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  1. I think the "visionaries" within companies sometimes get too much credit, but the importance of having them and their impact on a story/final product is undeniable. 343 clearly doesn't have that, and especially the campaigns have suffered for it. The same thing happened within the Dark Souls trilogy when Miyazaki wasn't as in involved with DS2. Having someone like that on a team seems to be the difference between something being "good" and "great" much of the time.
  2. I didn't like the idea of specialists as soon as I heard about them. I saw how it was hard to tell teammates from enemies in the beta because it was literally the same 4 characters running around the map. It is funny how it seems like Infinite has had the most positive reaction as far as the big FPS games releasing this fall. Maybe it just needs to be slightly better than average to "win."
  3. I know this is late, but how was the Battlefield Beta? I never got to play it and have heard pretty mixed things. I am considering just waiting to get it once it goes on sale at some point.
  4. I love how they put in the work to get CE to look like it does on the OG xbox but still haven't done anything to make it play properly. It is so frustrating. I want to be able to play it in socials but then you get games where you are shooting nerf darts at the other team and it ruins the experience.
  5. I refuse to believe that isn't a troll. I have seen a few people say something like "the lack of radar might be a jarring change" which, while downvoted when I saw it on Reddit, isn't a surprising response by someone who is clueless on the topic. The lack of a need for actual spatial awareness within video games is one of the main things that holds back modern day game design from what I can tell. Instead of truly being aware of their surroundings, players are content with staring at the HUD/minimap. Developers encourage and enable this dependence, which allows for lazy game design as well.
  6. I'm happy that they weren't afraid to change the settings between ranked and social playlists. I never really understood the idea that people are somehow incapable of switching between different game modes within a game. "Universal settings" do more to alienate/annoy both sides of the casual-competitive divide rather than magically making it the game "more accessible." H5 is proof of that so I am glad they just made the changes they needed to make in Infinite, even if I wish they went even further.
  7. The sad thing is I would bet money they have at least tried it out and ran some playtests with no sprint settings.
  8. I think if you were to remove sprint to make movement more streamlined and had a more competent utility weapon (with aiming that felt good) you would genuinely have a pretty incredible competitive Halo game. As a whole it does seem like a much more enjoyable version of the game than what we had in socials though.
  9. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/ranked-competitive-reveal The BR75 will be the starting weapon. Motion Tracker will be disabled. Grenade Hitmarkers will be disabled. Friendly Fire will be turned on. Modes will be Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball. Weapons, equipment, and grenades on maps will be set on static spawners meaning they will always appear in the same location on each map and mode combination, and will respawn at the same intervals. The TL;DR according to them. Probably the least offensive competitive settings we have had at launch in a very long time. Not horrible for a starting point. Now if only the actual gameplay were fun....
  10. That is probably the most annoying trend in the entirety of Western Culture and Civilization, not just games.
  11. Have they been sent out yet? All I have gotten for Infinite are the flight invites. Weird. After googling it it seems like not everyone gets a survey, which is idiotic. Why wouldn't you send out at least a basic survey to everyone just to get data from as many players as possible on some of the basics. I understand not sending surveys out with written responses to everyone though.
  12. Where do you even find or access the survey? Couldn't find it last time or this time.
  13. I'd be interested to see what people who preordered BF 2042 think about it over the next day or so. Only things that concerns me about the game is that they chased the "specialist" trend and EA monetization potentially being atrocious for a game that isn't even F2P.
  14. Very true. I mean something like Sekiro, which won Game of the Year and was coming off of the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne has only sold around 5 million copies or so, which pales in comparison to something like CoD or even Halo. Games like Prey (2017) or Dishonered 2 (pre-Gamepass) were pretty much straight up commercial flops and significantly better than anything 343 has ever produced. Legitimate quality and innovation has very little to do with a game being a huge success.
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