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  1. First time Reach was out I think I played ~100 games (if even) and went back to H3. This time round its been the same again. The maps are just not enjoyable at all.
  2. I can't stand listening to anymore analysis/random talk. Just show gameplay. Why does it take so long to go from series to series?
  3. I used to feel like this until now. Im in desperate need for a new Halo game.
  4. Kind of want Neighbor and Ace to get an event win here. Also Frosty is a machine.
  5. Havent been on here in a while. We need some Infinite news big time!
  6. Need some Infinite teaser soon before I go crazy
  7. I hate the fact that I've to always watch the Grand Finals the next day and avoid social media until I do. It would be nice to see it live.
  8. I posted Lets goooo on the first page and it was in the editor still when I came back, does it remember last posts? Would it be possible to get the direction keys to cycle through the pages?
  9. I never once thought about SR or whatever its called during my whole H5 playtime. Seems like the most pointless thing ever.
  10. Tweeted it out but thought id post it here because its a crazy stat. Based on pro league and LAN stats from 2016-2018 Events: 11 Least Deaths: 9 2nd Least Deaths: 2 Royal 2 has never been outside the top 2 least deaths in 11 events I've tracked with an average 9.84 deaths per game. Im pretty sure if I checked KD and KDA it would be something similar also.
  11. If MLG aren't going to allow Zach to make OG Halo jerseys I wish they would do it themselves then. Would be cool as hell to get my hands on a few of them.
  12. I like having to lead shots in H3, it adds a bit more to think about when shooting someone. It also allows for a greater chance of outshooting someone. Though I do agree that the varying degree in which you have to lead your shot should be consistent each game.
  13. The most interesting thing to see is if a good percentage of teams show up to the UGC tournament. Also to see if this is a one time thing or will people continue sign up to future H3 tournaments.
  14. Surely they wouldn't let us go from H5 back to classic only to make Infinite H5 movement again?
  15. RNG are playing STW but on this link they are in different pools? https://smash.gg/tournament/halo-championship-series-2018-finals/events/hcs-2018-finals/brackets/460876 Am I missing something?
  16. T2 was sick of an EU team beating Str8 all the time so he decided to pick them up so they couldnt do it this time
  17. I've been watching one of my mates play RD2 since its release and it just looks so boring. I fail to understand what makes it fun.

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