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  1. That would make too much sense. Maybe few more years and it'll be a thing along with a server browser.
  2. This is really cool. If nothing else, mods will keep Halo alive.
  3. For some reason this feels like it might be a hint at what Halo Infinite Competitive play is going to be like settings wise: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mythic-arena I could probably deal with those settings honestly. Actually re-downloading H5 to try it out.
  4. But it would be a damn good game.
  5. A creative director leaving a big franchise before release usually isn't a good sign, but given his track record with Halo, I have (some) Hope. I've perused multiple comment sections about this news, and one of the most common things i've seen is expecting it to be the next Anthem or Destiny. The other is that most people didn't like H5 much anyways, so it isn't much of a loss. I'm not sure myself, but my inner Halo fan wants this to be a good thing.
  6. What if the Plasma Pistol was actually a viable utility weapon? Primary fire: As usual but 3-6 shots to kill depending on balancing etc. Secondary Fire: Charged mode, projectile has no tracking: headshot kills and body shot makes someone one shot. You would have to lead shots/predict. I feel like you could make The plasma pistol a viable starting/utility weapon with enough care. What do you guys think.
  7. Opinions can't be wrong. It is my opinion that opinions are often wrong/inaccurate. My opinion that opinions can be wrong, can't be wrong. (Posts like this help prove that) "Armor lock was the best addition to any Halo game" - Some guy on Waypoint.
  8. Crazy that we are less than a week away from knowing a good deal about this game. I am not necessarily expecting multiplayer footage/details, but I do think we will have a good idea about what this game is going to be. Sprint/other abilities are an issue, and always will be, but I am hoping 343 allows the community to truly drive what the competitive experience for this game is. With a name like Infinite, this could be more of a "platform" for the future of Halo. As long as they don't shoehorn their own ideas into the competitive scene, the player base should be able to eventually create a version that will make most people happy. If they want a stable competitive scene you can't drastically change the rules of the game every 3 years or so. They should refine it as much as possible and stick to it, only making tweaks to make it better/fix problems that arise as the Meta changes (I.e. Counterstrike.) That is me being optimistic though. 343 could once again screw everything up.
  9. Infinite needs to be absolutely nothing like 4 or 5 to have a chance at being relevant again (regarding the Campaign/Story more than anything). After seeing the Borderlands 3 reveal and games Like Cyberpunk, 343 has a ton to prove if they want Halo to maintain any of its prior mainstream success. If they don't come out swinging at E3 with how the game looks/plays they are screwed. Having a completely Linear campaign like the older Halo's won't cut it. If this game isn't at least a 'soft' RPG I'd be shocked.
  10. I haven't missed any of the Reach Insider testing for Xbox right? I know they said possibly April, but I haven't seen anything.
  11. CE Planma Rifle. Hit Player: slowing/stun affect like in H1. Hit Surface/Wall: Gloo Canon from Prey (2017). Possibly only certain surfaces. I've seen others on this board say similar things, but Halo should be looking for weapons that truly expand the weapon sandbox. Variants of the weapons are already have are pointless.
  12. I would be Surprised if TU wasn't the standard for Reach. Isn't it the first real thing 343 did with Halo?
  13. This is true, but we are 0-6 right now and I don't see that changing. It could happen though.
  14. They can add whatever they want to BTB and other game modes. The game will most likely be launching with a custom games browser and an extensive forge anyways (So playing the style they want shouldn't be a problem.) They really only need to cater one mode (The competitive/Arena mode) for what the vast majority of the competitive community already knows works. If someone wants to get into competitive Halo they can (and will) learn that style. People are going to play what they want anyways; H5 is proof the "universal settings" idea doesn't really work/matter anyways. 343 should learn from the past and stop force-feeding their competitive settings down the communities throat's. I don't have my hopes up too high though.
  15. What is cool about this thread is that it is some of the most die-hard fans of the series, who are able to write some graduate level analysis of Halo and its mechanics. Love being able to hop in a read some good Halo debates.
  16. To answer my own question from earlier, from what I can tell, H3 plays significant better now with the server updates. The shots you think you should be hitting hit much more frequently than before.
  17. Could the update to 60 hz packet transfers help with some of the Hit-detection issues in games like CE and H3? Interested to see how big of a difference this could make (if any).
  18. The more I have thought about it, The more I actually agree with releasing Reach first on PC. It will probably look the best, v7 will probably translate really well over to PC, and there shouldn't be some of the lingering hit registration issues that H3 has.
  19. After a quick Youtube search I just realized this is an actual thing. Crazy.
  20. The higher resolution should help the Forge maps considerably. Something about the lower resolution makes the grey on them even worse (makes it seem to blur together.) Could be wrong, but I do think they are going to look a lot better than most people expect.
  21. Curious to see what Reach Forge maps look like in 1080p/4k. I expect they won't look quite as bland as they did on the 360. Judging by how Halo 3 looks on the MCC now, Reach should really hold up well for the most part.
  22. Those are some real Epic gamers right there. Hard to believe people can say those things without trolling, but here we are.
  23. I do, mainly because of rumors like this: https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/06/29/xbox-may-be-getting-platform-wide-mod-support
  24. Halo being a nostalgic game for a number of the largest streamers on twitch could help save the franchise from obscurity in the future. Microsoft can't afford any more mistakes though.
  25. Even if it doesn't happen with MCC, I expect Infinite to have mod support (or something very close to it.)

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