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  1. The price has been the same for a long time, so if they were to increase the price to $72 a year (or $6 a month), I could see where they were coming from given the reality of inflation. But $120? It just doesn't make sense. The value proposition of the Xbox Series X|S is just gone. And keep in mind that you have to have XBLG to play F2P games online. Just imagine telling this to parents wanting to buy a console for their kids... "Wait. I have to pay $120 a year for XBLG for my kids to play Fortnite on Xbox, but it's free to play on PS5?" It's actually absurd. Once GPUs that are equivalent to the XSX become cheap in a couple of years, there will be zero reason to buy an Xbox.
  2. Literally what is the point of buying an XSX when XBLG is now gonna cost $120 a year? Don't forget, to play F2P games on the console you have to pay for XBLG. Meanwhile, playing Halo: Infinite multiplayer on PC will be free. Wanting to avoid the cost of PC components is the only reason buying an Xbox will make sense. At least existing users will be grandfathered in with the existing fee, but good luck ever attracting new users to buy Xbox consoles.
  3. The Camo and OS change sound horrible for multiplayer, but interesting for campaign. But yeah, giving people the H2 Arbiter Camo in multiplayer (even if it has limited uses) sounds very dumb. It also sounds like whoever has the OS would essentially be impossible to kill if they knew what they were doing with 2-3 get out of jail free cards.
  4. The sniper being easier to use on MCC for you likely has less to do with the CE port being broken, and more to do with things like: 1) Halo CE has axial dead zones of 27% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6YrDvatm2c (go to 3:26 in the video for a source). These dead zones are unnecessarily large and are likely making it more difficult for you to aim on OG CE. 2) Higher frame rates. Pretty self-explanatory, higher refresh rates make it easier to aim in MCC. 3) Better controller. Occasionally I'll turn on my original Xbox to do some super bouncing on H2, and when I do that, I can't help but notice how terrible the joysticks feel compared to my Xbox One controllers. A lot of that is no doubt due to age, but I also think that in the past 20 years we've gotten better at making analog joysticks to play shooters with. 4) Modern aiming settings gets rid of some weird legacy settings in H1-H3 with regards to diagonal acceleration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12MJVxHqZfA (go to 7:19 in the video for a source). The result of these changes means that the older Halo games feel much easier to aim in than they used to.
  5. A Halo gametype with the scale of a Battlefield game is clearly something that people want. After all, Halo already has a lot of vehicles that'd fit the mode nicely. Think about how many times you've read posts from players who'd love to fly a pelican in multiplayer to transport players/vehicles to varying locations on the battlefield. It seems like it'd be hard to actually pull it off with regards to map design, but it's worth a shot and would certainly get many people excited to play a new Halo game again. What Halo needs is not necessarily new mechanics that changes the experience in the core gamemodes (although 343 should definitely try and create a fresh experience), but rather, it needs to have new experiences that create gameplay interactions players have never had before. Bring something new and fun to the table, and players will flock in to experience something they can't anywhere else. Scaling Halo up provides many opportunities to create something new.
  6. I had a teammate go 0-17 in the game I just played, but more interesting is their overall k/d. It's 1-202. I guess they're new to shooters xD.
  7. They're actually shutting down the online services for the 360 Halo games at the end of 2021. I know most players have finally migrated to MCC at this point, but it's still sad to see. H3 and H4 are fairly desolate, even at peak hours, but Reach still peaks above 1,000 concurrent players.
  8. Small random bug in MCC. Even though I've looked at every possible option in the customization menu, the game thinks I haven't judging by the fact that the notification exclamation point refuses to go away.
  9. When did 343 first initially promise a custom games browser? Pretty sure it was over a year ago. I don't understand why it's taken so long to implement, especially because they had a dev blog a couple months ago that indicated they're working on it. Edit: Top comment on an r/halo post from Sept 2018 about a custom games browser. "343 has said the custom games browser will be added in the near future. They are still working on it." https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/9cbz31/why_is_there_no_custom_game_browser/ What are you doing 343? This feature would be a hit, yet they just haven't bothered adding it.
  10. I think they changed the gametype slightly, the Magnum won't bloom out at max rof, which seems to be slower than the base game. Anniversary is weird because it's much easier to crush randoms especially with a good teammate. The skill gap makes it really hard for newer players to get essentially any kills. But yet, the game feels more random because of the Magnum's high amount of spread.
  11. I can see it now, August 2021, 343 announces that Infinite has been delayed until 2022. MCC on Steam also now only peaks at around 3,000 players, making crossplay with XBL necessary to literally keep the game from dying.
  12. Did they make the SBMM for social matchmaking more strict? Getting consistently into Reach lobbies with a lot of good players. Kinda fun tbh.
  13. For shits and giggles, the next Halo should have a gun that: 1) Doesn't actually do any damage. 2) When you fire it at the ground, it launches you like 100 feet in the air so you can get stupid snipe clips.
  14. You know... as bad as Halo 4's population decline was, it probably wouldn't have been nearly as bad if: The game didn't have ordinance drops and had normal weapon spawns like in older Halo games. There was no instant respawn. Not stuck on the Xbox 360 that could barely run the game (BTB, and forge maps in general would suffer from absolutely atrocious performance). Properly balanced the Boltshot at launch. I know the game had a litany of other issues, but I think those were the key issues that actually drove away normal players at launch.
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