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  1. Can anyone fill me in on who's been running with who lately, who are the current rosters?
  2. Besides destroyed, the team is 3 old pros. Not that much of an am team.
  3. I didn't realize Devon joined ryanoob, it would be so hype if they made worlds...what org picks them up if they do
  4. What's the update on optic and splyce? I miss when you guys used to talk about the matches that were going on...those were the days.
  5. They not only can't update a bracket....but they can't even put the correct scores on a graphic? Lol
  6. Lol you and royal 2.... the two of you together were almost +200
  7. So next transfer period what's to stop a team manager to just randomly say people are on his team who arnt just to screw other people over?
  8. And not only will they not get punished. They say "well technically he didn't break any rules"..
  9. What bothers me most is we have to watch a pro league now where, the 8 teams playing arnt the 8 best teams. Both ALG and Bubus team are better then Panda..
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