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  1. First time Reach was out I think I played ~100 games (if even) and went back to H3. This time round its been the same again. The maps are just not enjoyable at all.
  2. I can't stand listening to anymore analysis/random talk. Just show gameplay. Why does it take so long to go from series to series?
  3. I used to feel like this until now. Im in desperate need for a new Halo game.
  4. Kind of want Neighbor and Ace to get an event win here. Also Frosty is a machine.
  5. Havent been on here in a while. We need some Infinite news big time!
  6. Need some Infinite teaser soon before I go crazy
  7. I hate the fact that I've to always watch the Grand Finals the next day and avoid social media until I do. It would be nice to see it live.
  8. I posted Lets goooo on the first page and it was in the editor still when I came back, does it remember last posts? Would it be possible to get the direction keys to cycle through the pages?
  9. I never once thought about SR or whatever its called during my whole H5 playtime. Seems like the most pointless thing ever.
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