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  1. I'm Sorry but I've got to speak my mind here. This disappoints me I really wish Halo Reach wasn't treated like a plague when it came to its game types, I miss Headhunters, Generator Defense and Invasion they were fun and yet its being shunned for gametypes like Dominion and Regicide which after a month went dead in terms of player count and overall fun (at least to me they were seriously too complicated to get into). Damn it, that confirms Elites are a no-go too. $10 says Firefight is going to be confirmed to be omitted in Halo 5 next. This sucks... Okay fine, so online multiplayer itself is out but what about Custom Games? would it be possible to add gametypes that wouldn't be in online multiplayer rotation but in a custom game? or does custom games have to match online multiplayer in terms of game types? because I wouldn't mind older gametypes like headhunters or invasion or generator defense being custom game only game types so long as I would get to play them in a newer Halo game outside of Halo Reach.
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