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  1. Id put Karma for being a beast while being stoned all the time and neighbor in my top 10
  2. i remember you and most of you guys
  3. when are they gonna let random am teams sign up for online tournies
  4. This. Crossfire was way better than the other maps.
  5. Yoo I just signed in to say that H5 Valentines Day dubs was just... Amazing. The H2 BR felt so nice and smooth and way better than the H2A BR IMO. The competition was good too and I played a lot of tryhards like myself and had a lot of close games. I had so much fun and it was just awesome like whoever came up with that idea to add BR starts deserves a high 5 I swear like that is what H5 should have been I mean pistol starts is okay but not my cup of tea lol I prefer the BR over everything. The only thing they did wrong was not adding nades off the start to spawn with and not adding more maps/making it ranked. The SAW was kind of OP too but not that big of a deal to me. The maps were meh but playable. I actually feel bad for anyone who never got to play it and really sad that its gone or I would still be playing it. I even out BRd someone when they had first 2 on me by crouch strafing on em I remember so the BR is pretty balanced even though its kind of hard to miss with IMO. I also loved how it took more teamshotting and crouching to win and how I really had to try more than most games I played in a long time. I hope they make it a permanent playlist and make everything H2 BR starts because that was just dope but I doubt it. That was just my opinion on it coming from an H3 kid so yeah. Feel free to comment. Peace
  6. 09 kid here any old school mlg forum kids still around?
  7. JUSTINSANE cant play he told me he gets outa work at 6. I'm his messenger.
  8. My friends tag is JU5TlNSANE with a 5 instead of an S lol my bad he told me to sign him and his friend up but Im pretty sure I got his friends tag right. If you can edit it that be great. Thanks
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