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  1. I mean with the ability to turn off the new cosmetics in the settings there is literally zero real reasons to complain about this. Weird article. I like the season system they use as well, you can completely ignore it if you want but it does give a reason to "grind" if you feel like it.
  2. Why is CE and MCC so popular in Columbia? There seems to be a significant population there and I've never been really sure as to why. Ease of access for a 10+ year old game?
  3. I love one of the top comments on that Master Chief video: “Did we fix the ending?” “I already clicked export” “Meh, it’s Friday.”
  4. I bet Jesus is anti-sprint (he walks). Actually might be a hidden part of the Sermon on the Mount.
  5. I love how a lot of the top comments on that Reddit post are in regard to CE.
  6. lol, seeing this out of context I just assumed it was an indicator at the location.
  7. Any geographers know where this is? Looks like the West Coast to me.
  8. I don't associate myself with Zoomers but the Quake comparison feels like it is probably on point. Because of the F2P multiplayer I don't think the game will ever really be "dead," but It'll be fascinating to see if it can hold the attention of a large amount of people for more than the first month it releases. More important than getting the attention of the the tikTok generation though is grabbing the attention of the PC player base. You can't underestimate the power of a few dozen large streamers consistently playing your game. If campaign expansions are also part of the 10 year plan they supposedly have, I think the game will be successful regardless of if the multiplayer catches on.
  9. Just the way Microsoft has talked about mods the last few years (extremely open towards them), but I could be completely off base. Even if there is a noticeable difference in the actual quality of Forge vs Modded maps, I am not sure there will be much stopping people from modding maps on PC and using them in custom games etc. But yeah, that's just my gut feeling on the matter.
  10. Not sure there is going to be much of a difference between Forge and modded maps in this game.
  11. "As Playtest Lead, I'm privileged to spend a lot of time playing Halo Infinite with folks in the studio. We believe it's important for everyone working on this game to spend as much time playing it as possible, and it's a great way to unwind. We regularly invite our most competitive devs to join our Pro Team for a no-holds-barred recurring playtest where they "treat the match like we're post-launch and you need to win like you need oxygen." This group plays several times a week at the end of the day, and regularly spends hours grinding out the sweatiest playtest games I've ever seen, and then follow that up by spending a couple more hours providing in-depth feedback on the most competitive elements of Infinite’s multiplayer. It's incredibly inspiring to work with people who love our game so much, they're willing to follow up a full workday of making Infinite with several additional hours of this kind of intense playtesting.” - Tobias Osterhaug, Playtest Lead Good to know they at least pretend to listen to Pro Team.
  12. Just give the Utility weapons a 1.0 second "Perfect" TTK and be done with it. That seems to me to a good balance between the "modern" games and something like CE.
  13. Still feels horrible to me as well. Not sure they ever did anything to improve how the Pistol feels in social after they ruined it. Same as well. Specifically today I noticed it and I rarely ever teleport or experience lag.
  14. The same thing came to mind when I saw those screenshots. The way they were talking about it in the Q&A made it seem like it will feel much more like "night" than in the picture though. Also, looking at the screenshot they posted it is a clear night in a rather open location. They were talking about how the skybox is an actual 3d model so how much light or shadow is in an area is completely dependent on clouds and the surrounding. I'd expect some places to be much darker based on those factors (hopefully at least).
  15. They said there would be a marshy type of region and different variants of the pacific northwest region we have seen (different altitudes etc.). This along with things like caves and Forerunner, Banished, and human structures are what they talked about when it came to variety in the environment. I expect other major biomes to be added in expansions, if they still want this to be a "10 year game."
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