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  1. Halo 2: Games -49 k/d - 1.49 Halo 3: Games - 2815 k/d - 1.32 Halo R: Games - 4036 k/d - 1.87 Halo 4: Games - 806 k/d - 806 Overall k/d - 1.89 Neat stat: I had 13.? as my average kills a game in Halo 2,3, and Reach. But 20 per game in Halo 4. Halo Reach still has me as Noble rank but im actually an Inheritor so thats wrong.
  2. I feel like the best possible option would be to make 4v4/ 5v5 games just like classic halo and then a 16v16 with current hardware for BTB. In that you could have all kinda of AAs and pickups.
  3. I dont know how I feel about Master Chief not being the main face of the box.
  4. just visited this sites forums for the first time since GTA V released to say how excited I am.
  5. Only Chievos im missing on GTA IV are multiplayer ones. Also one TLAD for whacking off bikers(not sure if multiplayer).
  6. I dont know why everyone complains about GTA IVs driving. Sure it wasnt realistic, but it was in no way shape or form bad. Maybe because I played it so much or something. I win 95% of races I do on GTA IVs multiplayer so I think the driving is very easy. The shooting mechanics are fine I think, but I can agree with movement.
  7. Looks like GTA. Only one thing really surprised me. Still super stoked to play it.
  8. Dedicated servers still are not perfect. It will still be like being off host.
  9. Ryaanski

    I am back

    Lol wut, I LOST IT :unclesudd:
  10. The game is not fun. In Halo Reach I was confident in every single DMR battle I got in. I also won at least 90% of those. In this game no matter which playlist I join I get out BRd all the time, and im not sure if its just due to the extreme luck, or if its because I have played so very little of this game that im just bad at it. Also all I played in Reach was BTB and for good reason, it had vehicles that were to be feared, It had power positions/weapons to control, and it had some sick maps. Sure half of the maps were forged but they were still amazing to play on. Even when I wanted to play smaller game modes I could do that and still have fun. No boltshot around every corner. If I wanted a needler I go find one. If I wanted a grenade Launcher, then I would make sure to sit right there and wait for it. I would know what to expect on every map. Hey every 3 minutes a guy will have rockets, or a sword, or sniper. And I know there will only be one on the map at a time. Now every corner I turn a guy has a speed boost or a damage boost. You dont even know when to expect these things, they just POW explode down from the heavens out of nowhere punch you in the face to take half your shield down and then give you some random ass weapon. Sure Reach didnt have the greatest maps, but what it did have was a sustain team actively working to get new maps in and out of the hoppers. Almost every month there was a new forge map going in to at least one playlist. What maps are in playlists in this game besides Throwdown? Dispatch? Simplex? The same 2 maps we have had since the game launched... I want new maps, I dont give a damn if they arent "PROFESSIONALLY MADE" so people cant glitch out of them. The maps that came with the game werent "PROFESSIONALLY MADE." They mostly all blow and there were glitches into objects on Ragnarok, Abandon, Complex, and Adrift. Maybe even more maps. Oh yeah Haven too. Now getting to vehicles. Why did they get rid of the Covenant passenger vehicle and the Human Flying vehicle, but then add a third Heavy Tank like thing. It makes no sense. Spectre->Prowler->Revanent->??? Hornet->Falcon->??? ???->Mantis makes sense. I just dont understand why they got rid of these vehicles. The Rev and the Falcon were 2 of the most amazing vehicles in Reach BTB and now we are stuck with the Mantis which is utterly useless. Well I guess it might not be if well... this leads to my next point. In Halo 4 I go to play BTB and the only vehicle worth a damn is the Gauss Hog. I try any other vehicle and im instantly flocked to by 8 Plasma bursts and 16 plasma grenades. I try to get into their base and im boltshoted by 2 guys sitting camo crouched in a corner. I try to put shots into the other team from a middle power position and I get destroyed by the 2 Binary Rifles, 4 Sniper rifles, and 2 beam Rifles the other team has stockpiled, and guess what, I cant see a single damn one of these guys because they are all invisible. All I see is a white line zinging past my face and then an orange beam sweep across the map then onto my big toe and I just melt. /Rant It probably makes no sense but it just flew through my fingers and onto the page. TL:DR - Halo 4 Blows, Halo Reach was 1000x better.
  11. Game Series and the games I consider the favorites from the series. No particular order. Halo 1/3/ODST/Reach/Wars Socom 2/3 Delta Force:Black Hawk Down (PS2) Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto 3/VC/SA/4(5?) Fable 1 Ratchet and Clank (All PS2 versions) Runescape Call Of Duty (4-BO2) Gears Of War 2
  12. My exact thoughts. I was thinking that I really want a special edition but I really dont think its worth it at all.
  13. I JUST WANT IT NOW. I cant stand how every good game comes out the last third of the year. I mean, some trickle into the first quarter, but April-July are usually just dead.
  14. Naded is trying to team with him though, so thats a thing. Flame, 2gre, Naded, Royal 2?
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