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  1. Xbox 360, I'm gonna wait to see which console will be most favoritable for me after release.
  2. inxy

    Film Discussion

    Nah, I was saying before the rest of the final season starts. The Last House on The Left, Smashed, etc.
  3. Destiny for me, it's interesting to see which will be the most popular. Nice thread.
  4. Good luck simply putting out "the next Halo" lolol.
  5. It could be done, but it will be just a glimpse of what the real Guardian was. Good luck with the creation of it, if you're going to put the time into it.
  6. That would be pretty hard to remake imo, every crevest and ledge made Guardian the incredible map that it is. I would like to see someone try making it. However, I've never seen one.
  7. Sick. That needs some salt. You art thou 1337est!! Nice jumps.
  8. I'm not sure if any of you have played this yet, but it instantly became one of my favorite games.
  9. inxy

    Music Thread

    The new Mindless Self Indulgence album is so fucking good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=877eM18SrQQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdBF85D6eeA
  10. Wow, those trees are really bendy. :ph34r:
  11. Lol I just saw it on SXEPHIL, and yeah this is really funny.
  12. Might get this if I decide to get a Playstation.
  13. 1. Dishonored 2 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 3. Battlefield 4 4. Destiny 5. Halo 5 Just wondering what the community is looking forward to the most.
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