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  1. Hey guys, just gonna sneak in here and say that as of today i am officially retiring from Halo Casting, and wanted people here to know it first..Without team beyond i would not have gotten anywhere. I felt like with halo the casting pool was already small, and honestly Caster Butters has such an amazing play by play voice that i did not even want to compete. Butters is awesome and young and great for the scene. If i wanted to continue i would have had to pay my own way to things, and with going back to school full time, it was time to shift my focus on my own projects, graduating school, and creating a stable future with my girlfriend. Ill still be around supporting the local Chicago scene and working with their Pro Battle League team. Thanks for all the good times and memmories and stuff. Ill be Lurkin.
  2. Kaotic is a monster and i take full responsibility for hyping him up since like last year.
  3. with the NBA playoffs here and Halo pro league coming i thought it might be fun to compare popular (seasoned) H5 players to NBA stars here are some Snakebite: Lebron James, snakebite can do and will do anything to make his team better, he can lead his team in slays, assists, and all obj stats if needed. Royal 2: Michael Jordan, Who else are you compare to MJ? Royal 2 has arguably the most slaying power in halo 5, and comes up stupid clutch when you need him without being reckless. Lxthul: Magic Johnson, maybe not as great at scoring as lebron, but in my opinion a way better facilitator, with a more "hollywood" personality, Can fit any role and also lead by example. Frosty: (going old school here) 'Pistol' Pete Maravich the greatest college basketball player of all time, and an NBA legend himself, responsible for changing the game with his movement and unique style of play, while making his team around him better and slaying in fun and unique ways. Ninja: KOBE sometimes reckless aggression for better or worse, when hes hot even snakebite has said he is one of the hardest to stop. Ninja is a tough shot taker, tough shot maker, challenging everything and going for the noscopes. Victory X: Tim Duncan, the big fundamental, and it would not surprise me if Cam plays until he is 41. His slower, not dying a lot style of play will work for any halo. He may not be flashy but he does everything exceptionally well. APG: James Harden, impeccable style, and Brad will probably date a Kardashian one day, APG can run the point when needed but also put up big statlines in slays and assists. Shotzy: Not seasoned but i had to make this comparison, Russel Westbrook, Full speed all the time, hitting crazy shots, making crazy play to keep games alive (like getting a triple and a flag pull to save the game in the LCQ) With time he can become one of the greatest to ever play. Thats it for now, if yall like these ill maybe do another one soon :o
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyDoubtfulChimpanzeeDxAbomb man bubu is such a humble dude. Its so refreshing.
  5. i probably sound like a broken record but Kaotic is the best 15 year old in halo and this is the 2nd time he has almost beat splyce. If EG STILL does not consider contacting this kid i willl be absolutely shocked. was even in Chads stream 2 hours or so ago saying i bet ABCDE was going to be good against splyce.
  6. falcated was such a strange choice for EG I feel like they always rush stuff and never take risks like LG deff did with sayan AND trippey.
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/HelpfulAmorphousDadAliens GLOBAL ICON NATIONAL TREASURE. how i have missed @goldenboy hype x2https://clips.twitch.tv/OptimisticArtsyMooseOSfrog
  8. top 8 OG NV LIQ LG SPLY STR8 EG RONIN LG shows up on lan, and trippey was the player they needed to stop choking leads like they did in vegas when they had NV on the ropes. Was not happy with splyce picking up renegade not that he is not amazing, i just love a good veteran/young player mix. it has been the winning formula in literally every halo. EG with naded should be fun should have picked up artic or kaotic instead of falcated love falcated but i like the relationship between artic/kaotic and ogre 2. and tbh Kaotic is one of the best players i have ever played with, the only thing holding him back is a bad game,and his age. Given the chance (a salary to prove he has a future in gaming) he would have been amazing on EG. Excited to see how LIQ does on lan with new settings, zane has a super underrated long range pistol shot, played against him a bunch and it is nasty. i expect NV to make roster changes if they finish anything below 3rd at Atlanta and Daytona, i think out of anyone, they have the most pressure to perform now.
  9. Lg always shows up on land. I really like the team comss this time around also.
  10. Just to put this out there, you wont see any new caster talent in halo any time soon. we have tried, and have been told by other people in the esports community to leave halo. I cast for the FPL, PBL, and random 2v2 tournaments whenever i can, i have improved, i have lost a shit ton of weight, got my hair cut, cleared up my skin, got my teeth whitened, played halo at a high level every day for at least 3 hours to keep up with jumps, new metas, everything. And i know my other AM caster friends grind the same. huge shout out to Kyle Elam for being a supporter of the AM casting talent..he is always reaching out to the grassroots of halo, and checking out AM streams and AM leagues like the PBL. I'm not leaving halo anytime soon, but i'll probably have to change my approach a little in order to cast another event I dont have a problem with any of the casting talent currently i love those guys, just wish they could make some room every once in a while. after all we do work for free and share 2 bed hotel rooms with 6 people.<3
  11. I don't come here anymore because every single time i log in there is a new person to hate, and a new person doing their job (which we know nothing about) completely wrong. It just gets tiring.
  12. Just a reminder that the finals of the preseason PBL cup are tonight. at 9pm Central. at http://twitch.tv/probattleleague The finals are Rammys squad (Austin TX) VS Hoaxers Squad (Atlanta GA). PBL is all region based halo. You can not play for a team if you do not live in that region. I'll be casting tonught, as i do every sunday(edit i know today is thursday but i cast every sunday). Come stop by and see how i have improved, and watch some really good top AM action.
  13. anyone care to give me a little list of teams currently running together?
  14. heard there was mass hysteria and anarchy going on without me
  15. articc was not even allowed by his parents to play in the lcq. probably a factor.
  16. was at a wedding and could not watch anything having to rely on random fans updating the side station series scores was odd. Just a little something that i think could have been super easy to accomplish, other that that, i'm watching the rebroadcasts now and don't feel the need to echo what anyone else has said as i tend to agree with the majority. S/O to Victory X and Ninja for always gettting dropped and always finding a way to stick it to whoever dropped them and make it to top 8 (in this case 6). the CamJa duo is one of the best in Halo 5.
  17. LG 9-4 Splyce with this in the last game to top it off. https://clips.twitch.tv/BlatantHealthyDonkeyTheThing excited to be watching vegas.
  18. If you talked to them you know more than me, but in my opinion from what i saw with my own eyes, from ugc 1 to ugc 2, the guys in the pit operated ugc2 with lots of extra and probably unnecessary people in the pit with them 24/7 those extra people all being from 343i
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