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  1. Im pissed off https://clips.twitch.tv/WiseOpenCaterpillarNononoCat
  2. I always wondered, is there a reason why we dont have 1080p streams?
  3. When the stream is fast moving is there black horizontal lines for anyone else? EDIT: Just watch the casters hands when they move.
  4. That info was from a players tweet. But heres the MLG bracket: http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/mlg-events/brackets/seattle-2018/halo-5#Pool-Play
  5. I've already spoken to Tashi so hopefully he has time to gather them up. I also like the way they have saved the INF vs OXY game for Saturday.
  6. I really hope I get sent the LAN gamertags this time so I can enjoy the first few series without scrambling to find them from the stream and API
  7. People have probably been told not to release pictures. I know I dont want to see any, its one more thing to be excited about seeing on stream.
  8. I dont think so. This time round I say they will just reuse H5's
  9. Imagine if the API wasnt available for H6 But I assume its going to be the same with a few more endpoints i.e. damage taken
  10. Did no one play last night or did I break the site when I did a rollout yesterday?
  11. The next worlds (if there is one) should be hosted in Dublin
  12. I don't get why anyone would want less games for this event, especially since we don't even know whats coming up after this event.
  13. I think Fable are way to behind everyone else now in terms practice. Last night was their 1st time playing a top team since 28/03/18.
  14. That's pretty harsh to say for the Rec, Oxy, Inf and Myztro group.
  15. I agree that eliminating half the teams from groups is harsh. Are the group games at least going to be bo7s?
  16. That was Respct too but he played great that event I think.
  17. I think last event Respct didnt play as good as he normally does. Hopefully he's back to his old ways this event.
  18. Tox drew 6-6 with NV last night and INF drew with NV the previous night so INF = TOX

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