waypoint's, mine and all my friend's honest opinions on them. SR - I hate to sound totally negative about SR but I can't help but feel (my friends included) that SR are well... boring. Nobody has ever said ''I can't wait to be SR 36'' but I've heard loads say ''I can't wait to be a General Grade 4''. SR just doesn't have the same feel to it as the older levelling systems do (H3 and Reach). CSR - All I have to say on this is please don't think that we all have big badass teams to roll into Slayer and totally kick ass every single game. I speak for the people who believe that individual performance matter. I know some will say ''Well why don't you just focus on SR?'' or ''Play Rumble Pit'' but truth is CSR, in Halo 5 has more of an importance and again I refer back to the fact that SR is boring. Summary. Go back to the old levelling system. H3 ranks with the cR system from Reach is my dream. Don't forget about people who don't have teams and make individual performance matter. I gotta say though, I played the beta and racked up 2 days 4 hours of gameplay - I loved it. In my opinion Halo 5 is shaping up to be a legendary addition to the series.
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