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  1. Bringing my duty of taking the piss to a thread near you! @My Namez BEAST "This basically translates to you saying "you never are allowed to be mad" " No, it's as plain as I can make it. You're entitled to feel however you please, but when it's overtly seen as inappropriately negative, don't be surprised when you aren't acknowledged.
  2. Yeah, you're free to do as you please, of course, but don't be surprised if nothing comes from it. Like I said, a mistake isn't an invitation to get shitty with whoever is providing.
  3. "Troll". You do know what Troll means, right? Someone who intentionally incites negative emotional responses from their victims. I cannot begin how unbelievably thin-skinned you must be, if you think Frankie's posts align with this definition.
  4. Open opportunity to foster mutual means to fix that mistake. Don't get me wrong, I understand the frustration, but yelling, kicking and screaming will get you, the developer and the community nowhere.
  5. Take it as his brand of "humor", sweetheart. (; I haven't seen anything posted by Frankie that I'd consider out of appropriate behavior.
  6. Yes, when a videogame tanks, it's not the developer and the publisher who suffer, but the consumer.
  7. You clearly don't understand what I'm telling you. I'll try and word this as clear and concise as I can possibly make it. Telling me that the community has been hunky-dory, willy-nilly, water-under-the-bridge over the past few months is delusionally utopian. This isn't a small percentage who have this shitty entitlement, at large. Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps it's wrong to assume based solely on the posts within this thread as the community at large, but it's been echoing a debate that has been ongoing for years. I'm talking about Frankie's involvement with the community. It is utterly ignorant and moronic to say that Frankie is "bad" as a community ambassador, simply based upon the fact he isn't as active within the competitive. I've said this years ago and I will say it again. Solely because he doesn't satiate competitive entitlement, doesn't make him bad at being a community ambassador. Simply because some competitive oriented questions remain unanswered, does not suddenly just dissolve his experience and efforts he's put forth over the past DECADE because the answers he has provided do not serve you. He may not reply to competitive questions, but believe me, he understand the competitive culture. Coupled with his seniority, you'd think he'd have at least some form of respect to spare him from this shitty drivel he's received.
  8. You're confusing the means in asking why or how with "MCC is shit, fix it" "Fuck MCC, fuck 343" "piece of shit dev". Like I said, a mistake isn't an invitation to get shitty. It's an opportunity for understanding and patience, something the Halo community has rarely shown over the past few months.
  9. Yes, and when your question doesn't get answered, don't throw a hissy-fit.
  10. I thought we were talking about shit-flinging? Maybe we've got our definitions confused, but I was referring to shitty replies on a forum.
  11. Expecting an answer is entitlement. You must be incredibly short-sighted to not see the blatant communal rhetoric cast at 343, or just willfully ignorant. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, probably the latter, to justify the means in order to help push that agenda Frankie was talking about, perhaps.
  12. Timeframe. The time in which they believed they could pin such an undertaking was the LARGEST mistake they've made, and oh, have they paid for it.
  13. Depends on where you cross the line at shitty. Perhaps looking at the bigger picture and realizing it's been the community who's thrown and flung the largest amount of shit, than 343 has. Ever since Day 1 MCC, our frustrations have been their frustrations. Screaming won't speed up results, believe it or not.
  14. Feeding entitlement isn't part of their job description. If it were nothing more than a passing conversation with a dev, we wouldn't be here, having this conversation. In normal, everyday conversation, normal people don't hold it against someone if they choose not to answer a question.
  15. A mistake isn't an invitation to get shitty, remember that.
  16. Woosh. Point is: Community behaves like a bunch of asshats, if the administration behaves like something unworthy, devs will not post there. End. of. story. Now, you can sell Beyond as much as you'd like, but I'll reiterate this and hope it sticks. Developer interaction is a privilege, not a right.
  17. Totally doesn't grind against your bias, now does it.
  18. This is some powerful Poe's Law at work here.
  19. Depends on the question and the character of said question. "Why is MCC shit" won't garner as much a response as, say, a more understanding, level-headed query that won't come off as layman at best.
  20. Oh, believe me, simply because he's more active elsewhere, doesn't mean he's not observing. His pertinent knowledge is also important here, which is why he never began many a Q&A at more competitive oriented sites.
  21. What? How developer interaction isn't a right, but a privilege? Frankie has GLADLY left communities he's considered shit, because of this reason alone. "It doesn't matter how well Frankie does his job as a mediator between the company and the public, but whether or not he tells people what they want to hear! That's the real gold! How dare he skip over and ignore MY question!". It's entirely ignorant. Frothing, wall-eyed hyperconsumerist entitled mentality that has driven Frankie off from other, MORE DESERVING Halo communities than Beyond, in the past.
  22. So, you're not critical of how well Frankie does his job, but merely the fact he doesn't tell you what you want him to tell you, is that right?
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