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  1. I went 11/17 today and have less of a rank than when I started lol this ranking system is either terrible or tough
  2. This skins thing has to be just testing the water for Infinite. I'd far rather unlocking skins/amour with goals or achievements over a random lottery which has no satisfaction what so ever.
  3. I switch Ninjas stream off when he starts that pon pon dance. Cant bare to watch it
  4. I really think I need to only show players in the top 10 that have played more than the average amount of games. Its not really fair seeing players make the top 10 when they have played 6 games compared to someones 30.
  5. There are players who havent stopped playing H3 that I think would take it if they showed up
  6. Just so yous know these are the pool games I couldnt track. Group A SkitLite vs Splyce SkitLite vs OutCold Gaming Group B Radiant vs WeVicious Excelerate vs WeVicious Group D Elevate vs Mockit
  7. Yeah for LANs everyone gets a new gamertag which is okay. Its just when they allow players to play on tags like Halo5UK23 and I've no idea who that is as a person. SLG tweeted me a photo of one of their games and I could see the players service tags so I used that to link the Halo5UK23 tags to each player. But that took ages to do. Its feels pointless to track stats for 80% of a LAN.
  8. I'm so titled man, they allowed players to play on smurf accounts and there's no way I can know who is who. Whats the point in putting the effort in to track LAN events when Im not given the opportunity to get 100% coverage?
  9. I think its a fair trade off. Every NA event EU folk have to stay up to 2-3 in the morning to see the later games. Also with the grand finals being on Sunday some people cant afford to stay up that late with work the next day and have to watch a rebroadcast instead. I'd 100% rather a 7am start and get to see finals live.
  10. Remove all spartan abilities except thrust. I would probably keep hover as well but if we could get rid of ADS I would happily see that go too.
  11. I'm hereby offended by your use of the word leprechaun #2018
  12. He's ridiculous at everything. Saw a funny clip of lethul chasing him on bottom Regret and he slide boosts to top car and gets away one shot.
  13. Same here, its annoys the hell out of me but I still enjoy playing it
  14. I enjoyed pro league, but it did need something more eventful like a LAN event to happen in between several weeks to stop it getting stale.

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