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  1. I remember that in Halo 3 forge I would sometimes try to shoot a rocket with the sniper causing a midair explosion, and I assume that was the inspiration for this weapon. It wouldn't work. Players would use the 50% alt fire as a makeshift mauler and the 99% alt fire would be incredibly cheesy and annoying. For the 99%, if the alt fire projectile was sufficiently slow, it would be useless in open areas (unless the enemy was unaware they were being fired at), while simultaneously rendering narrow pathways impassable as any sufficiently skilled player would kill any player passing through them by making them one shot with a very quick follow-up. The 99% alt fire combo would essentially be a more over powered version of noob combo, as you wouldn't even have to switch weapons to finish the kill. Also, its base firing mode is really powerful on it own, making this weapon very op.
  2. Maybe I'm just not particularly observant, but I've never noticed any "bullet sway" in CE. I'm willing to believe that this mechanic exists, but seeing as I haven't noticed it before, I'm also willing to believe that it's not all that consequential. If it's consistent, then I guess it's fine for competitive play, it would be evenly applied after all. However, I don't see the point in discussing it, because it's inclusion is wholly unnecessary to create a good Halo game.
  3. Has anyone ever made a video demonstrating bullet sway? Never heard of this mechanic until just now.
  4. The Reach Ghost isn't really clunky, and its speed is good enough. (Note: Like Brad Pitt, I also played a lot of Reach BTB back in the day) It is very weak, but not unreasonably so; a good driver can usually keep themselves alive, and get a few kills by picking their fights carefully. It's well balanced, especially compared to the overpowered death machine that is the H5 Ghost. The Reach Wraith is annoyingly clunky, but it does a ton of AOE damage, and is a fixture of BTB; in Halo 5, the Wraith is far less ubiquitous, and even when it does appear, it's on maps that are not well suited for it (i.e. Valhalla).
  5. MCC still desperately needs a customs browser. Like... with all the classic H3 customs, it would become an enormously popular feature.
  6. Well, if the BR had no spread, then leading would at the very least become more effective. After all, if you're leading, that implies at least a moderate shooting distance, which no spread would make far deadlier. Also, I think you're overstating the difficulty involved with leading your shots, sticky reticle only really becomes noticeable when another enemy unexpectedly passes in front of the reticle. Speeding up the burst would probably confuse normies, so that's not a good idea, and I'm pretty sure that changing the projectile nature of the weapon is something that is beyond 343's reasonable control. As far as the H3 sniper's difficulty is concerned... speak for yourself.
  7. So are there gonna be any Halo 2 tourneys this year? I don't think it makes sense to focus entirely on one game when we have multiple options.
  8. If we end up getting classic Halo tournaments at a consistent rate, 2019 will probably end up being the most enjoyable year of competitive Halo in a long time.
  9. It's comical how overpowered the H4 Saw is. As long as you aim reasonably well, tap the trigger instead of holding it down, and don't run into another player with a Saw, it's basically gives you 12 kills for free.
  10. Any word on when MCC is getting a customs browser?
  11. How much would the development of a new game engine delay other aspects of development? And could serious progress be made on the campaign and multiplayer when the engine is in the equivalent of a beta? I'm wondering just how far away are we from Infinite's launch.
  12. Watching BO4 get so many viewers with their BR mode makes me wonder if not incorporating BR into Infinite is a mistake. You have to consider that since Infinite will be on PC, a BR mode probably guarantees that Ninja will play it, with other big streamers to follow. Those streamers will bring a lot of positive attention to the game, which might just be what's needed to seriously bring Halo back to life.
  13. TBH whenever I play H5, I only play WZFF. Can't stand the PvP.

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