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  1. Keep in mind that Fortnite made $2.4 billion last year largely off the back of microtransactions. As a result, Microsoft simply isn't going to release a major game without them anymore. It's a pain, but people fed this business model, so we're stuck with it.
  2. For the upcoming file transfer, I wonder if 343 would care if a couple of the gametypes I had on my file share were modded.
  3. In my experience, the people who would either veto or not vote for non-objective gametypes are also the people who don't play that often and just want to run and gun. Objective gametypes of course have a bit of learning curve compared to slayer, making slayer the preferred option of noobs everywhere.
  4. 1. My first point had nothing to do with camping. 2. I don't think you understand just how awful the sword is in TU Reach. People hide around corners with a weapon that is absurdly dumb when paired with sprint. 3. It can be random, but the thing is that TU doesn't fix the issue at all. And if anything, it makes the issue worse by increasing the probability that someone will just get randomly lucky. If you want to fix that, then you'd have to get rid of bloom entirely.
  5. That's fair, bloom does have some fundamental issues as a mechanic. I've lost some completely ridiculous fights where the other player got extremely lucky.
  6. Crouch shooting is admittedly more of a fringe strat even in TU settings, but I have seen it used to great effectiveness by some very good players. The sword with sprint is dumb, TU makes it dumber. I'll just leave it at that. The compression is unfavorable in my first clip, and getting it paused at the proper frame is potentially tricky, but I did legitimately hit that first shot.
  7. The crouch strat in vanilla still reduces bloom, but because it doesn't nullify it entirely, its less potent and therefore less utilized than in TU. Trust me, I'm right about this. Sprint makes the sword insanely powerful, and sword blocking somewhat mitigates the problem. Removing it in TU was a bad decision because it left the Energy Sword in an incredibly powerful state with sprint and very limited counterplay. With regards to your comment on my 5 shot. You clearly don't understand how bloom works (edit: I don't mean to be mean here). The bloom only takes effect after the shot is fired; the first shot I fired was not in any way affected by bloom. If you slow down the first clip (there is an option to slow it down to 0.25x btw), you'll see that for my first shot, the center of my reticle was over the side of the player which is why I got a body shot. The last shot was a little weird, but I still got it because the edge of center circle of the reticle was touching the other player's head.
  8. There are some particularities with Reach that make me hesitant to endorse TU over vanilla. Basically... In Reach gametypes with bloom, crouching reduces its effect. In TU, crouch shooting is very common because bloom is essentially nonexistent while crouching. As a result, the meta for high-levelish games on TU settings heavily incorporates strats involving when and where to do this. In case your wondering, it's not particularly fun to execute or go against. Vanilla mostly alleviates this by making crouch shooting not valuable enough to use frequently. You lose the ability to parry sword attacks on TU settings. For claustrophobic maps with Energy Swords and sprint, this is unideal. In vanilla, believe it or not, pacing your shots (provided that you can aim at a high level of proficiency) is actually viable at most ranges. Some weapons, like the Magnum, are almost unusable beyond near point blank range unless you are willing to pace your shots. In TU OTOH, incentives for pacing are heavily reduced with bloom's reduction, encouraging the sort of spamming that made Reach feel so random to most players. FYI: Pacing is when you when you wait for the reticle to shrink back to normal size before shooting again, spamming is when you shoot as quickly as the game allows. Some posters may not like the usage of these terms due to their opposition of bloom as a mechanic, believing that their habits to shoot as quickly as possible should not be punished as a matter of principle for their preference of faster killing and always accurate utilities. I don't fundamentally disagree with these views, but it should be noted that the usage of these terms is wholly necessary to explain how bloom works within Reach. For clips to demonstrate what I'm talking about what regard to the viability of pacing in Reach's vanilla settings, look at the clips below. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ti-inspire/video/74101798 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ti-inspire/video/73579578 In the first clip, starting from 0:16, I hit a clean 5 shot out of scope from a very long distance while appropriately pacing. Obviously, this a more impressive example of what I am talking about, hence why i clipped it. But it should be made clear that pacing is entirely viable in Reach. The second clip is a more practical example of my play style. I still play Reach pretty frequently, so I felt the need to express my concerns here.
  9. Sprint is lame, and clearly unnecessary. Why on Earth do they feel the need to bring it back? That's clearly what it is. If they put sprint in Infinite, then they obviously feel that they need to put it in the game. I'd like to know what they'd think the consequences of its exclusion would be if it is revealed to be in the game.
  10. I remember that in Halo 3 forge I would sometimes try to shoot a rocket with the sniper causing a midair explosion, and I assume that was the inspiration for this weapon. It wouldn't work. Players would use the 50% alt fire as a makeshift mauler and the 99% alt fire would be incredibly cheesy and annoying. For the 99%, if the alt fire projectile was sufficiently slow, it would be useless in open areas (unless the enemy was unaware they were being fired at), while simultaneously rendering narrow pathways impassable as any sufficiently skilled player would kill any player passing through them by making them one shot with a very quick follow-up. The 99% alt fire combo would essentially be a more over powered version of noob combo, as you wouldn't even have to switch weapons to finish the kill. Also, its base firing mode is really powerful on it own, making this weapon very op.
  11. Maybe I'm just not particularly observant, but I've never noticed any "bullet sway" in CE. I'm willing to believe that this mechanic exists, but seeing as I haven't noticed it before, I'm also willing to believe that it's not all that consequential. If it's consistent, then I guess it's fine for competitive play, it would be evenly applied after all. However, I don't see the point in discussing it, because it's inclusion is wholly unnecessary to create a good Halo game.
  12. Has anyone ever made a video demonstrating bullet sway? Never heard of this mechanic until just now.
  13. The Reach Ghost isn't really clunky, and its speed is good enough. (Note: Like Brad Pitt, I also played a lot of Reach BTB back in the day) It is very weak, but not unreasonably so; a good driver can usually keep themselves alive, and get a few kills by picking their fights carefully. It's well balanced, especially compared to the overpowered death machine that is the H5 Ghost. The Reach Wraith is annoyingly clunky, but it does a ton of AOE damage, and is a fixture of BTB; in Halo 5, the Wraith is far less ubiquitous, and even when it does appear, it's on maps that are not well suited for it (i.e. Valhalla).

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