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  1. The higher resolution should help the Forge maps considerably. Something about the lower resolution makes the grey on them even worse (makes it seem to blur together.) Could be wrong, but I do think they are going to look a lot better than most people expect.
  2. Curious to see what Reach Forge maps look like in 1080p/4k. I expect they won't look quite as bland as they did on the 360. Judging by how Halo 3 looks on the MCC now, Reach should really hold up well for the most part.
  3. Those are some real Epic gamers right there. Hard to believe people can say those things without trolling, but here we are.
  4. I do, mainly because of rumors like this: https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/06/29/xbox-may-be-getting-platform-wide-mod-support
  5. Halo being a nostalgic game for a number of the largest streamers on twitch could help save the franchise from obscurity in the future. Microsoft can't afford any more mistakes though.
  6. Even if it doesn't happen with MCC, I expect Infinite to have mod support (or something very close to it.)
  7. I wonder how hard it would be to take the textures form the CE:A Campaign and add them to the multilayer in MCC. Would be cool to see.
  8. Give me H3 MLG movement (roughly), a Projectile BR with no spread, and a game with a proper Net Code and I'd be happy. I feel like that isn't too much to ask for, but I am not very hopeful.
  9. I feel like they are taking longer simply because the game seems to be much more ambitious than H4 and 5. If the rumors of more RPG elements are true that means it could be more of an expansive open world, which takes longer to develop. Plus the development of the new engine and making a game that can scale to various platforms seems to go along with the "infinite" in the title. I would assume M$ knows that this is pretty much do or die for the Franchise. This feel like a soft reboot to me and they are just trying to take their time to get it right. But it is 343, so who knows.
  10. A little off topic, but I thought you guys would enjoy this:
  11. This forum was popping at the time he visited as well. A few of the threads were honestly hard to keep up with if you weren't checking consistently. It was a huge hub for Halo, especially for a third party (I don't have the numbers, but it certainly seemed that way.) They had an extremely passionate fanbase, more than wiling to help/give feedback, but people like Frankie couldn't get past their ego and actually listen to what people here had to say. How did that turn out so far?
  12. Frank always came off like an arrogant snob anyways if I am being honest. So a couple people on a message board had some harsh things to say about you and your company (things that were honestly rather justified.) Instead of taking the high ground he just focused on those people and used it as an excuse to leave. What did he expect, that some of the most die-hard fans of a game that his company was running into the ground were going to shower him with praise and respect just because he "graced" us with his presence?
  13. Adding Reach would get a lot of people to give it another go probably, epically if Infinite doesn't come out this year (I don't expect it to.)
  14. I watched the 8 POVs live for the first time ever probably. It isn't easy to follow at all. Really does make you appreciate the Casters. I wasn't even watching Aires' screen when it happened, I heard "Extermination" and looked over and saw the Medals. Great work this weekend though. I think Halo is in a good place with its current Caster/Analyst pool (you included obviously). Appreciate the work.
  15. How many hours of gameplay does this take? You should get some crazy reward, but iirc you don't. Congrats though.

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