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  1. If you leave your Elite out in a warm room the grips expand, bubble and then eventually fall off or you rip them off.


    Right now my Elites grips are horribly super glued to the controller as they expanded and are now too large for the actual grip area.

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  2. Your gameplay fits your Diamond 3 ranking, as do your forum posts. - Menke


    This was his comment on it


    It means after Oddball matches, you'll tend to not go up. Non-Oddball you might bounce depending on performance variation, but the last 2-3 games in each game mode (there's a separate MMR each) are pretty flat. Meaning you've been consistent, but at the same performance.


    So I've been consistent and winning, shouldn't that mean I should definitely be moving up? I've no idea how this works.

  3. The makers of all those 50+ REQ pack opening videos have hopefully reevaluated their life choices since then.


    They probably played Fifa beforehand and that it would be a similar reward. Turns out nothing in REQ packs were as exciting as getting a team of the week Ronaldo.

  4. Also, I ended up on a team with Neptune yesterday. I'm high plat, low diamond at best. I get that search times are gonna be awful if the game matches just champs vs. champs but it's pretty annoying that we all had to get clapped because the average skill on the other team is greater than the average skill on my team.


    It's also annoying that he was trying to teamkill me and my friend when he realized that we weren't onyx/Champ either. :lxthul:


    I matched Neptune while solo q and my team made him quit out and Im currently D3 atm

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