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  1. Nothing there to segregate when most competing pros are under 25. You are bringing in old faces and possibly new ones.
  2. As AGL and UMG are now joining forces and doing joint events, how would you feel if they did a separate bracket for those who are over the age of 24 or 25? I know, sounds like a terrible idea, but stay with me here. What if it brought back some of the players of old such as the Orges, Washly, Strongside, etc to competitive Halo? It is said the average gamer is over 30 now anyways, would it be that difficult to field a 32 team bracket? People in this age group have more disposable income as it is, so I don't believe getting the money to attend is an issue. I'll be honest, I am older, but I love Halo. I would love to compete, but no way at my age are my skills as sharp as someone who is in their early 20's. As you get older, you find your body to not be as responsive although your mind might be as sharp or even sharper than your late teens/early twenties. This kind of tournament would be great, in my mind. I play with other older guys who would love to have a chance at competing, but just feel they are at a handicap when it comes to playing against younger competitors. Obviously it wouldn't work without old pros coming back, but if they did come back and compete would people watch?
  3. If you know how to place your xbox ip into the DMZ on your router you will pull host much more often. Turns your xbox into the hostbox.
  4. I'll believe dedicated servers when I see them, and if it wasn't 60 fps with the next gen hardware then the devs need to be hung in a public square. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from H4 launch. I will still need to see improvements to this game and an announcement of the current/improved multiplayer settings carrying over to H5 before I give it a sniff. Trailer looked pretty good, but to be honest I am more excited about Battlefront 3 at this point and I haven't seen anything from that game.
  5. Will there be any inclusion for infinity slayer/pro as well? This could be even more of a money maker then.
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