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  1. Fornite was/is fun, but I haven't bothered playing it since S2 I think.
  2. An updated teams list. Hopefully I get the LAN gamertags so it can be tracked too!
  3. Your dreams have been destroyed already. I always get asked why Im not tracking team x and its because Im afraid to set teams up for them to slit the next day. It just clutters player/team history on the site.
  4. Mentions seem to be iffy. Sometimes I get a notification, other times I dont. I didn't get one for this.
  5. If you leave your Elite out in a warm room the grips expand, bubble and then eventually fall off or you rip them off. Right now my Elites grips are horribly super glued to the controller as they expanded and are now too large for the actual grip area.
  6. This was his comment on it It means after Oddball matches, you'll tend to not go up. Non-Oddball you might bounce depending on performance variation, but the last 2-3 games in each game mode (there's a separate MMR each) are pretty flat. Meaning you've been consistent, but at the same performance. So I've been consistent and winning, shouldn't that mean I should definitely be moving up? I've no idea how this works.
  7. This ranking system is difficult. I started the day off low D3, won 8/10 games and finished the day low D3.
  8. The best skin in Halo 5 is the lime green one. I want more bright coloured skins that look out of place.
  9. They probably played Fifa beforehand and that it would be a similar reward. Turns out nothing in REQ packs were as exciting as getting a team of the week Ronaldo.
  10. Pet peeve, people who post an essay on social media in regards to their dad on fathers day when their dad isn't even on social media. Stop fishing for likes.
  11. I matched Neptune while solo q and my team made him quit out and Im currently D3 atm
  12. I agree, Im one of those people who will wait for however long is needed as long as we have a 100% working game on launch. Im sick of publishers releasing half working games to the public.
  13. QUICK GUYS HURRY UP AND SIGN https://twitter.com/TrevelyanSII051/status/1005935532361175041
  14. Coming from the guy with H5 amour as his avatar
  15. I will cry if its open world. Not a fan of those types of games.

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