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  1. Looking for people to team up with for ranked in MCC. My gamertag is Jimmbabwe, feel free to message me.
  2. I just now returned to Halo because MLG is back, after quitting the first week of August. I can perform at the Onyx/Champ level, just getting back into the swing of things, hmu on XBL @ Jimmbabwe or twitter @TheJimmbabwe
  3. Looking to join or form a solid team of Onyx to Champ Players for HCS this summer, if achieveable go to Atlanta, or Denver or Both. I myself am 19 and from Oklahoma, I've played in a few online cups here and there during H2A under a different tag and placed decent in them with a pickup team. My twitter is @TheBalored hmu there or message me on Xbl at Balored.
  4. Any tips on someone trying to break through while juggling school, work and family?
  5. Looking to form or join a solid squad. My schedule sometimes varies but most of the time I am online and trying to grind. I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Central time btw. I have competed in some Online Cups during MCC, placed pretty well. Eventually after worlds, likely during this summer, I plan on going to some LAN events. My twitter is @TheBalored and my gt is Balored. Feel free to hmu if you're interested.
  6. My gt is Jimmbabwe, I'm looking for a consistent group of people to play with and push through onyx with. I'm usually high tier/low tier onyx depending on how much I play, this season I got screwed over a lot in my placements. I have a decent competitive background with a few online tournaments, I placed 8th-9th in them. I'm just looking for a consistent online group to play with. Hit me up if you're interested.
  7. GT Jimmbabwe MM, Customs, 8s, anything Central, Oklahoma Usually High Tier/Low Tier Onyx in all game modes, I got screwed in my placements this season but will get my onyx. I'm willing to get better, placed pretty well in the online cups I have participated in in the past, so I have a pretty good competitive background. HMU
  8. With all the new announcements its put the spark back in me to try to do competitive Halo again. I played in some online ESL cups during H2A with some pickup teams and did fairly well 8-9th place. I'm trying to put together a good group for online and if things go well maybe even go to a tournament or two. I live in Oklahoma, I am a college student currently and I am 19 years old. I'm a bit out of practice, I used to be Onyx 1700/1800 once or twice but I'm getting back into it. Also I am in the process of building my gaming community up as well and the twitter is here http://twitter.com/FreelancerGG. If you're interested shoot me a message on XBL or Twitter. Gamertag is Jimmbabwe Twitter is http://twitter.com/GoodGuyJimmy
  9. Competitive Player looking for a good group to consistently run with online and maybe do some online cups in. I've done some ESL Cups in MCC and placed 8th and 9th in them. I place high Onyx (got really unlucky somehow this season though but we just won't talk about that) in Team Arena, Slayer, FFA, Swat, and Doubles. I'm willing to grind when I can hopefully, hmu if you're interested, my gt is Jimmbabwe and my twitter is @GoodGuyJimmy.
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