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  1. Can other people see all my warning points? And how do the points work? :ninja:
  2. Launched off guardian by the gravity hammer
  3. Feel free to discuss your opinions on this or post different ideas on how to raise money
  4. Like so http://www.dreamhack.se/dhw13/2013/09/16/counter-strike-community-helps-build-250000-prize-pool/ http://www.dota2.com/international/home/overview/ How would you prefer to fund one or multiple tournaments?
  5. This is great and all but its to little to late. Along with the fact that the game is boring as hell. So i will still continue to not play it. See you in league play! :gandhi:
  6. Can we get a thread that tracks all their posts? Maybe a couple more people as well?
  7. Looks like it will be FS, Strong, 2gre and Neighbot
  8. LOL https://twitter.com/TomRyanOGRE2/status/377493495746797568
  9. Snakebite just confirmed on his stream that him, royal 2 and 2GRE where a to3 looking for 1 or if an opportunity came for one of them to join a team they would think about taking it. DISCUSSSSSS
  10. Idk about their team but if 2gre makes a team, it better be named Final Boss
  11. Yeah thats what im talking about. Where is it?
  12. Where is it? I thought it was supposed to be up by the end of the weekend?
  13. Not sure why you even try to defend it at this point. We can only look to H5 and hope. Then again, ive been hoping for 5 years now.....
  14. I have been buying hope for 4 years now. At this point, i have to see it to believe it.
  15. LOL 343 is talking out of their ass. Such bull shit.
  16. GG NO RE https://twitter.com/EDWSnip3down/status/373924561256865793
  17. I solod my way to masters. It was hard but it makes you want to give it your all every game, unlike some other game i know
  18. Who removed "Halo 4 isnt even Halo"? :gandhi: <- He said it!
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