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  1. Why are we suddenly seeking acceptance from the "mainstream"? Esports is something new and different, I think its its own thing and shouldn't conform to the norm. It being so different is what makes it so great imo.
  2. Infused took a game off Splyce in a RESET where they also had the lead. Thats impressive
  3. For doing top 10 lists for LAN events what do yous think the games threshold should be for making the list? Should a player have to have played over half the maximum amount of games played to be able to make the list? For example Tapping Buttons and Danoxide make the Highest Damage Per Game list but only because they played less games than other players that made it further in the tournament. The more games a player plays the more likely their average will fall.
  4. Even slaying in the 1st BO7. 2nd BO7 was +17 in favour of splyce
  5. One thing that always irritates me is when a caster interrupts another caster mid sentence.
  6. I was just think this myself and it might ripple into Worlds too?
  7. I hate seeing the leading team slow down slayers. I swear it almost never works.
  8. Ive no idea whos going to make it to the finals. This is going to be fun.
  9. 16 Columbus teams and rosters for those that dont know. I should be able to track every series this event.

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