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  1. @@Bad Dub werent you going to add that to HDH?


    Yeah I was attempting too, I need to calculate peoples CSR if they havent reached Onyx as CSR only becomes available in the API when you hit Onyx for some reason.


    Also the only way to gather the games is to loop back through someones games until you reach a match thats not within the season start date.


    I'm also currently not saving the CSR so the more games people play the longer the chart takes to generate.


    It's 50% there.

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  2. It's the show with Patton Oswalt as an imaginary CGI animal, yeah? Been meaning to watch it but got so many shows to catch up on/watch; Altered Carbon, Netfix's Marvel series past Defenders/Punisher(can't remember if Pun-Pun was before or after), Archer's latest season, Always Sunny's latest season, Stranger Things S2, Series of unfortunate events S2(S1 started to drag on due to the similar arc structures), and been meaning to pick up Justified. Too many good shows these days.


    Yeah its great dark humour. Also watch Justified, its brilliant.

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