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  1. I think you would be surprised at the growth & numbers a throwback season would provide, if only for a novelty factor. People enjoy playing the game. When people enjoy playing it, they enjoy watching it at the highest level. Look at snipedown/heinz stream numbers since playing H3 again, they both have seen great numbers in comparison to their H5 numbers


    Also, H3 wallbounce & tap strafing > H5 crouch strafing, but I'll admit I too miss the control you have over your Spartans crouch when going back to H3. It's very stiff in comparison


    Yeah I missed incorporating the crouch into my strafe. I kind of keep trying it in H3 out of habit and its pointless.

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  2. The more I think about it, the less the oddball score change makes sense to me.  Games were taking too long?  So what?  If you get a more accurate result of who is better then who cares how long it takes? 


    Does 343 think people aren't watching/playing because of how long games are?  Or something else?


    Also did pro players have any input in this decision or is this another Breakout situation?


    I know from scrim results a lot of Oddball games were ended early because it was mathematically impossible for the other team to come back.


    So imagine that in a tournament setting, the team has already won and have 3 more minutes to play out. (or let the other team make it to 200).


    Changing the score to 150 took that out of the equation as teams seem to be able to reach 150 within a reasonable time.

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