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  1. On top of making your connection shit the thing about a VPN also is that it wont matter for any pros that have ISPs that, for whatever reason, don't allow them to change their IPs.
  2. I think its more likely because the holiday period is best period for retail and Microsoft didn't want to wait the few more months needed to have a working product and miss out on the holiday period. They obviously they couldn't wait until Q4 2015 because MCC's entire purpose is to get people hyped for Halo so they buy H5.
  3. I can't imagine an org like Elevate expending the resources to follow up on a halo player breaking a contract.
  4. I mean when you only have ~45 teams enter a free cup with a 3k prize pool you should probably focus on getting more people out there to start playing in the existing online leagues/tournaments before you start worrying about a lack of leagues/tournys.
  5. You would be better off bridging your router and your modem so you can just change your IP on your router than playing using a VPN, they can make playing online even more brutal.
  6. Do they do that at events though? Some people just bitch a shit ton on online and then are completely different when it comes to LAN.
  7. Sure, until the transfer window opens... The ESL site 100% said something like the tourny had* 47 teams signed up, 43 checked in when I looked at about 6pm today.
  8. How come there are so few teams signed up to play a free to enter tourny with a 3k prize pool?
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