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  1. I'm really struggling to find motivation to code new stuff on HDH. Wish we got some Infinite news that would spark some motivation
  2. The CoD commentators shout so much it feels like WWE or something
  3. Yeah a few times. It does feel like its weighted less though.
  4. I hate seeing 343 folk try to link wanting BR starts with wanting to "sweat it out". No, I just dont want to walk around with an AR/SMG getting spawned killed by the players who managed to get a BR.
  5. Yeah I missed incorporating the crouch into my strafe. I kind of keep trying it in H3 out of habit and its pointless.
  6. That happened me last season. This season seems to be easier because of the playlist merge.
  7. How did you manage to post the same thing twice 11 minutes a part? lol
  8. How did you manage to post the same thing twice 11 minutes a part? lol
  9. Mila Kunis used to LAN Halo https://youtu.be/hBBFWXgysqc?t=46s
  10. Goldenboy is the best. I'm glad he still sticks it out with Halo.
  11. The last games are being streamed tomorrow. REC honeymoon period over?
  12. I really hope EU teams can really step it up before London. I'd like to think they wouldnt want NA teams coming over and destroying them on their own soil.
  13. OT but I need to vent. Altered Carbon cast Anthony Mackie as the main actor in season 2. RIP one of my favourite shows....
  14. I wasted so much money on Overwatch. Bought it, played it maybe 3 or 4 times and never played it again.
  15. I hate keyboard and mouse for gaming (because I'm terrible with it and cba to learn) I hope Halo remains controller based.
  16. Naded just said on stream that he might be competing again, he doesnt know just yet
  17. Spent all day updating MCC and search Hardcore H3 for ages and couldnt find a game
  18. I know from scrim results a lot of Oddball games were ended early because it was mathematically impossible for the other team to come back. So imagine that in a tournament setting, the team has already won and have 3 more minutes to play out. (or let the other team make it to 200). Changing the score to 150 took that out of the equation as teams seem to be able to reach 150 within a reasonable time.

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