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  1. • Bubble Shield (yes) • Power Drain (yes) • Regeneration (nerf it, no) • Trip Mine (ok) • Jammer (no) • Gravity Lift (Yes, Le Crate Splatter) • Deployable Shield (meh) • Invincibility (Invulnerability) (no) • Camouflage (Invisibility) (no) • Auto-Turret (no) • Flare (no) Would Equipments "&" Armor Abilities work in future Halo multiplayer? Think of Halo 3 equipment map control mixing with Team Throwdown settings, BTB, and Etc. *Bring back Power ups* instead of Ordnance. Halo doesn't need these qualities. But they do offer some benefit of mixing the gameplay and flow if balanced just right, imo. What say you? Update: Looking at all the feedback has been positive, so far, from fans that actually Do support the equipments into future Halo multiplayer, so long as it doesn't negatively effect gameplay AND would rather prefer them over Armor Abilities.
  2. This was already known since E3 2012 when Frankie was being interviewed and mentioned the words "Saga". Had me questioning it since we were told both Novels and Game media were only Trilogies.. This news for other fans had them worried that 343 will launch a yearly release of more Halo Games and Novels to the franchise and would crash like Icarus. Is this a real issue? From researching Halo players feedback they don't mind another expansion, so long as it plays like Halo and feels like it too. Another thing to be consider is the amount of time, effort, and resources that the developer (343 Industries) needs to create a Legitimate Halo that's complete before release and continue support with MP updates seeing now the amount of progress they've contributed with 500k/50k Tourneys, Halo 4 Turbo, Weapons Tuning, Forge Island, and Spartan Ops Seasons 1 & 2. Also Thanks Bravo & Quinn!!! This is my input about the Reclaimer Saga; Seeing as Halo 4 came with two discs. 1. All being Campaign and 2. MP, Forge, and SpOps S1. Would fans prefer purchasing future Halo titles just for the Campaign being full with content in 1 disc and downloading MP/Forge/Theater/?/ FREE within the XBL Marketplace? How would you feel if 343 separately created the Multiplayer as a free to play, Online Game, Digitally Download, and would always update it without creating NEW Halo titles with different MP features that would split the player fanbase? Please share your thoughts and thanks for reading.
  3. This is a buddy of mine that messaged me about not being able to play Xbl: "So now I changed my Region to Venezuela, and I get this HUGE message saying "Xbox Live Services aren't available in your Region". So now I don't have XBL anymore and can't even change region for the next 3 Months. Now THIS is fucking ********."
  4. Just a theory of mine: The 360 has parental controls that allows a limited playtime span until it suspends that account from playing any further until password is given to continue playing or lift the play timer. I wonder if someone is able to hack that XboxOne's program by finding a code/password to bypass that timer... I'd like to think its possible. Since MS doesn't have such a tech to randomly generate a new code to prohibit offline playtime if the specs on limiting playtime is somewhat similar to that of the Xbox 360. Idk. Just pulling ideas. What do you say, Beyond?
  5. My theory on Master Chiefs deserted outfit has to do with the Mysterious Man who interrogated Halsey beneath a secret ONI facility. Halsey accused him of wanting to Replace the chief stating John's core to be broken within the beginning. Thus Cortana was the solution to Spartan 117's Humanity. With her gone there's no way of really knowing what a Rogue Spartan is capable of and for sure it won't be pretty. This New Theme is Master Chief realizing Humanity and how he will endure the hardships to come at a price in saving it. Evidence within the HALO E3 2013 trailer shows him wearing a cape (deliberately) to conceal his appearance. To protect himself from the hazardous environment (Sandstorms), assuming that Chief is missing armor somehow. The cracked visor on his helmet... Something awful happened to chief. Cast aside like any puppet, machine, etc. Used. Betrayed. We've already seen the Darker side of humanity in Halo 4 & Spartan Ops. • Unknown Interrogator (ONI Imposter) • Former Captain: Andrew Del Rio • Serin Osman, head of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) • Sarah Palmer (Spartan Commander) It appears that ONI has become the necessary evil within the Reclaimer Trilogy. Controlling everything behind the curtains Including the UNSC. Regarding the supposed "War Sphinx": http://bit.ly/193dmPA What do you think so far, TeamBeyond?
  6. Long time fan of Halo. Unreal Tournament on Sega Dreamcast was my very first addicting FPS game at age 10. When Combat Evolved arrived to the OG Xbox, that was the only shooter I played next to Counter-Strike. MechAssault & Project Gotham Racing 2 games were addicting as well at the time. XBL & Halo 2 was just godlike to play, but thinking about it now, I prefer Halo 1 LAN instead. My first community forum experience has to be Halo Tracker (HTR). Chill, Amusing, and Friendly Members and Halo players. Met a good friend named, "GOAT" and Donged every BKs on Team Classics (Reach) Playlist before CEA. Twas Glorious Battles Indeed. I've been to several other forums, but I became content with NeoGAF after watching Nexy from THC YouTube Vid. Talking about GAF during the Halo 4 leaks scans. Registered and exactly a week later I became a GAF Member. CyReN would always update HaloGaf with Halo Vids & Upcoming Tourneys on the forums. Found out about GoBeyond and was really impressed with the content. Well now im here b'cuz I think GBE has alot to offer and will be an experience worth investing being part of this community & members. Thanks to anyone reading my boring story and enjoy its cringe worthyness!

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