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  1. I joined a few servers and they were all perfect for me. Didn't a few 343 folk tweet that they were going to play it or did I just imagine that?
  2. Cant believe my gaming laptop can run Halo Online in high quality perfectly
  3. I wouldn't mind another year of Halo 5 if we got new (dev) maps and new working gametypes. It would be cool to delete out 90% (lets be honest, 99%) of the amour and add new fun weapon skins instead.
  4. Some Halo related stuff, I've brought back "Battle" HDH to track teams for my mates league - Europa Halo. http://battle.halodatahive.com Now with no pro stuff on the horizon for a while if you need something to keep you entertained you could follow this league. The league starts this Sunday. Teams are divided into Division 1 for top 8 seeded teams and Division 2 for the bottom 8 seeded teams. After group play the top 6 teams go into the Champion's bracket while bottom 2 teams in Division 1 become relegated to the Onyx bracket. In Division 2 the top 2 teams get promoted to the Champion's bracket while the other 6 teams play in the Onyx bracket.
  5. #NeverForget https://clips.twitch.tv/WiseOpenCaterpillarNononoCat Infused could have came out of that group 1st seed
  6. Who do you think the player was that Shotzzy was talking about?
  7. I may just go to bed early, no one is going to beat Splyce twice.
  8. I think the losing point in the coli game was when Kimbo got the snipe, someone naded snipe ramp, so kimbo jumped to red couch and got killed from grass. I think that was the moment they lost that game. If only he went red sneaky.

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