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  1. And that's not the version of the team that wiped the LATAM tournament. I think Vexed were complaining about connection based on some tweets I got.
  2. There was 8 scrims last night and no one is talking about them Envyus are grinding right now. They played 24 games and only dropped one map vs Str8. 50-46.
  3. The last game in the SPY vs REC series ended 22:50 to Reciprocity. Im going to assume Splyce just couldnt be bothered to scrim anymore
  4. Elevate destroyed Infused and Oxygen Supremacy just beat Elevate. I'm a bit worried now.
  5. I'd read into it a bit more. The troubles literally stopped when I was born so thankfully I didnt experience much of it. But my parents told me stories of when they were younger and what it was like and it sounded scary. They pretty much formed to retaliate the British forces taking hold of the counties in Northern Ireland. The British army and police would constantly harass Catholics. Thankfully those days are behind the country now.
  6. Yeah we definitely need more team listen ins. I'm sure we only get around 2 or 3 per LAN right now?
  7. Can an EU team break top 6 and can Tox win it 3 times in a row are the two biggest things that Im looking out for.
  8. Their scrims vs NA teams so far. Based on what I've seen I think Splyce, Tox, Rec and NV are probably the teams better than them. They nearly beat NV at the last LAN only they didnt close out their games. I'd like to see them scrim Rec to get a better picture.
  9. I think Infused have a high ceiling and only hope they have enough NA scrim time to try and reach it. Excited to see how they perform at worlds.
  10. Apparently two of the Psychotic Gaming players cant get a visa so that team has picked up two new players. That really sucks to see.
  11. INF could have easily 12-0'd Wise Gaming last night. Look at the results for the games Wise won.
  12. All them areas probably have designated teams so having a BR team should really effect anything else.
  13. Can you gift skins if you buy them using the website and not on the xbox?
  14. It's kind of crazy there hasn't been a proper Halo movie yet.
  15. INF are off too a good start. I hope they can keep it up. This also looks good for VEX who are notorious for keeping up with INF. I hope they can get some good NA practice in to.
  16. I've updated the player and team detail pages on the site to show break downs for opposition per map and gametype. Here's an example using Tox's and Lethul's stats

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