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  1. Its not josh though?


    but shit i need to eat a hat apparently.  Checked waypoint.  There must be a glitch when a bunch of categories = 0..


    or the more likely explanation is that the population is so low that even shit tier players are in the top 200 haha


    Yeah i dont think that is josh's account but the rank is real lol


    To be fair my site fails if you look up that profile, probably something dividing by 0.

  2. Do you put on your stinkiest sweat socks and ruin the game for the other team or just chill with your buds?


    I'm mostly coding or trying to play like Shotzzy (which I obv cant) so Im not sweating it out.


    You don't need to smurf though. The ranking system will take care of that matching you against players who have an avg skill comparable to your team. This excuse doesn't work. I play with golds and I'm a diamond. We play plats usually not diamonds or people my skill level.


    Not from my experience, especially with the EU player base being so low. I find us playing the same people I would normally on my main, which isnt enjoyable. Switching to a smurf alleviates that for the most part. 

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  3. https://twitter.com/HaloFanForLife/status/988275484264890369




    Every time I see random people being douchy in the internet, pushing for a fan-made game to be shutdown, demonizing the people involved in the process, saying classic Halo wouldn't be a huge success --- it reminds me how much I honestly love being here with you guys. I love you all, I love Beyond.


    Halo Online doesnt even balance out the money people spent on a broken MCC.

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