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  1. Can we take the chat out of RK9 mode please, its so annoying typing something out to have it blocked because someone else said it.
  2. I need Nv to beat RNG. I think INF would match up to RNG better.
  3. I'd love to know why they didnt push carbine in game 2 at the very end.
  4. INF are notorious for getting large leads in slayers and then choking it or cutting it close.
  5. Where are they getting these "player to watch stats" from? Is it based on all games this LAN? If so I've noticed it being wrong numerous times i.e. Jimbo with a 2.0KD?
  6. I feel like if Kimbo shot him first and went for the beatdown in that position theres a potential for a quick ninja.
  7. I watched the clip in slow motion. After helping Eric team shot Kimbo, Spartan goes on to to play his life making Mose focus on him for longer. Then Mose gets cleaned up by Penguin with help from Spartan. If Spartan died then things wouldnt have played out like that.
  8. But REC would have been down a player too AND Kimbo could have potentially got away.
  9. I've never been so legit pissed at Halo 5 before in my life

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