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  1. Haven’t been on the forums in about 2 years, but wanted to hop on because of the most recent MCC update today. How y’all feel about the new sensitivity settings? I feel like it’s gonna take a long ass time to find the right one, and that it will be like Halo 5 sens issues all over again..
  2. OT but as of today, The Cod World League is not going to be streamed on Twitch, and is now MLG.Tv exclusive. We should be very fortunate for what we have so far for competitive Halo and thankfully stupid shit like that would never happen to us. Carry on
  3. Only confirmed roster changes so far is that Naded and Danoxide are a duo looking for 2 on Luminosity right now
  4. Is anyone else experiencing massive frame rate issues? Fist game in social it was unplayable. I decided to try different maps in customs by myself and I'm still experiencing frame rate issues
  5. To be fair most people in gold or less pretty much only use ARs anyways Kappa
  6. His last stream he said that he still wants to keep playing Halo5 so his ability isn't affected at all, and by playing other games even like MCC that would be bad. And he also seems to find Halo 5 not as enjoyable anymore which I agree with considering I haven't played in months lol
  7. 8 times at a final would completely go against 343s agenda. They have been pushing the importance of an online pro league for a long time now. let's say ateam like allegiance finished top 4 at finals, when in the online pro league they were dead last. This basically shows how unreliable an online pro league is. by having 4 teams at a finals they are falsely justifying the online league by saying "these are obviously the best teams and only teams who deserve to be here". Plus it's probably a lot a lot easier to only have relegation and the finals rather than having relegation + 8 teams battling it out which can be seen as cop out. Regardless 343/ESL is always going to have excuses then of course after a year or more of complaints from the entire community they'll finally make a change and say how much they are listening to the community. Then the cycle will repeat with another issue.
  8. From what he actually mentioned MCC, it seemed that they aren't really focused about fixing it but more of updating playlists every so often. Nothing has really changed
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