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  1. I do wonder if Bloodshots are anything 343 will ever look at (there has to be something in the code that causes them). Tweaking the BR like they plan to will help with some of the complaints, but the fact that even 5%, and that is a rough estimate, of every sniper shot simply doesn't register is something that probably frustrates players even more.
  2. Chill Out and the Purple Palace (Damnation) are probably my two favorites. Creek is pretty divisive as well as Hang em' and Rat Race. Prisoner seems to be a favorite as well. I'm no expert, but that seems to be the general consensus i've seen.
  3. I find it hard to believe that none of the Pros know what Infinite's current Arena settings are. If you ask them they say they have no clue, but there are too many people and connections between those in the professional community and those working on the game for them not to know at this point.
  4. I find it interesting how Microsoft's embrace fo the "Craig" meme seems to be paying off. Instead of something genuinely embarrassing you have people now who are creating content around it in a genuine way. Kinda crazy to me how much the "official" response to something like that can sway a good portion of the audience/fanboys.
  5. Not just you, the match composer is full of them. Horrible mix of people who have played twice in their life and people who are too afraid to play the competitive playlists for some reason.
  6. What do people think about the idea of the ODST pistol being tested as the sidearm in H3 competitive? These settings need to evolve at some point..
  7. It'll almost surely maintain a population higher than it was post H2's launch (10-12k is my guess), especially if they actually release and implement the things they talked about in today's community update.
  8. Is it just me or does this not seem to address the issue of "Bloodshots" at all. I could see that being a Host-Client issue where it just "appears" like it is making contact when it isn't, but I find it interesting they haven't even addressed it.
  9. To be fair, the average does seem to have leveled out around 15k since H3 has released.
  10. I wonder if MMC's multiplayer will go Free to Play as well, and they just monetize the campaigns. That is something I would love to see. They could probably make a good amount of money doing this. I almost expect it if Infinite multiplayer truly is Free to Play.
  11. F2P multiplayer is a huge deal. I know quite a few people who primarily play F2P multiplayer games at this point (Apex and Fortnite). They will surely give Infinite a try now because of this when they probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise.
  12. Nothing goes with Simon better than a big bowl of pretzels and a tall glass of water!
  13. Speaking of Craig, shortly after he appears in the Gameplay demo Chief throws down his "Drop Wall" and then seems to perform a Slide that seems to behave differently from H5. He activates sprint for a split second to initiate the slide but seems to be able to slide in much more of a "strafe-like" manor than what was possible before. I haven't played H5 in so long I can't fully tell if this is new, but it seems like it could be. Was wondering what any of you thought about it. Movement in question is at the 4:14 mark of the demo.
  14. How funny would it be if the game has an "Arena" multiplayer mode that focuses on 2v2 and 4v4 that is its own thing and actually plays the way the competitive community has asked for for over a decade now (with some obvious changes that they would inevitably add). I think there is still a very small chance for that being the case, with the more Vanilla the settings the less likely it is. They could just have some kind of expanded BTB/Warzone mode, Forge, and a server browser/match composer to keep the casuals happy. On a side note, I think the idea of a grappling hook as a weapon pickup on certain maps could work in most Halos. Imagine it spanwing as a pickup on Damnation by the waterfalls opposite OS on the standard 1-2 minute respawn timer. Not sure if it would work but I think it would be fun as hell to try it out (Hang'em High as well)
  15. What is interesting is that you can tell that a lot of the Old design is still there as well. What were they thinking?

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