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  1. I watched the 8 POVs live for the first time ever probably. It isn't easy to follow at all. Really does make you appreciate the Casters. I wasn't even watching Aires' screen when it happened, I heard "Extermination" and looked over and saw the Medals. Great work this weekend though. I think Halo is in a good place with its current Caster/Analyst pool (you included obviously). Appreciate the work.
  2. How many hours of gameplay does this take? You should get some crazy reward, but iirc you don't. Congrats though.
  3. Aries Extrem on Heretic Flag. A lot of low health players but still damn good. (They weren't able to cap that flag either)
  4. Anyone clip that Extermination on this heretic flag? I was watching the quad view's and one happened by a Denial player ( I think Str8 Sick, actually Aries).
  5. I agree. Tox, Denial, and REC seem to be the top three as of right now. The REC v. Denial series could have gone either way.
  6. Found this while trying to find out who the "guy running on stage" was. (Didn't realize Denial wasn't paying people)
  7. You could always make an alt and post without context..... Just saying.
  8. They are on a pretty ridiculous Losers Bracket run right now.
  9. SQ was down 2-4 On Heretic Flag against Lux With one minute left. They Cap two flags in the last minute (The second at 15:02) to tie it and the a third to win shortly after. Some great stuff

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