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  1. When you get sniped, the game should tell you if it were a no-scope or not.
  2. I was watching a Halo 5 tournament a couple weeks ago, and I couldn't help but notice that the combination of mechanics in that game just looks awkward. Here you are, with all sorts of movement mechanics like sprint, clamber, thruster pack, and slide, with pro players essentially flying across the map, but your base movement speed looks straight out of Halo 3. It's as if 343 was just bolting on as many mechanics as they could onto Halo, and the result is a fairly strange (but skillful) concoction that I don't find particularly enjoyable to play. If you're gonna go with an approach that champions advanced mobility, make the maps and player counts larger, and don't forget to make base movement speed faster as well. But in games on small maps like Halo (4v4) and CS:GO, I feel like the better approach is to keep it simple, relying on the variety of weapons to spice up the game.
  3. We have to keep search times in mind. I don't want to make it so that a group of 8 friends can't find a game because of overly restrictive matchmaking parameters. If you're having a hard time against a To8, that's probably because you have a couple 0.5 K/D randoms who aren't doing anything helpful. Putting a couple of average 1.0 and slightly above players would probably make a massive difference and prevent a spawn kill. I don't think the solo players all have to exceed the To8's average MMR for the game to be fair. Communication always helps, but if the skill levels are relatively equal, the lack of communication will not doom the solo players. The low skill players however should pretty much only be matching solo players that are preferably around their skill level or around average. Edit: A high skill solo player should probably just be able to match up in any available game to reduce search times as much as possible. With perhaps a bit of a bias towards making games with large skilled teams more balanced.
  4. New accounts with 0.5 K/Ds shouldn't be matched against a To8 with high MMR players. Aside from that though, I don't think the restrictions should be too heavy. For instance, if there was a To8 where the average player in said team was a bit above average, it probably wouldn't be a big deal to just match them against 8 players with K/Ds hovering around 1.0. As for a death stack with 8 players with 2.0 or higher K/Ds, yeah, the game should probably wait until it can find 8 above average players before it starts the match.
  5. I mean... I've played in casual BTB teams of 8 in the past. Yes we usually won, but the teams I've been on were generally far from sweaty. I know what you're talking about exists, but I'd rather not restrict everyone that just wants to play with a group of friends. If anything, maybe slightly bias the matchmaking system so as to find solo players and small teams of equivalent skill, but still allowing other players to be placed in the match if it would appreciably reduce the search times. But to place team search restrictions on everything would just make it less enjoyable for friends to play together in a team of four on team slayer.
  6. Well the RoF increase isn't an artifact of the TU, which I would keep. It's caused presumably by an issue with the MCC port that results in the DMR being able to fire much more quickly than it can in OG. I'm not a fan of it, so I'd encourage them to fix it. Also, no bloom settings feel like shit with the broken RoF because I have to fundamentally aim the DMR differently than I would in the base game. Instead of being able to aim with a series of single adjusting motions that occur rhythmically after a shot has been fired, I have to aim the DMR as if it's an AR with no bloom. That is, with an unending tracking motion, because any pause in motion, which is normal in the base game, will result in you getting shot without you dealing a corresponding amount of damage. It's annoyingly difficult, especially outside of the RRR. The increased RoF makes me feel as if I have to rely more on the aim assist systems to help me out with the tracking even though I generally have very good aiming mechanics in normal game modes. Not to mention the implications with descoping, it's incredibly difficult to descope someone if they get the first shot onto you because you have less time with the broken RoF to descope them before they can fire their next shot. Don't forget that the scope is x3, which means you'll frequently get shot from across the map, so you can't realistically descope them with a well placed out of scope shot. So in order to descope them, you need to quickly scope in and return fire in one motion, which is possible in the base game, but not in MCC with the broken RoF. I got so annoyed with this that I just stopped playing the hardcore playlist because the fights always felt absolutely atrocious. Do you want faster Reach kill times? I understand, but the way to do that isn't to make the RoF for the DMR faster, it's to reduce the StK from 5 to 4. TBH I feel like that'd have issues too, but whatever.
  7. With the increased RoF, it's more difficult to pace my shots since everyone else is shooting that much faster. It's technically unintended, so I think it should get fixed. Well with Hemorrhage, I've played it so many times with friends that I know the map inside and out, including a full understanding of how to play it in high level games that I've had over the years. I know it has problems, but I like it anyway. Thanks for the recommendation, I was on insider the other day, but I've never really made connections on it. I just kinda casually play on it for a bit and forget about it.
  8. Neat. I'd like to find a way to get in touch with someone at 343 so they could make some adjustments to the Reach BTB playlist map weightings. I made this post awhile ago on how I would improve Reach BTB. Basically, I'd rework the map weightings in Reach BTB and would provide an option allowing players to avoid playing AR starts in any Reach BTB gametype they select. I mention this because only Precision Slayer and Heavies have exclusively DMR starts in Reach, any other gametype and you'll run into the possibility of playing AR starts on Hemorrhage... As far as the map weightings are concerned, I'd probability redo my weightings list slightly but not too much. Amusingly I didn't remember the names of the new maps Brick and Hivemind. On another note though, when the hell is 343 ever gonna fix the broken rate of fire on Reach? It's way faster than OG and it's extremely annoying getting killed by crouch spammers constantly.
  9. You helped create the CE BTB playlist? Edit: I've had fun with it, and CE BTB actually seems to be reasonably popular now given how easy it is to get games.
  10. Pretty sure I once had a losing streak of around 10 games on MCC where I went positive in every single one. It gets pretty annoying when you know the game just doesn't wanna give you a chance today.
  11. I think MCC just throws a bunch of random players together so matchmaking times are fast, but then you get games (honestly most of them) where multiple players just obviously can't compete with the average player in the lobby. I had a game today where I went 29-0 on Countdown, and at the same time I had two teammates that had 1 and 3 kills, both having around 10 deaths. These lobbies sometimes are just very wonky. Then of course I have games every time I play where I go +10 and lose because my 3 other teammates just get run over. Or games where the other team is genuinely good and I go negative because my teammates don't do what I need them to do to so that we don't get completely slaughtered. Solo queue is just a mess. Edit: Checking my game history today. My K/D was 169/47 (3.6), and my record was 4-5.
  12. A lot of that is because jetpack makes it easy to get to areas with good sightlines across the map.
  13. Surprised a H4 2v2 tournament got 52 teams to sign up.
  14. The price has been the same for a long time, so if they were to increase the price to $72 a year (or $6 a month), I could see where they were coming from given the reality of inflation. But $120? It just doesn't make sense. The value proposition of the Xbox Series X|S is just gone. And keep in mind that you have to have XBLG to play F2P games online. Just imagine telling this to parents wanting to buy a console for their kids... "Wait. I have to pay $120 a year for XBLG for my kids to play Fortnite on Xbox, but it's free to play on PS5?" It's actually absurd. Once GPUs that are equivalent to the XSX become cheap in a couple of years, there will be zero reason to buy an Xbox.
  15. Literally what is the point of buying an XSX when XBLG is now gonna cost $120 a year? Don't forget, to play F2P games on the console you have to pay for XBLG. Meanwhile, playing Halo: Infinite multiplayer on PC will be free. Wanting to avoid the cost of PC components is the only reason buying an Xbox will make sense. At least existing users will be grandfathered in with the existing fee, but good luck ever attracting new users to buy Xbox consoles.
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