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  1. Possibly unrelated, but https://twitter.com/Spartan/status/998825751242854400
  2. But in all seriousness I cant wait to see what teams form. Which teams do you think are going to make changes?
  3. My rent is £230 a month and that includes water and internet
  4. Why are people all of a sudden hating on OS and Camo lol We need some HCS news or something.
  5. Based on the CSR graphs menke was making for people on twitter Im going to implement something similar on HDH.
  6. Lets be honest, removing sprint this late into Halo 5's life cycle isnt going to benefit the HCS much. Right now its about maintaining what we have until Halo 6 is released.
  7. Yeah i dont think that is josh's account but the rank is real lol To be fair my site fails if you look up that profile, probably something dividing by 0.
  8. I always thought leading shots was something people realised they had to do to make the shots land because of the netcode?
  9. I know it was unintentional in Halo 3 but I actually like the idea of slightly having to lead your shot with the BR. It adds that extra bit more skill and increases the chances someone can out shoot someone who had the first shot. Come at me
  10. But with sprint off, how will I be immersed in the game?
  11. I'm going to be selfish and say I hope it is another season of H5, otherwise I'd be taking HDH down as it would have zero purpose lol
  12. I'm mostly coding or trying to play like Shotzzy (which I obv cant) so Im not sweating it out. Not from my experience, especially with the EU player base being so low. I find us playing the same people I would normally on my main, which isnt enjoyable. Switching to a smurf alleviates that for the most part.
  13. I play on a smurf because I want to play with my IRL mate who isnt very good at the game.
  14. I've learned ad revenue is pretty pointless and makes sites look uglier at the same time
  15. When they say stuff like this "Team Arena – After seeing success with the updated version of Oddball on Eden and Truth in this playlist, we’ll be adding the mode on two other maps: The Rig and Plaza. Play ball!" What determines "success"? It it people not quitting the build, quitting out early or have they been getting feedback on it from somewhere?
  16. I know we say it all the time but I got a clean triple kill in Halo Online with the sniper and I actually felt something. Hopefully Halo 6 sniper isnt a head magnet like Halo 5.
  17. Summit and other big streamers are probably about to catch a ban for streaming H:O with no warning. They're bound to think fuck Halo and never stream it again
  18. Halo Online doesnt even balance out the money people spent on a broken MCC.

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