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  1. Highlands is definitely one of the worst BTB maps. They need to reduce its weighting. Also... there's a weird absence of the vast majority of the forge maps from the base game. Wayont, Trident, Renegade, Mt Lam Lam, etc. Where are they?
  2. Well I guess I'm never going to play social 4v4s anymore. And I swear if they really make BTB AR starts... I just won't know what to say, that would completely ruin the game mode.
  3. Why do noobs always complain about precision weapons? This is especially true for BTB, like r/halo spent literal years complaining about BR starts in H5 BTB, and now in unison they're complaining about DMR starts in Reach BTB. It's like they can't tolerate the idea that waddling in the middle of the open is going to get you killed in Reach, just so stupid. Reach BTB would basically be unplayable with their preferred AR/Magnum starts, so I truly find it mind-boggling that they want it.
  4. I wish they would remove the flinch mechanic for controllers because IMO it makes aiming harder on them too.
  5. I keep everything at default with the exception of the dead zones; I set those to 10% each. IMO this feels closest to the OG experience, at least for Reach anyway.
  6. The assumption I'm going to work with is that an executive only tangentially involved in the development of CoD, but still highly important due to their position, sucks at CoD and doesn't want to suck at CoD anymore. Ergo, mechanics explicitly designed to level the playing field are given serious consideration.
  7. If you get no kills or assists in a game, you should get no experience points.
  8. It doesn't, but if bloom were to exist at all (not saying it should), then you'd expect spamming to be punished to signify the mechanic's importance.
  9. What fucking idiot set banshee flip to the X button on bumper jumper? It's supposed to be left bumper smdh.
  10. Does anyone know how the XP ranking system works yet? I'm leveling up of course, I just want to know what towards and how long it would take to reach.
  11. In my opinion, the best Reach maps are generally the ones with more open, free-flowing combat. Reach absolutely is a game that benefits from map design that encourages movement, and discourages stubborn, slow play. The best maps in Team Slayer are without a doubt in my mind: Unconquered, Ellul, Synapse, and Zealot. They're just so far above the rest, at least as far as default Reach is concerned.
  12. It's really nothing special. Combat flows awkwardly toward the space side of the map (the other side is too exposed to realistically push across) and each base on either side is very camper friendly. Honestly very mediocre, really shouldn't be considered for competitive settings.
  13. Powerhouse is okay as far as Team Slayer (like the playlist, not MLG) maps are concerned, but comes with a number of issues. The map is just generally conducive to stagnant play. Very often I'll be dealing with a team that hunkers down in and around the GL building, which is particularly hard to break because there's a massive wall between it and the rocket spawn. Going on the outward path of the wall and peaking around that corner is a good way to get yourself killed, especially if one of them is at the GH spawn, or at the very least close to it. On the other side of the rocket spawn, there is of course another building with limited entry points and also serves as a valuable point of control due to its elevation and position near the rocket spawn. It's not held down that often in TS games, but that's mainly due to noobs being particularly bad at controlling rocket spawn and the ramp that leads in the top floor at the same time. In a slayer game, better players would have very strong setups. You're often going to spawn out in the open near the cliff. If anyone has a slight line on you, like from just outside GH spawn, you're gonna have a bad time. It's not the worst map, and still flows considerably better than some other maps in the game (Pinnacle, Uncaged, Precipice are all great examples of just how shitty Reach's forge maps could be), but I'd rather not play it in competitive settings, even if you thoughtfully reconfigure the weapon/power up layout.
  14. I like having the ring 3 jump be easier than it was in the original, so I'm not necessarily a fan of this version, but the added cover could be a nice trade off. You're right about rockets, thinking about it more it definitely would be a bad idea. OS is fine I guess. Altogether, this map only changes things slightly and my expectation is that we'll probably keep seeing Halo 3 be the main game til infinite IMO.
  15. Not many major changes. I guess the aesthetic and perhaps proportions are slightly different, but the jump up to the top of ring just looks worse and I'm not sure that we really need a custom power up in the center. Rockets would be just fine.
  16. Keep in mind that Fortnite made $2.4 billion last year largely off the back of microtransactions. As a result, Microsoft simply isn't going to release a major game without them anymore. It's a pain, but people fed this business model, so we're stuck with it.
  17. For the upcoming file transfer, I wonder if 343 would care if a couple of the gametypes I had on my file share were modded.
  18. In my experience, the people who would either veto or not vote for non-objective gametypes are also the people who don't play that often and just want to run and gun. Objective gametypes of course have a bit of learning curve compared to slayer, making slayer the preferred option of noobs everywhere.
  19. 1. My first point had nothing to do with camping. 2. I don't think you understand just how awful the sword is in TU Reach. People hide around corners with a weapon that is absurdly dumb when paired with sprint. 3. It can be random, but the thing is that TU doesn't fix the issue at all. And if anything, it makes the issue worse by increasing the probability that someone will just get randomly lucky. If you want to fix that, then you'd have to get rid of bloom entirely.
  20. That's fair, bloom does have some fundamental issues as a mechanic. I've lost some completely ridiculous fights where the other player got extremely lucky.
  21. Crouch shooting is admittedly more of a fringe strat even in TU settings, but I have seen it used to great effectiveness by some very good players. The sword with sprint is dumb, TU makes it dumber. I'll just leave it at that. The compression is unfavorable in my first clip, and getting it paused at the proper frame is potentially tricky, but I did legitimately hit that first shot.
  22. The crouch strat in vanilla still reduces bloom, but because it doesn't nullify it entirely, its less potent and therefore less utilized than in TU. Trust me, I'm right about this. Sprint makes the sword insanely powerful, and sword blocking somewhat mitigates the problem. Removing it in TU was a bad decision because it left the Energy Sword in an incredibly powerful state with sprint and very limited counterplay. With regards to your comment on my 5 shot. You clearly don't understand how bloom works (edit: I don't mean to be mean here). The bloom only takes effect after the shot is fired; the first shot I fired was not in any way affected by bloom. If you slow down the first clip (there is an option to slow it down to 0.25x btw), you'll see that for my first shot, the center of my reticle was over the side of the player which is why I got a body shot. The last shot was a little weird, but I still got it because the edge of center circle of the reticle was touching the other player's head.

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