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  1. Thats kinda how its been for a while, devs taking ideas of other devs and implementing it into their own game with a twist (or sometimes no twist at all). They see the success and try and recreate it. And then from there devs see to try and one up that until you get "modern gaming" or what we're accustom to as the norm (like parkour in shooters and thruster packs to boost movement speed) So this trend of copying each other will continue on and evolve as it has in the past, not a bad thing necessarily. Just makes us wanting some more originality - which in turn gets copied, lol.
  2. Thanks for taking a minute to read my intro! My name is Rob and I've been a hardcore halo fan since Halo 3, I've played previous halos but didn't own an xbox at the time. My favorite playlist is BTB, I love the atmosphere and the balance of competitiveness and chill it brings. Addtionally I play an MMO called Elder Scrolls Online. Im currently trying to improve my game so I've been playing more and more arena. (Platinum 5 ATM) On a more personal note I'm majoring in psychology and love jamming to alternative music (the strokes, Eminem, modest mouse, cage the elephant) I love my cat Nin (pics are found on my twitter) Some of my favorite streamers are Ninja (he's my main dish), Lxthul, Aftermath and Le are both very entertaining!
  3. So I shouldn't feel like an ass when I crouch everywhere? :holmes:
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