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  1. What's wrong with Halo Wars getting a sequel?
  2. You could actually dodge it in the beta. Then the magnetism got cranked the fuck up on release.
  3. The point is that one exception does not invalidate 12 years of general consensus, and that it's perfectly forgivable when someone forgets about CE when you consider that its multiplayer following was minuscule compared to Halo 2's and the rest of the series. For example, if someone said "there's no mod support in any Halo", they'd technically be wrong because of Halo PC. However, Halo PC is an exception, not the norm. It might not be completely correct, but the mistake is forgivable because the number of people who've played Halo PC is a fragment of the Halo populace. QuietMan is getting on cubanex's ass for a completely minor thing.
  4. CE is an exception, not the norm, because the game plays completely differently from the others. Saying that you can't 1 v 2 in "any" Halo is a completely valid statement because when the vast majority of players think of Halo, they're thinking of Halo 2 and up.
  5. CE is quite literally the only Halo where that can happen, and the overwhelming majority of Halo players did not play it competitively in any form. You know, complete lack of online multiplayer and all that.
  6. My bad, I thought that you meant pushing Snipers into social without doing anything about Shotty Snipers. Then we would've had two different Snipers playlists.
  7. What's next? Are you going to visit the Arena thread? Then the Meta thread? Then the Gaming thread? If you're going to self-promote, then don't whine about downvotes after making the exact same post in four different threads.
  8. What exactly does a CE 2v2 tournament have anything to do with Halo 5?
  9. Yes, but only in the sense that they're general approximates. For perfect TTKs, you use a formula, not a timer.
  10. Going by your metric, the AR loses 1/3 of its damage from thrusting alone, so it doesn't even out. You lose more than you gain when you thrust with automatics. It's why thrust canceling is a thing.
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