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  1. Thought the new song from J Cole reminded me of Halo 4 and 5. I know you think this type of revenue is never endin' But I wanna take a minute just to tell you that ain't true One day, them kids that's listening gon' grow up And get too old for that shit that made you blow up Now your show's lookin' light cause they don't show up Which unfortunately means the money slow up Now you scramblin' and hopin' to get hot again But you forgot you only popped 'cause you was ridin' trends Now you old news and you goin' through regrets
  2. I joined a few servers and they were all perfect for me. Didn't a few 343 folk tweet that they were going to play it or did I just imagine that?
  3. Cant believe my gaming laptop can run Halo Online in high quality perfectly
  4. I wouldn't mind another year of Halo 5 if we got new (dev) maps and new working gametypes. It would be cool to delete out 90% (lets be honest, 99%) of the amour and add new fun weapon skins instead.
  5. Some Halo related stuff, I've brought back "Battle" HDH to track teams for my mates league - Europa Halo. http://battle.halodatahive.com Now with no pro stuff on the horizon for a while if you need something to keep you entertained you could follow this league. The league starts this Sunday. Teams are divided into Division 1 for top 8 seeded teams and Division 2 for the bottom 8 seeded teams. After group play the top 6 teams go into the Champion's bracket while bottom 2 teams in Division 1 become relegated to the Onyx bracket. In Division 2 the top 2 teams get promoted to the Champion's bracket while the other 6 teams play in the Onyx bracket.
  6. #NeverForget https://clips.twitch.tv/WiseOpenCaterpillarNononoCat Infused could have came out of that group 1st seed
  7. Who do you think the player was that Shotzzy was talking about?
  8. I may just go to bed early, no one is going to beat Splyce twice.
  9. I think the losing point in the coli game was when Kimbo got the snipe, someone naded snipe ramp, so kimbo jumped to red couch and got killed from grass. I think that was the moment they lost that game. If only he went red sneaky.

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