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  1. Does anyone still play this anymore? Been having that Halo itch, just can't bring myself to reinstall Halo 5. The amount of crap randoms I'm getting in the classic Halo 2 playlist is killing me slowly.
  2. Does that mean that Halo 6 won't have sprint and all the other gimmicks that have ruined this franchise? Just curious, and I doubt you can answer this, but how many people that you work with actually prefer classic halo to the new halo?
  3. Been gone for awhile, playing a lot of destiny. The aiming been fixed yet? Are the autos still OP as hell? Really been itching to play some halo, but I'm not coming back until those things are fixed.
  4. So how does Haven play? Haven't been able to play the game since the update dropped.
  5. 343 doesn't want to mess up their "balanced" game. Bc they know if they actually gave us a pistol that could counter the ridiculous auto spam in this game, we would make an uproar to have that as the starting pistol for Arena.
  6. Just watched nades choke with a storm rifle in CQC. I was honestly in disbelief that he lost that. Did 343 finally nerf the storm rifle????? Pls. I was jk about ^
  7. Holy shit, how have I not heard of this? This looks amazing, I'm guessing it's PC only?
  8. So do these settings actually make Halo 5 feel like a Halo game? If so PLZ invite me. I would actually love to have fun with this series again.
  9. God not playing this game for 3 months then coming back. I'm so lost. Can't even blame my Ls on bad randoms anymore.
  10. Please go back to Waypoint. As soon as someone proves you wrong about how popular Halo 5 is, you pull the victim card. Waypoint or the HCS thread would be a perfect fit for you.
  11. Oh no, I agree with you. But you know 343 has their vision for Halo and all. And unfortunately it doesn't revolve around an actual Halo game.
  12. Eh your not wrong, but the basic premise of it is pretty addictive. I personally enjoy walking around and playing it. But the whole gym thing is kind of pointless honestly.
  13. They would never do that, probably bc they are fearful of just how wrong they are that classic Halo can't sell in today's market. It would look quite foolish on their part, if they released a game with none of those gimmicks and it sustained a population we haven't seen since Halo 3.
  14. Pokemon go is a great game!Besides all the server issues. Maybe 343 designed the servers for that game too.... *puts tin foil hat on*
  15. Waypoint has definitely gotten worse.If I have to read anything about super solders should be able to sprint one more time.... Lore should never effect gameplay. Some kids will never realize this.
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