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  1. well, if you think about it you're trying to run your event and it doesn't come off as professional. While he may be annoying or you have your own personal beef, he really did nothing to you to provoke that response, you just seem to come off as rude tbh. Best of luck, if it's in Chicago I may even go
  2. oh yeah for sure dude let's put our faith into some kid who just attacks unknowing people
  3. First off, I am all for you guys trying to help the community, but if you want this event to succeed I think theirs a few things you should consider doing. 1) issue a formal and sincere apology to team beyond. You won't get far advertising wise without them and to be honest your beef with them is kind of stupid. 2) It would be almost pointless to hold a h4 event, you won't get developer support at this point in the game, then again I could be wrong. So I think you should setup a poll for either a 3 event or a reach v7 event, and w/ith the payout people can't say they won't attend cuz they hate the game. 3) Considering the amount of players that might attend Mlg Columbus, you should announce it after that. Just my 2 cents, hoped it opened an eye
  4. here's how I see it. Majority of people are going to be done after indy, ricochet or not. People complain about the game not being fun, but when people say ricochet is "fun" but not competitive, they most likely have not played it in a competitive setting or have it stuck in there head that it sucks because that's what everyone says. in reality these settings weren't gonna change much, and I understand why he added ricochet. Unless theirs another waypoint tourney, indy is the last hoo rahh. Cliffs: ricochet is considered fun halo4 is not considered fun ricochet gets added ricochet now sucks no one is pleased riot.
  5. TS: Vertigo, Abandon, Onyx, Pit, Haven Flag, Simplex, Skyline Ext: Haven, station 9 Ricochet, Pit, Simplex Ghost better get ready..... He's already been twitter attacked by ryanoob
  6. the idea was that all the pro's should join together and make a youtube channel, I thought about it and with the state halo's in I figured it'd be pretty cool. The content would be on the regular, and people could still have their own youtube channel's or team channel's of course. I just thought it would be cool if we could have a channel with regular pro content coming out seeing as how their are plenty of pro's who can make youtube videos
  7. if theirs some kind of prize people would generally do it
  8. Actually, cod signed a contract with mlg to be the exclusive fps..... We outtie
  9. stop bumping man, people will sign up if they want. Idk what you're expecting with halo's state exactly
  10. is there gonna be a signup for this somewhere? i'll play, hopin to get a team of kids from the forums so hmu gt: Gewnzi
  11. definitely understand that, only reason im going is because it's close. Crossing my fingers my first event has a decent turnout
  12. sloppy I get where you're coming from. I just don't honestly know man, it'd be different for sure
  13. just out of everyone on this forum, who thinks they're going to agl11, or at least attempting to go. I'm pretty sure agl10 won't be very big, but agl11 was said to be the next real big agl. With all the new players going to cod, I'm just wondering what you're guyses thoughts are and how many of you are whole heartedly trying to go to the event
  14. I mean Ghandi never played halo he just casted, so if he plays cod and still cast's halo who cares. He's just playin a game he enjoy's, he's already said he isn't leaving us
  15. hit up Gewnzi, I want friends who still play
  16. Because i'm not going to switch to a game I don't enjoy just because it's on the circuit, i'm not going to start a new game and assume i'll make money like everyone else is. Cod's been in our situation and they banded together, us on the other hand we have idiots like formal who just constantly bash even though he wins every event..... Ungrateful..... Let's not forgot the 500k tourney everyones gunna play in then switch to cod
  17. add or keep me on the invite list, Gewnzi
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