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  1. Nope.  I think Red Dead is one of the best implementations.  Its open world enough to give you a sense of scale and let you tool around on  your own enough, but also on rails enough to keep the narrative going in a purposeful direction.  A lot of open world games are TOO open imo. In those you keep doing stuff because you keep getting distracted. You can get away from the main story for so long that when you go back to it you don't feel invested anymore.  In Red Dead you keep doing stuff because you are driven to do stuff.  Horizon Zero Dawn pulled this off pretty well too (as well as building a slick as hell world).  Even if you're not into open world RPGs, i would still give Horizon Zero Dawn and RDR2 a shot.


    I've been watching one of my mates play RD2 since its release and it just looks so boring. I fail to understand what makes it fun. 

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