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  1. Im kind of mad there is a new xbox seemingly this quick...
  2. First good sign was a classic Halo art style.
  3. I dont mind it. There are worse maps still in rotation than Echelon.
  4. I was told not to track this due to some players still being under contract
  5. Well that's going to be very annoying for me lol. I use DNF's to determine if I should count the game or not. That means ill 100% miss all oddball games ended early and have to manually add them the next morning.
  6. Its still awkward at the moment because the official version of the forge maps are out yet so different people have forge maps that show different identifying keys in the API. I cant wait until everyone has the same map. EDIT: nvm, it was the correct map the game just ended before 200 points.
  7. Yeah I was attempting too, I need to calculate peoples CSR if they havent reached Onyx as CSR only becomes available in the API when you hit Onyx for some reason. Also the only way to gather the games is to loop back through someones games until you reach a match thats not within the season start date. I'm also currently not saving the CSR so the more games people play the longer the chart takes to generate. It's 50% there.
  8. I made it to D5 solo queuing yesterday and now Im back down to D3 today
  9. Anyone know if any of these teams are 100% split, trying to clear down the old teams.
  10. First OpTic and now this Jk, congrats guys, its well deserved!
  11. Bran said they are looking for an Org to represent. Wouldnt be surprised if INF is done with Halo for now.
  12. Yeah its great dark humour. Also watch Justified, its brilliant.
  13. OT but does anyone else watch the TV show Happy? I just finished season one and it was amazing.
  14. I was watching Neighbor yesterday and he seems like he has a lot of catching up to do. Hope he gets the green light to compete though.

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