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  1. I'm not really sure where I picked up the term "sticky reticle," but it feels clearer and more descriptive than "aim assist."
  2. So we're not actually referring to different concepts, but just using different terms for them. Autoaim sounds exactly like what I described bullet magnetism to be. Likewise for aim assist and sticky reticle.
  3. I don't understand the distinction you're making here. I define the relevant terms here as follows: Aim Assist - The total impact of the mechanics designed to make shooting easier for controller players. Sticky Reticle - When your reticle moves over an enemy and it partially sticks to them preventing your joystick movement from overshooting your target. Bullet Magnetism - When the center of your reticle is partially off your target, but the bullets magnetize to your target and connect anyways.
  4. I have no problem with doing things like turning off radar and grenade hit markers, but in general, modification of the settings to suit competitive play should be kept to a minimum for at least a few months after launch. Competitive settings also need to be remain relatively comparable to normal settings. Otherwise, you're not really playing competitive Halo: Infinite, but rather, an approximation of a classic Halo game in Halo: Infinite.
  5. So you'd strip out the Halo: Infinite bits from Halo: Infinite?
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/o79x5h/i_stole_the_others_team_gauss_hog_in_a_unique_way/ I hit a sick clip the other day where I sniped the other team out of their Gauss Hog and stole it.
  7. Halo 4's data isn't quite comparable to the rest there because that dataset only tracked the number of players actively in the multiplayer playlists. If you were playing the campaign, customs, or forge, you wouldn't be shown in the numbers. Halo: Reach not only had playlist population counters, but had total population counters. From there, you could add the playlist populations and divide by the total population. The result is that you'd almost always get a ratio of about 0.5. Meaning that half the population of Reach was actively in a playlist (the only population captured by the H4 dataset), and the other half was not. Look at the launch time numbers more closely, Reach and H4 were launched only 2 years apart, they sold essentially the same number of copies in the launch week, yet this graph shows H4 with only half the population Reach had during its launch. This is because the dataset for H4 simply fails to capture the entire population that was actually playing it. You'd literally have to double the H4 numbers to do so. If you did so, you'd get a very different picture. H4 and Reach would be shown to have near identical population counts near their launch, with H4's population only becoming appreciably smaller than Reach's population a couple of months after launch. But yes, H4 did fail to retain its population as well as its predecessors.
  8. 1st clip has essentially no vertical recoil, 2nd clip has a lot of it. Presumably different builds, they're probably still in the process of tuning the weapons for release.
  9. An OS that could be activated at anytime should be restricted so that it could only activate at full shields.
  10. Unychek confirmed on Twitter that the normal reticle is from a more recent build.
  11. I hope Infinite can sustain a +100k peak concurrent player count for an extended period of time given that it's F2P. Halo ought to get popular again.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/nq6eex/lost_connection_to_a_lobby_while_loading_into_the/h0ago7o/?context=3 I argue in this Reddit post that there are alternative measures 343 could take to address high quit rates as opposed to just increasing quit penalties. My suggestions are as follows: Subject teams to stricter SBMM parameters to have more balanced lobbies so that new players don't feel obligated to quit when their team is getting predictably crushed. Evaluate the quit rates on a map/gametype basis. If everyone quits a certain combination, but stays in another, weigh the latter more heavily on a dynamic basis that updates based on if the quit rates change. Make addressing instability a development priority. I appreciate new cosmetics and updates to CE's visuals as much as anyone else, but rectifying the instability that MCC remains subject to should be the main concern of the developers working on it. If two players are kicked out of a game because of system instability, then the remaining players on their team will intuitively be more likely to leave.
  13. Thought I didn't get an invite to the flight, but I just realized that the invite went to spam so I unfortunately didn't get a chance to check it out. Oh well.
  14. Checking the legacy Halo Tracker leaderboards and I think some old, highly ranked accounts on at least one leaderboard were removed. I say this because I checked the Halo: Reach Plasma Rifle leaderboard because I remembered that I had memed my way into the top 10 of it years ago. Well... now I'm checking it again, and it shows me as #1. edit: Apparently I'm #2 with the Spiker... I have 46 kills and #1 has 57. I don't know if should bother going for #1 xD. edit2: Yeah, these leaderboards are busted, lots of accounts aren't showing in general, oh well.
  15. What even are those quit bans? "Oh hey you've quit a game you were losing 20-4, because that's your second quit today you won't be able to play for 15 minutes." I think they're just gonna play something else... Does one of the devs just get incredibly salty whenever one of their teammates leave? These quit bans are draconian. 16 hours? What the actual fuck? I think I'd rather have no quit bans than whatever the hell this nonsense is. Edit: What makes this worse is that most people will never check the dev blog so they'll just find out the hard way that quitting twice is a 15 minute penalty. It just sounds so ridiculous reading it over again.
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