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  1. H5 better be released with ranked lone wolves and doubles as permanent playlists
  2. EG will probably will but I would love to see an upset. Denial of WFX could be the teams to cause it.
  3. Most people dont know about the sport Hurling in Ireland and there is no thread for it but I just seen an amazing goal that I had to share. This was score by an under 21 team (everyone has to be under the age of 21 to play) Its the fastest field sport in the world and its very skilled and hard hitting.
  4. I think I seen someone ask about pro team skins on twitter and they said they would like to do it and will bring it up. It would be a real nice addition.
  5. Any skins you get with pre orders you can unlock them in game later, I would find more satisfaction in that than getting them for free.
  6. Played a few games of dubs yesterday, random team mate votes H4 and then quits before it starts leaving me to play my most disliked game. After a few kills it became a 1v1. The guy took the lead and then just kept sprinting away from me on Haven, very agitating.
  7. Lady Siegecorn for the simple fact that its harder to snipe like that in H3 and it was sick
  8. Hes my favourite rapper atm so its hard to post my fav tracks because they change so often. In terms of the sheer amount of materal he has and the quality and consistency is hard for any other rapper to top. Dont let the name fool you, this song is great The When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold is probably one of the best rap albums imo. Id suggest this as the first album you listen to. Then if you like that move onto GodLovesUgly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svnbtrmlX3I Some album and ep reviews http://impressionofsound.com/index.php/reviews/item/171-atmosphere-sad-clown-bad-dub-ii http://impressionofsound.com/index.php/reviews/item/118-atmosphere-seven-s-travels http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/11471-when-life-gives-you-lemons-you-paint-that-shit-gold/ http://www.metacritic.com/music/when-life-gives-you-lemons-you-paint-that-shit-gold/atmosphere
  9. Most likely, I couldnt even name one map and I know there is stuff like backpack reloading etc that I dont know how to do,
  10. Any time Ive played CE Ive did very well, I just dont find it fun. Dont hate me
  11. I love Halo 2, the feel of the BR in it is perfect IMO. I wish they have of left it that way for H2A. I have played a few games of CE and I honestly dont think I'll be on that bandwagon
  12. Thats probably the reasoning behind it then, my first Halo game was H3 which is why I think the BR is the best weapon for competitive play. But since Ive no history with CE I cant really be a fair judge of whats best for competitive.
  13. Im new here and I was really surprised reading the last few pages were people were saying they wouldnt mind an AR start. I always thought the BR was the perfect weapon and competitive play just wouldnt be the same without it.
  14. Dunno if this was posted here yet, from Reddit "The selfie shield" http://i.imgur.com/rguQUqG.gifv
  15. If there is AR starts I feel like I would be unable to watch it, it will be a shame if this happens.
  16. Some back and forth between Ninja and Sudds on twitter. Nothing serious.
  17. Finished Entourage for the fist time. Then re watched True Detective in time for S2 and now I have start American Horror Story for the first time, seems good so far!
  18. Anyone listen to Atmosphere?
  19. Yeah I get this every so often, all I do is press B and then go back in and it works fine

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