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  1. After mainly playing BTB I decided to play ranked and the game feels much better with BR starts. BTB might actually be enjoyable if it had it. Why exactly is there vertical recoil on the BR though? 343 seems to dislike ranged combat with this release. This sandbox in general feels as if a lot of weapons had a prior, more powerful revision, but were then severely nerfed. You just can't tell me that the original ideas for the Sidekick and Pulse Carbine worked like the versions we have.
  2. It really shouldn't take over 10 minutes for a team in a 12v12 slayer game to get 100 kills, but that's usually what happens. I also had a 4v4 on Bazaar where my team needed all 12 minutes to get to 50 kills as we got the last kill as time expired. Default Infinite settings are the slowest and most boring matchmaking settings Halo has ever had, and it's mostly because of the sheer impotence of the weapons in the sandbox. Most weapons don't feel satisfying to use and the Sidekick is just plain ineffective. Not to mention, no matter how much I fiddle with the aiming settings, it always feels terrible. The average BTB game lasts over 10 minutes and it seems like most players fail to get over 10 kills in that time frame. Are we really supposed to believe that the person who goes 6-7 in an 11 minute game collecting two power seeds is having fun? This game just isn't engaging and feels borderline devoid of action, and to the extent that there is action, it feels fundamentally unsatisfying.
  3. The axial deadzone is literally there to help you, as it makes it much easier to move your reticle in a straight horizontal line. A center deadzone is also necessary because not all of your slight inputs are desirable, for example, with a center deadzone of 0 the position that you put the joystick in with the intent of not triggering reticle movement may be slightly off resulting in unwanted input. A lot of people have convinced themselves that deadzones are bad entirely and I just don't think that is even remotely the case.
  4. The aiming feels better after messing with some settings. I'm unsure why the default settings feel so awful though.
  5. Haven remake looks nice. Elite homeworld aesthetic with bits of steampunk thrown in for good measure.
  6. The aiming sucks, and the range at which the Sidekick loses all aim assist is weirdly short. Both of these things combined make the game annoying and unenjoyable to play. I'll download it at launch to see if these things have changed, but if not, I just won't be playing this game aside from some customs.
  7. The main reason I even play Halo is that I enjoy its mid to long range combat, and in this game the weapons you spawn with are just incapable of it. What's the point of playing Halo if the core bit of it I actually enjoy is largely stripped out?
  8. I'm seriously struggling with aiming in this flight. Something feels off compared to MCC modern aiming.
  9. Well we spawn with the Sidekick, so given how frequently it is going to be used it needs to feel good even if redundancy becomes a concern.
  10. The Sidekick feels pretty bad right now, I say this because I was trying to use it at a normal mid-range only to find little success because the RRR is extremely short. I would prefer it if the Sidekick had more utility in the mid-range.
  11. Well it's going to be a very prominent weapon, so it should at least feel nice to use in mid-range. It simply doesn't currently.
  12. The Sidekick's red reticle range should probably be increased so it feels less awkward to use.
  13. Literally everytime I check someone's game session MCC crashes. On top of crashing in CE and H3 every other game when the skins are turned on with it occasionally crashing so hard it turns my Xbox off. Or the times game invites just stop working for whatever reason, or the fact that there still bugs with regards to the weapon rates of fire in Reach (DMR too fast, Concussion Rifle too slow). And then you also have the terrible progression system in which in order to actually unlock anything you have to complete all sorts of stupid challenges. How is MCC so fucking terrible? Like I'm glad they still support it at all, but goodness, this game is a mess.
  14. I'm just thinking about this from the hypothetical perspective of someone not particularly attached to the franchise but just wants to play the new game with their friends. If they can't enjoy a co-op campaign with them, especially given that 343 fully intended to implement that feature, then it calls into question whether or not the game is ready to ship. Thinking about this some more though, 343 should still at the very least ship multiplayer as expected. Also, I guess it's not the biggest deal to not have co-op campaign be available at launch, but it still seems like an awkward omission, even if we know it's only because they're experiencing some technical issues that will hopefully be sorted out in due time. I get why they would make the decision to ship. Halo Infinite's development process has been lengthy and expensive, so at some point those investments need to generate a return, and if the game is essentially complete in all other material respects, then to delay the acquisition of those returns over what essentially amounts to non-critical features is not logical. I do wonder though what could've possibly gone so wrong with co-op campaign.
  15. Not having co-op ready is worth delaying the game over. People will want to play the campaign with friends, so not being able to at launch is unacceptable. Ship it in spring, co-op just has to be ready at launch. edit: I guess as long as the rest of the game works as expected, it's not the biggest deal to ship it without those features. Still an unfortunate chain of events.
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