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  1. Hey guys, I just made my first Halo 5 Montage the other day on my friends school laptop with Windows Movie Maker. I understand that the video quality needs to be fixed. If anyone has feedback or advice to give, I would appreciate it! Thanks and enjoy! Race Against the Sun - Halo 5 Montage By ClassicRESTACKZ https://youtu.be/H8PBkNkSEMw Link: https://youtu.be/H8PBkNkSEMw Contact me on Twitter @itzsimshady!
  2. GT: ClassicRESTACKZ Twitter: theRESTACKZ Name: Matt Location: RVA I've confident in my skill and ready to join or put together a strong, dedicated and innovative team. Looking for the team or players that will go above and beyond to reach their potential. Not interested in anyone planning to quit. Please have a mic. I am ranked well in FFA & SWAT. I can give and take criticism. I am open-minded and ready to grind.
  3. Hey Killa, I am who you are looking for. Oynx in SWAT, Diamond 6 in FFA. Still learning the game (level 56) and have been playing for under a year. Very interested. PM me or message me on Xbox @ ClassicRESTACKZ
  4. RVA. 17. Dedicated. Hardworking. Open minded. Looking for to3. GT: ClassicRESTACKZ. PM or message me online if anyone need one.
  5. GT: ClassicRESTACKZ Customs/MM: Both Region: NA I am Oynx/Diamond trying to get Champion in all playlists. Looking for a team to grind with me.
  6. They took 18 of our members from Velocity. I hope I see their owners at Indy.
  7. Thank you! We will hopefully be announcing our coach later tonight.
  8. Arkanum went to WFX, Aries, Spartan, Ninja and Shooter are a team.
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