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  1. I am so curious about this, what were the Execs at 343 telling Microsoft for literally years about the game that allowed this to happen? "We are spending time doing some R&D and getting familiar with Unreal Engine" "Actually we are going to switch back to our previous engine and just modify it to meet out needs, this will take some time though" Early 2020: "Oh uh... here is a vertical slice of the game, we should be able to hit a Holiday 2020 release date for sure." Then the Xbox showcase happens and big daddy Phil Spencer is like "Yea, I'm gonna have to see the rest of what you guys have been working on." And we end up where we are now, with a game that was in some type of development for 5 years being delayed another year, and Microsoft taking control and sending some of their industry veterans in (Staten) to go all Darth Vader on them to get the job done in a timely manner. This is how I imagine it happened at least, something similar to this. It almost feels like an entire company run by adults acting like a college kid who keeps pretending like they are working on their 100+ page Thesis the entire semester only to keep putting it off with the plan to throw some shit together the week it is due. Edit: I know fans and the community were happy about Microsoft putting Staten on the job, and it was a good move, but from what I understand about how corporate America works, the atmosphere when it happened was much closer to this:
  2. I think you can make an extremely fun Halo game with advanced movement. I just think that if anything it makes the balancing and design that much harder to pull off. I do think it is a shame that we will probably never see a Halo game that takes the very best aspects of H1-H:R v7 and refines them until only very minute changes are ever made to the core gamely (kinda like where CS is now).
  3. It kinda blows my mind that there is still a Triple A shooter franchise that has an annual release schedule. I mean I get why they do it from a business standpoint, but idk how that fanbase puts up with it. I can't see them doing it for that much longer, but who knows.
  4. They pretty much broke MCC CE's aiming in social games, at least on console, a few months ago. I used to reliably be able to adjust the reticle in order to take advantage of the bullet magnetism pretty consistently, now it feels like a total crap shoot. It works in ranked with the zero-spread turned on but I'm pretty sure about 12 people play that playlist.
  5. I will have pretty much zero expectations for this game, so when It is out a year from now maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. I do expect the Campaign to be a solid experience at least, and with Multiplayer being F2P I won't have to feel like I wasted time and money if I end up not really wanting to play it more than every once in a while (which is likely but who knows).
  6. Looks like more of the H5 and H4 map design. (designed around Clamber and Sprint)
  7. This is pretty much exactly how I feel. The only shooter I have played even somewhat consistently for years now is MCC and I just hop on a few times a week at most to play some social games and complete a few challenges (I also played Battlefield 1 pretty extensively and some Battlefront 2 for a while), but besides that I haven't had any real interest in shooters in general the last 7+ years. I did play Fortnite for a few months with friends and Apex for about a week now that I think about it, but that is it. Sad thing is, as you said, that the main shooter that I do enjoy playing (classic Halo) is a dying game in which pretty much the only people who still play either have no thumbs or seemingly play nothing else besides it. I will hop on and play 10 games or so usually. 5-7 of those will be completely lopsided on way or another and maybe 2-3 are actuality good games, sometimes less than that. If it weren't for open world RPGs and Immersive Sim games I am not sure I would have any real interest in gaming anymore honestly. Shooters are what truly got me "hooked" on video games when I was younger, but as I get older RPGs are the only thing that really hold my interest now. I do think the future is bright in that regard though.
  8. Can you still not center your reticle on console or am I just missing it in the settings? Population is noticeably higher with cross-play (also sweatier).
  9. The campaign is pretty much hopeless, imo. Even if they stick to their "10 year plan" I expect nothing but a shallow husk of a game (e.g Destiny) at release that they build on over time. We have seen this story many times before in game development, and it pretty much never ends well. Multiplayer has potential, but I wouldn't be surprised if that has had some major issues along the way as well.
  10. Is there another developer that has fumbled more consistently in that last 10 years? Part of what is so impressive about 343's incompetence its that all signs point to Microsoft being a very easy publisher to work with: Giving them 5+ years after H5, forgiving previous mistakes, openly saying they tend to stay out of developers business. Maybe they were too hands-off on their largest IP. Most devs that royally screw up to this extent have notoriously shitty Parent companies/publishers, such is the case with BioWare and EA for instance. No real excuses here.
  11. Imagine this same reward between 2005-2009, hundreds of thousands would be grinding for it and the vast majority would probably love it.
  12. It is impressive, pretty much everything they do is incompetent to a degree that is hard to wrap your head around. Part of me is starting to think everything around Infinite might be worse though. They had 5 years, millions of dollars, and pretty much endless feedback from their previous two games to create a game that can get the Fanbase and general gaming population excited and that demo is what they came up with.
  13. I could see that. Here is to hoping they allow themselves to experiment with maps, while taking notes from the the staples of the series. 343 has put out some pretty decent maps on average, but many of them simply haven't been very memorable to me, pretty bland at times.
  14. Judging by the gameplay we have seen so far, I think the scale of Infinite's 4v4 map's will almost surely be smaller than H5. Possibly somewhere between the "Classic" scale of H2&3 and H5? What do you guys think? A lack of thrust allows them to use narrower corridors, shorter gaps, and a more compact arena in general, but I'd assume it will still have to be scaled up at-least somewhat to compensate for clamber and sprint.
  15. I wonder if 120fps with re-break the H3 hit detection fix, and if they will be prudent enough to adjust it before they ship it.
  16. As in the same speed? Hopefully not. I think clamber can be fine but the maps should not be designed around it. Pretty much every jump should be designed around the base height/crouch jump. It also shouldn't be very generous. If it makes certain jump feel smoother but doesn't really change where/what you can reach it doesn't really bother me.
  17. So after watching the Infinite gameplay reveal a few more times since its release I think there is actually decent chance this ends up being a solid Halo game from a multiplayer perspective, even if arena/competitive keeps all of the "modern" elements, which I assume it will. The fact is we have never received a game in which the "modern" aspects are seamlessly blending in with the core of what Halo is. Reach added in those elements in a way that was clearly experimental. Halo 4 which I recently re-downloaded just to remind myself how it feels is a sad clone of early COD at best with things like flinch, no descope and having to wait for what feels like a full second after sprinting to shoot, etc. Halo 5 might have more in common with Infinite Warfare (343 chasing industry trends again) than Halo and things like thrusters and sprint giving you a 125% boost in movement speed (I don't know the exact amount) completely changes map design and the flow of the game. When I have rewatched the Infinite reveal part of it really does seem to me like the core of Halo is still there. Many of the things that H5 had the really messed with the core Meta are gone and the "modern" elements 343 feels like they need to implement seem to be included in a way that might be as seamless as possible.
  18. I think Halo could experiment a lot more with its spawn system in some interesting ways. Being able to rotate your camera after you die and cycle through your teammates is an underrated feature as it is. What about being able to choose your spawn point or have a minimum respawn time as well as a maximum. There are lot of small changes you could make that could have extremely impactful consequences. For instance, being able to choose an unblocked spawn at will could/probably would completely change the Meta, but it could be interesting. The mind games and strategy involved could be fun to see/play. Upon death you would be able to use up and down on your D-pad to cycle teammates and look around as usual. Left and right on the D-pad allows you to cycle between the spawn points in their area. Spawn points can be blocked and you could use a system that is similar the CE that would probably be quite effective. Minimum spawns in 3 seconds and maybe maximum spawn of 10 or something like that. A player who doesn't choose a spawn or opts into it can also get a "random" in the usual fashion.
  19. F2P is huge. Just last night I was with a buddy of mine who pretty much only plays Apex. I mentioned how the next Halo was going to be F2P for the multiplayer and he was instantly interested. He probably hasn't played Halo since 2010 but will surely try Infinite now.
  20. I can't stand the way sprint works in H4, I recently reinstalled it and that is one aspect of the game that nearly ruins the entire thing for me. I just hope Infinite allows you to shoot out of sprint as shown in the demo. I've been thinking some recently about if it is possible to have a good competitive Halo game that still "feels like Halo" with sprint as a core ability. I think it is, depending on how it is implemented.
  21. Best looking Armor since H3 i'd say. Nice aesthetic.
  22. Paying for Armor skins in a F2P multiplayer game? That'd be a new trick. Could 100% see it happening as well.
  23. I think it could be cool if with each consecutive shot the Bullet Magnetism decreased as well. The first sort being like the CE Pistol with more leeway but the 4th shot having essentially 0 margin of error.
  24. They hate us because we tell them the Truth.
  25. Does anyone else think it is strange how there are already teams and orgs forming around a game as an "Esport" even though we have pretty much no clue how it is going to play? I get that 343 has already committed to supporting Infinite's competitive side for at least a little while (for Marketing/publicity purposes) similar to H5, but I find it hard to take any of it seriously when we know nothing about it. The fact there might not be any type of Beta for the multiplayer is a shame as well. I'm not seeing anything that is reassuring me that this isn't just going to be another case of a handful of design directors inside 343 deciding upon a multiplayer style they like and forcing the community to play it.
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