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  1. Really? I saw Flame making plays in all of his games this weekend, didn't see much from Maniac at all.
  2. I don't think all of blue was bad, it sounded like it was only really bad with the Ogre2/Ninja/Kephrii seat.
  3. Probably already been said, but huge props to 343 and MLG for giving free XB1 controllers to all spectators at the event. In a tournament that's been riddled with sound problems, delays, bad casting, and so on, that was a nice move showing support for the fanbase.
  4. Elevate and Rya are probably resenting the roster lock right now.
  5. You said "CLG is CLEARLLLLYYYY the better team." That's about as definitive as a statement gets.
  6. What do semantics have to do with anything that I said? Personally I don't see how Flag-TS-SH-SH is any lamer than Flag-TS-SH-Flag. Objective gametypes are all their own beasts, and strongholds on two different maps plays extremely differently. Of course you can make the argument that CLG is better than EG. In fact, I think CLG is better than EG. My claim was that you can't definitively claim that CLG is better until they prove it on LAN.
  7. Why does practically everyone disagree with you on something that is so clear?
  8. EG still hasn't lost on LAN in a long, long time. CLG has to win a LAN event before they can definitively be called better than EG.
  9. The biggest problems are a 15 second delay and you have to manually scroll through all the players to get to the one you want.
  10. EG almost just blew a 47-32(or so) lead on Truth slayer... the tilt is real.
  11. Elevate looks like they have a strong chance at making it out of their pool.
  12. The pistol kills in slightly over one second. Of course missing with an auto for a second means they can outshoot you.
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