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  1. word. I was getting annoyed with the circlejerk anyways. it was almost as bad as coming here and seeing people post other peoples tweets of 2 words and then getting rep for it, reinforcing shit posts.
  2. and I just realized that.. 18? people agreed with me. or liked what I said.
  3. thats the idiot that banned me for nothing, and now he is spamming? team beyond logic is goat
  4. based on the rep everyone else gets when they say this you should be at -6 in a few seconds
  5. can anyone invite to the team beyond twitch chat besides the salty moderator there?
  6. This is the most upsetting thing I've seen all week. Why would he say "Tool tickets" Clearly Primus is the better band.
  7. Flammable and combustible liquids themselves do not burn. It is the mixture of their vapours and air that burns. Gasoline, with a flashpoint of -40°C (-40°F), is a flammable liquid. EDIT: someone beat me
  8. are you being serious? When you pull the trigger the bullet doesn't wait .3 seconds to come out of the gun. where would you get the .3 seconds from on the first shot?
  9. I need more milk like in this video. sorry if I'm late. or already posted.
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