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  1. Since the E3 Infinite announcement I have noticed more thumbless people playing MCC recently. Last night I was playing some socials and had numerous games where 2 players on each team would have 0-3 kills for the match. Usually that number is closer to 1-2 players in the entire match and closer to 4-6 kills. Obviously rough estimates in general but I did notice a change.
  2. I just want to play Social CE without my Pistol bullets actively avoiding the enemy players. That would be nice.
  3. Youtube poll (Arrrash). Best Halo CE map? 3.4k votes.. Blood Gulch 74% Chill Out 4% Sidewinder 4% Battle Creek 14% Other 3% This is why we can't have nice things. I get it though, but at the same time it just shows you what the current Halo fanbase values.
  4. It is important to set a precedent early for the amount of content people should expect with these seasons. It is clear that Infinite is going to take a lot from Destiny in terms of how they continue to support and implement narrative into the multiplayer and campaign etc. and one of the biggest issues Destiny seems to have is pleasing their Hardcore player base who do want to play Density and grind it like it is their job (for some people it is). It does seem like 343 is taking a good approach in this regard though.
  5. Maybe they will "fix" the quitting system in 6 months when it matters even less. I heard that they Dersky mentioned during the recent MCC stream that fixing the net-code for H2 and CE is something they "could do" but it isn't a priority and won't be happening for a while. Their handling of this game is somehow impressively good and bad at the same time.
  6. I love the idea of being able to shove an Overshield into my chest whenever I want once I pick it up. It is so much more immersive But really, considering how many people in socials on MCC don't understand the idea that maybe you shouldn't instantly pick up an OS when the entire enemy team is across the map, it is safe to say this whole concept is going to go horribly wrong on a large scale. You will win and lose games because some rando picks up OS and fumbles it completely.
  7. Assigning something like equipment to the RB+LB combination would help. Hope we at least have the option for this if it isn't already there.
  8. Yep, unless they found a way to double-map a few of these (and I don't see how), those are you only real options if you don't want to lose your ablity to aim every few seconds.
  9. If sprint is truly significantly nerfed (10% speed bump max) and you can fire out of it I am not sure that it bothers me much honestly. I find the valuable real-estate it takes up on the controller to be much more annoying at this point, especially because the use of Equipment adds yet another input it looks like you'll have to do consistently. Grenade, Shoot, Sprint, Jump, Equipment, Melee, Change Weapon, Interact/pickup, Crouch/Slide, Scope. Where do you even place them for it to be comfortable/optimal if you don't have paddles or play Claw.
  10. I'm fine with it as long as they stop fucking around with her character one way or another. Either let her be dead or have this 2.0 version of her be our AI assistant for the next 10+ years, but either way they should pick something and stick to it. Find something else in the Universe to tell a story about besides Master Chief, his "humanity," and how he wants to bone the computer voice inside of his head. Not sure anyone besides a very small group has every played Halo for that part of the story. And they'd be smart to resolve that thread within the first few hours and move on.
  11. Halo had its best implementation of powerups 20 years ago in CE and why they ever changed it is beyond me. A perfect example of them not learning from the past.
  12. In some instances the multiplayer graphics look beautiful and other times they look worse than H3 and a lot like a cheaply made F2P game. Not sure if some of the footage is from different builds of the game but it is kinda strange.
  13. As long as we have the option to turn it off I'm fine with it. Dumb design decision regardless though.
  14. The campaign looks really good. Looking forward to playing it honestly, and I expect it to be solid-great based on what I’ve seen. It seems like a soft reboot which the series needed, imo. I like the idea of having a Cortana companion that Chief doesn’t have some weird Oedipal complex with.
  15. Haha, just accept the fact you'll have arthritis by the time you are 30 and sprint is just as "versatile," obviously worth it. I kinda don't really care the the mechanic is, if it causes me to be constantly contorting my hand awkwardly and constantly smashing button combos like I am playing a fighting game in order to play "optimally" I have zero interest.
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